How You Can Enhance Your Persuasion Power

How You Can Enhance Your Persuasion Power

How You Can Enhance Your Persuasion Power
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In life we are often challenged by those around us. Sometimes we feel as though everyone else is running our lives, forcing us to do what they want us to do. If you are often challenged by those close to you, enhancing your persuasion power is the solution.

By mastering the art of persuasion, you will soon be able to sway others to your way of thinking. By following these tips and tricks, you will soon be on the road to a self-empowered, confident lifestyle.

How can you become more persuasive?

1. Be confident and courageous

In order to become more persuasive, you will first need to believe in yourself. When confronted with a challenging person, be it a relative or boss, you must show the utmost of confidence while delivering your pitch.

A person can tell a lot from ones body language. Be sure to make direct eye contact, and to stand up nice and tall. This will show the recipient that you mean business. It is also crucial to be firm while delivering your thoughts.

You must know exactly what you want, when you want it, and whom you want it from. Consistency is key for a quality, persuasive pitch. Do your research to increase confidence.

Work on your argument, before it becomes one. It is recommended to carefully choose three valid points, and then deliver them with boldness and ease. After delivery, choose to end the conversation by "closing the deal".

You may do so by stating what you would would like from the other person in a confident, yet friendly, manner. For example, opt to end your pitch with a statement such as "When can we meet next to sign the lease agreement?" rather than "Would you possibly want to meet again to sign a lease agreement?".

By using the first method, you are removing all passive language, thus putting the notion directly into their heads that they will meet with you again.

2. Be relatable

No one likes a cocky salesman. This is why you must find a harmonious balance between persuasion and friendliness. By being too forward and blunt, the recipient will automatically be turned-off, and chances are that will tune out of your pitch.

To avoid this from happening, be sure to show a strong level of initial respect. This will allow them to begin to respect you as well, and will further pull them in to your pitch. Once you have their attention, speak as though you have been in their situation before.

By speaking from a perspective of understanding, the recipient of the pitch will more likely find your opinions to be of value. After all, who better to answer their problems then someone who relates to it?

3. Flaunt your track record

Even the most successful pitches can still be thrown a curve ball. For example, what happens when the person your speaking with asks for proof or reasoning? Sometimes your confidence, charm, and humour may not be all you need for a successful persuasion.

You must be able to come to the discussion prepared. In order to do so, gather statistics and facts to back-up your argument. Show your history through past victories, offerings, character traits, experiences, awards, and achievements.

By doing so, you will become a greater asset to the person in which you are speaking to. More often then not, they will be desperate to follow your persuasions over others.

What are the benefits to enhancing your persuasion power?

There are many rewarding benefits to a more persuasive lifestyle. Being persuasive will help with your overall people skills. For example, you will win others over much quicker with your effective arguments and confidence.

These people skills will also assist you in your career. Others will begin to set you apart, noticing your strong confidence and great ideas. After all, the best leaders are the ones who can make bold decisions and persuade others to follow.

Not only will the power of persuasion assist you in your work, but will also allow for a happier home life as well. Your communication and relationships will improve with your spouse, parents, children, and other family members.

Instead of back and forth arguing, you will understand the importance of positive persuasion through confidence and firm pitch points.

With a happy home and work life, you will notice a increase in your quality of living. You will soon notice a higher rate of success and respect. Your credibility will be through the roof, and others will flock to you for your advice and consultation.

While persuasion is not something that you're born with, it is certainly something that you can learn. By practising the above tips, you will soon find the road to self empowerment and enhanced persuasion skills.

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