10 Ways to Improve Your Love Life

10 Ways to Improve Your Love Life

10 Ways to Improve Your Love Life
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Is your romantic relationship in a rut? If so, you and your partner are no doubt searching for techniques that can quickly and rekindle that spark once again.

Though it may take some time, attention and effort to accomplish this feat, it will be well worth it – as no one wants to be in a cold and passionless partnership!

So, to help speed you on the way towards restoring your romance to its first lustre, here are 10 ways to improve your love life.

#1: Try a New Activity Together

Sharing the ins and outs of daily life is a way to stay meaningfully connected with your partner, but it can cause tensions, friction and resentments to build.

What’s a good way to ease these?

If you think back to when you were dating, you likely tried some fun activities or events that you could share and enjoy.

Perhaps you went to see a favourite band, ate at a fancy restaurant, took walks on the beach or had a romantic picnic.

Over time, you may have pushed these special times out of your schedule because of the normal hustle and bustle of life.

Why not attempt to add these types of activities back into your relationship?

Go to an exotic restaurant where you can eat with your hands and share food or go out dancing if you haven’t been in a while (or always wanted to go).

Or, you could go hiking together or take in a show.

Anything to shake up your routine and help you relax and reconnect.

#2: The Little Things Matter

Boosting your love life doesn’t require a fancy night out on the town. You can show your affection by leaving a one sentence note for them to find in their briefcase or purse.

Or, you could make their favourite dessert (or buy it if you’re not good in the kitchen).

Even surprising them with a small gift out of the blue can mean a great deal.

#3: Add Spontaneity Back to Date Night

You probably know couples who’ve been going on virtually the same date night over and over for years. Maybe they eat dinner at the same restaurant and then take in a movie.

Your love life may suffer from this same monotonous trend, so shake things up!

Try to get outside of your boring and comfortable routine and be creative with date night.

Perhaps you could eat at a pop up restaurant you found on social media, rent kayaks and go paddling or even take a painting class.

#4: Start Dreaming Again

Do you remember when you used to stay up half the night talking about your plans? You may wonder where those days went and think you’ll never recapture that feeling of a shared goal ever again.

You probably work together every day paying bills, getting the kids off to school, making dinner, doing yard work, and so on.

Yet, these mundane activities don’t capture your imagination and sense of adventure.

Don’t fall prey to the trap that you and your partner have already accomplished your greatest goals.

Instead, start talking about your hopes and dreams once again.

Even go a step further and make a vision board of all the places you’d like to see, your dream home and experiences you want your family to enjoy.

You’ll amaze yourself at how this single change can powerfully infuse passion and creativity back into your relationship, almost like magic.

#5: Get Flirty!

Long-term relationships have a tendency to get, well, bland. This doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, some couples grow closer, more intimate and deeper in love with each passing year.

While mutual respect and deeply shared beliefs and goals are the bedrock of this deep-seated love, a good dose of playful flirting probably doesn’t hurt either.

Make it a point to flirt with your beau when the opportunity arises.

You could lace your language with double-entendres, start sending them sexy text messages, or just make eyes at them while you prepare dinner.

#6: Talk About Your Turn-Ons

People are often embarrassed about talking with their partner openly and honestly about their turn-ons.

Keeping the playbook of what gets your motor going to yourself isn’t helping anyone - so try hard to communicate this vital information to your partner.

Your (or their) tastes may have changed and evolved, so check in regularly to make sure you’re giving them what they need for a satisfying love life.

You don’t even have to communicate this with words, which can sometimes be awkward.

Instead, reinforce what works for you with body language or even “lip language” - show your partner what you like, so they can provide it.

#7: Turn up the heat in the Bedroom

All the previous tips can help thaw any frost or break up boredom in your relationship. These can often make things in the bedroom much more enjoyable on its own.

However, you may still need to make a renewed effort in this department by bringing new ideas and experiences into your sensual time together.

How? You can use candles to heighten the mood or even incorporate sweets like strawberries and chocolate into your time in bed.

Heighten the pleasure from touch and lengthen your foreplay to increase anticipation and your enjoyment.

You can even begin by giving your partner a sensual massage or even giving role playing a try if that is appealing to you.

Focus on being a giving and generous lover to your partner – for more meaningful and satisfying sex for you both.

#8: Plan a Romantic Get-Away

From time to time, getting away from it all can make an immense difference in your love life. So, why not plan a long weekend trip to a quiet destination that’s away from it all?

There you can unwind and just enjoy each other’s company, taking long walks, talking or just staying inside for more steamy pursuits.

A bed and breakfast or nice hotel should do the trick, and be sure to unplug your iPhone, laptop and the TV. The point is to focus on your partner and slow down for 2-3 days.

#9: Add Adventurous Sex!

Another way to boost your love life is to add some adventurous sex to the mix!

You could have sex in places you’ve never tried before, like on the kitchen floor or other rooms beside just the bedroom.

If you’re a risk-taker (or your partner is), you could even go for sex outside.

Just make sure that nobody will get an eyeful, so choose a secluded spot.

Finally, if your partner has always had a sexual fantasy that you’ve been too conservative to try, consider giving it a go (as long as they're respectful).

#10: Surprise Them at Work

Can’t remember the last time you showed up at your partner’s workplace to surprise them? If so, then it has been too long!

You don’t have to disrupt their day or their colleagues – stopping in for 2 minutes with food from their favourite restaurant or a bouquet is more than enough.

Or, you can just pop in to kiss your partner and tell them how much they mean to you. Either way, they’ll likely be feeding off this sign of your love for days to come.

These 10 ways to improve your love life can have a tremendous impact upon your relationship, and they’re not complicated.

Cultivating passion requires effort, but even small changes can sometimes have a profound effect.

Taken as a whole, these techniques can help you and your partner to reconnect – for a satisfying love life that has plenty of passion to spare.
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