Can You Improve Your Life By Trusting Your Instinct?

Can You Improve Your Life By Trusting Your Instinct?

Can You Improve Your Life By Trusting Your Instinct?
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How do you improve your life? There is a common cliché we've all heard that says, 'follow your heart' and there is also another mantra that says, 'follow your heart, but take your brains with you.'

But which one is the best path to take?

When you think from an intellectual perspective, you reason rationally or logically (brain). On the other hand, when you think from an intuitive perspective you reason from your perception or wisdom (gut).

In most cases, thinking intellectually collides with thinking intuitively. However, can you improve your life by completely trusting your gut instead of your brain? Keep reading to find out.

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

We all tend to lean towards using a dominant side of our brain when interacting with the world.

If you are right-brained, you will most likely be:

  • Creative

  • Intuitive

  • Highly sensitive

  • Thoughtful

If you are left-brained, you are most likely to be:

  • Rational

  • Intellectual

  • Analytical

  • Practical

Although one side of our brain will tend to dominate our behaviour, we all have access to both sides. However it's the right side we're interested in when talking about going with our gut. By focusing on the right side, so letting the left side fade into the background, we can tune in to our instinct and this is where the gold can be found.

Benefits of Trusting Your Gut

1. You have a higher chance of being successful compared to your intellectual counterparts.

A high percentage of the most successful people are not intellectuals. They are not the smartest people we know. Some of them even dropped out of school or couldn’t proceed to the next level because of failing to reach the bar.

However, at some point in their lives, they followed their instincts and took a risk. They may not have succeeded at the first or the hundredth attempt, but in the end, they can look back and say that they were glad they followed their guts.

2. You become empowered.

Thinking intuitively means that you are always looking for answers and solutions to problems around you. The feeling that all the answers lie within you brings about an air of satisfaction and contentment. You know that the key to landing that job or improving your relationship is in your hands, and this makes you happy.

3. You gain more confidence.

Following your intuition is your secret weapon. It can lead you to places you had never thought you could reach and improve your life. No matter how risky or hopeless it might seem, trusting your gut could be the beginning of the major breakthrough that you have been waiting for.

4. You effortlessly connect with your spiritual self

Many people have been in situations where they truly believe that a supreme being was guiding them, or saved them from an otherwise tragic outcome. An intuition is like an inner voice speaking to you.

It may not be analytical, and in most cases the suggestions might be irrational (or even insane), but that one bold move that you make at that critical time could be your defining moment. Listen to what your heart has to say, chase your dreams and let your gut surprise you.

Going With Your Gut to Improve Your Life

You need a combination of both the intellectual and intuition when making choices but not all decisions require you to think using the analytical or rational side of the brain.

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes and trust your instinct, it's alarmingly accurate! Some people wake up one day with a gut feeling and quit their 9 to 5 jobs, only to end up owning the company.

With your gut, everything doesn’t have to make sense. When things work out in the end you will look back and thank your intuition for helping you make the best decision of your life.
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