10 Solutions for Your Biggest Career Stressors

10 Solutions for Your Biggest Career Stressors

10 Solutions for Your Biggest Career Stressors
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Whether we love or hate our jobs, most of us will have to deal with some amount of stress during the work week.

While we often don't have control over the things causing the stress, your career development needn't suffer as we do have control over the ways we handle and react to stressors.

Below, I'm sharing ten helpful tips to keep you calm, productive, and healthy at work.

1. Choose Healthy Snacks

When the 3 pm hunger pangs begin, what snacks do you reach for? Most office break rooms are full of less than healthy options for a mid day pick me up, and most of us are guilty of grabbing a cookie or a doughnut to curb afternoon hunger.

Instead, be sure to have healthier alternatives on hand for when hunger strikes. Bring pre-packaged real food, like vegetables with hummus, apple slices with peanut butter, or crackers with cheese.

These small servings make an excellent snack and will keep you from making a stop at the vending machine. Don't forget to pack a water bottle as well. Refilling your coffee cup multiple times can lead to becoming dehydrated and will cause you to be more hungry during the day.

2. Add Meditation to Your Lunch Hour

While working through your lunch hour might make you feel more productive, it usually does more harm than good. Without a break in the day, you're more likely to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.

Rather than staying at your desk, find a quiet space and take some time to meditate. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a quiet, warm, secluded location. Imagine the sights and sounds around you.

Feel your toes digging into the warm sand. Listen to seagulls flying overhead. Imagine the water gently crashing in front of you.

Repeat this affirmation: 
"Each wave washes away negativity and brings peace to my mind, body, and soul. I see only positivity, prosperity, and serenity in my future."

3. Create Your Affirmations

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, repeating a mantra or affirmation can bring you back to your centre and help you to stay calm and in control. Work with one of the mantras below, or use them for inspiration when creating your own personal affirmation.
  • This momentary setback will soon pass. I'll learn from it and continue to grow in my professional life.
  • I am capable and confident in my abilities. When I recognise my professional talents, others in my workplace will as well.
  • My extra effort will be rewarded with prosperity and new opportunities.

 4. Know When It's Time to Leave

In competitive work environments, it's not unusual for employees to stay late. Sometimes, staying late is necessary to finish projects before a deadline. More often, it's because we all want to measure up to those around us and if others are staying late, we feel the need to stay as well.

Make leaving the office on time a priority. Finish what you can during the day, leave those tasks that can wait until tomorrow, and get home to rest and relax before heading back in the next morning.

Working overtime might be necessary for career development sometimes, but regularly giving up time spent on sleep, relaxation, or exercise can quickly affect your health.

5. Prioritise and Write it Down

Keep track of all of your projects, responsibilities, and goals to keep you on track in your career development. A list of overall goals for your position can help to keep you focused on why you're doing what you're doing.

Keeping a calendar of upcoming projects, along with a list of small tasks to bring those projects to completion, can help to reduce stress by taking everything in bite sized pieces. Making a daily to do list further breaks down large goals into small and easy to manage parts, eliminating the stress often caused by an overwhelmingly large task.

As you go through the day, cross things off as you finish them. You'll most likely feel a sense of completion and you can end your day knowing that you've accomplished so much.

6. Cross Off the Tough Tasks First

Prioritise your daily to do list by putting the most difficult tasks at the top of your list. Many of us tend to put off the things that cause us anxiety, when doing the opposite can make a world of difference.

By quickly addressing the most difficult or time consuming tasks first, you'll free up the rest of your day for the more interesting or just plain easy projects. The sense of accomplishment from becoming the opposite of a procrastinator will soon have you floating through the work day with ease.

7. Be Positive in Conversation

Gossip is a problem in many workplaces and it can quickly lead to tension and stress, not to mention those causing problems to be let go. Don't let yourself get caught up in workplace drama.

Instead, keep conversations positive to rise above the remarks and be an example to those around you. When gossip comes up, steer the conversation in another direction.

8. Be a Savvy Saver

While we'd all like to focus on the positives of career development, the looming potential of unexpected layoffs is the source of stress for many people in nearly every field. Give yourself some peace of mind by being prepared with a financial safety net.

An emergency fund is an excellent idea for anyone. Financial experts recommend putting aside six months worth of living expenses in a savings account. Ideally, that money would be left untouched, but you'll always know it's there if you need it.

With less financial stress, you'll be able to focus on doing your job to the best of your ability and moving ahead in your career.

9. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a common technique for staying calm and collected in stressful situations. We can all benefit from deep breathing while sending emails, sitting in meetings or sharing a meal with a client.

The practice will not only help you relax but will also help to improve brain function, increase energy levels, and help to be more mindful of food choices throughout the day.

10. Visualise and Enjoy a Stress Free Work Day

Visualisation offers an escape from a stressful environment. Let your imagination take you to your happy place. Close your eyes, even for just a minute, and imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of your happy place.

Let the stress melt away while you visualise only the things that bring you joy. Open your eyes and enjoy the feeling of being centred and light.

Work life doesn't need to equal stress and frustration. Set your goals, engage in mindful exercises, and visualise your success. You'll lower your stress and find yourself moving forward each day.
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