Are You on Your True Life's Path?

Are You on Your True Life's Path
Your true life's path is your own unique journey on Earth that you were born to follow. It comprises a unique set of circumstances, experiences and challenges that only you will face.

You alone are the person who can directly influence it. Whilst various people will cross your path as you navigate, it's solely you who can control the decisions and actions that will either bring you closer or cause you to stray from your true purpose.

6 Ideas to Help You Find Your True Life's Path

#1. Pay careful attention to the decisions you make and how they make you feel

For example, if you leave work each day feeling worn out and uninspired, it's a sign that you're following the wrong career path.

#2. Check your relationships

If you're with a partner who doesn't make you feel special or loved, it could be time for an honest conversation, or it's a sign that it could be time to move on. Similarly, if you're finding certain friends are leaving you drained or you just feel bad by being in their company, perhaps now is the time to drop them for good.

#3. Ask yourself whether or not you're actively pursuing your passions

These are the things in your life that make you feel alive and are a key part of your life's journey. You may have dreams of sailing around the world or publishing your very first novel. It's not important what they actually are, just that you are making real effort to follow them.

#4. Think like a child

Do you remember that childlike wonder? When you used to dream of being this and that when you grew up? Maybe those aspirations sound absurd to you now. But why? Reconnect with your inner child and lose the adult cynicism, you might be surprised by what you discover.

#5. Practice reciting positive affirmations each morning

You'll put yourself in the right frame of mind to make the best possible life decisions. Some examples are here and here.

#6. Be aware of the "nudge"

A nudge is a feeling, thought or idea which keeps popping into your head for no apparent reason. Nudges are the universe's way of telling you something very important.

For example, if you dream of travelling to far off destinations and keep seeing a destination such as Paris on TV or on billboards at the side of the street, it could very well be the universe telling you to book a ticket to Paris!

In essence, if you're wondering how to find your true life's path the answer lies in following your dreams, staying passionate and positive and ensuring you stay true to your personal moral compass. Happiness is yours for the taking if you follow through.

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