October 2019

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Alternative Beliefs: A complete beginner's guide

Alternative Beliefs: A complete beginner's guide
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 What does it mean to have an alternative belief you might ask?

A belief could be defined as a judgment or an evaluation one makes about the world, about others or even themselves.

Some beliefs are based on facts while others on suppositions. Alternative beliefs would be any belief that strays from the mainstream culture or community.

Alternative beliefs cover a wide range of territory, but for the course of our discussion, we will be talking about alternative beliefs as they pertain to mind-body healing and the spiritual or metaphysical world.

Can a Christian Have Alternative Beliefs?

Can a Christian Have Alternative Beliefs?
While some may think alternative beliefs go against a Christian belief system, the reality of it is that one has nothing to do with the other.

Alternative beliefs and alternative medicine do not compete against Christianity; they are merely an alternative way of thinking.

There is some confusion amongst Christians with traditional versus alternative beliefs, and this confusion may prevent Christians from exploring other ways of thinking.

While therapies like acupuncture may have originated in Taoism philosophy, many modern-day medicines have their roots in non-Christian beliefs.

For example, numerology readings and Christianity are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  Many traditional medicines originated in ancient Greek and Roman cultures, which were actually just as non-Christian as Taoism.

The idea that just because something did not originate in Christianity and that it is inherently wrong is just not biblically supportable. Christians use many technologies and inventions that were based on non-Christian systems, but that does not mean that they do not maintain a strong faith.

You Are Free to Choose

Christians can explore alternative therapies and alternative beliefs as they choose and still maintain their strong sense of faith. There is a fine line between what is actually considered an alternative belief and what is not, so it is not fair to say that Christians cannot explore some of these.

Some people might consider chiropractic care alternative medicine, while others do not. Does this mean that a Christian cannot visit a chiropractor?

I hope not because the chiropractic field does good work and helps people who suffer from ailments like chronic pain. The belief system of the inventor or originator should not be a deciding factor as to if someone chooses an alternative therapy or not.

The deciding factor should, in fact, be one's health. Some might consider a gluten-free diet an alternative therapy, but if someone is allergic to gluten and just happens to be a Christian, does that mean he or she cannot visit an alternative provider and seek care?

I should hope not. What if a Christian wants to visit an herbalist or a naturopath or seek an opinion from an Ayurvedic physician?

They should have the same rights as anyone else, and they should be able to seek the treatment they want from a caring alternative provider. 

Therapies such as reiki and massage therapy have been around for hundreds of years, and they have helped many people in countless ways. The ultimate deciding factor should be someone's health, not someone's faith.

Complete Mind and Body

What about mind-body exercises such as yoga and tai-chi? Should Christians refrain from those as well? I would be concerned if they did because yoga and tai-chi are incredible forms of exercise that help people.

Research has shown that tai chi may have some health benefits, as some studies show favourable effects on balance control, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Studies also show that tai-chi may reduce the risk of falls in elderly patients and those recovering from heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and even multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's.

Tai-chi may also be beneficial for stress relief and mental health with one study showing that regular practice increased psychological well-being and reduced stress, depression and anxiety while also enhancing mood.

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years. Most Westernised yoga classes focus on things like physical poses, also known as asanas. There are many styles and types of yoga available today.

Most forms of yoga include some breathing techniques and possibly even some kind of meditative technique. While some forms of yoga focus purely on relaxation, others focus on things like core strength, muscle toning, balance and flexibility, all of which Christians and other believers alike could benefit from.

Typically yoga involves positioning, stretching and strengthening of the body and the mind, and yoga is an incredible stress-reducing exercise. Yoga is not only for strengthening the physical body, but it may also focus on a meditative benefit for the mind and spirit.

Yoga might also be helpful in decreasing depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain, things all of us could use some help with from time to time.

Who Can Realistically Say They Have All The Answers?

Although it comes down to an individual choice, Christians should not feel like they are betraying their faith when they explore an alternative method.

Modern medicine does not have all the answers, and there are many reasons people seek alternative providers.

I don't believe it would offend Jesus if one of his disciples wanted to try a massage or seek an alternative method for chronic pain, just because they were Christian.

Just as the church and the school are separate entities, so should the church and medicine; whether that medicine is traditional or alternative should not matter.

Christians should feel very comfortable seeking any alternative treatment they wish to try because no one is asking them to give up their faith.

I believe there is room for everyone at the alternative table, and we can all learn something from one another.

Each of us should feel free to explore any method that we wish to explore in pursuit of our optimal health and wellness.

I believe Jesus and most Christians would agree.

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Making the Leap to an Alternative Belief

Making the Leap to an Alternative Belief
There are certain times in your life when it is necessary to take a leap of faith. These kinds of times can feel like standing at the edge of a precipice.

Some of us take this leap quite easily, while others are paralyzed at the thought. Making a leap into the unknown is scary for anyone because you just don't know what is on the other side.

Just as it is scary to take a leap of faith into the unknown, for some, it is scary to make that leap of faith into an alternative belief.

Making a leap of faith can be exceedingly difficult for those of us with control issues because the very act of embracing uncertainty requires that we trust and surrender.

One Step at a Time

Rest assured, making a leap to an alternative belief is not as hard as it seems, and as a matter of fact, it just might be easier than you think. What most people may not realize is that you don't have to jump in all at once, as if it were an all or nothing proposition.

The truth is that you can just as easily dip your toes into the water and leave it at that. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to alternative therapies or beliefs.

You can even combine alternative therapies with traditional therapies. The medical community does not always have the answers, so sometimes it is necessary to seek your own answers.

If you feel like you need to seek something outside of your comfort zone, take one small step. You might be surprised at how amazing you might feel after trying something simple like a chakra clearing.

The age of information has made it much easier for people to try different things, all in the privacy of their own home. You can certainly visit a practitioner, and for alternative therapies, such as massage therapy, it is obviously preferable.

You can purchase hypnosis CDs online and even get a psychic reading over the phone if that is something you have always wanted to try.

The only prerequisite you may want to keep in mind is doing your homework because there are a lot of practitioners out there, and you want to make sure you are going to someone who has some kind of expertise.

Ancient Healing

Most alternative therapies have been around for many years, so chances are there is a lot of information out there in whatever subject you desire.

Many common day medications and treatments are based off of practices that have been around for hundreds of years, so probably you have been exposed to alternative therapies without even realizing it.

The use of herbs in modern times is a common practice, and many of the medications used today have a long history of usage as herbal treatments, including aspirin, opium, digitalis and quinine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that about 80 percent of some Asian and African countries currently include herbal treatments as part of the main source of health care.

Treatment modalities like blood chemistry analysis, also referred to as blood nutrition, are innovative approaches based on science. Blood tests have been used for many years to help physicians diagnose patients, so blood chemistry analysis, although quite new, is not such a stretch.

If you don't find the answers you seek within traditional healing modalities, having something like a blood chemistry analysis might help you discover the perfect treatment plan or diagnosis because the goal of the treatment is to offer a clear plan for optimal health.

Some alternative therapies, such as chiropractic care, are becoming more mainstream with chiropractic being the third-largest licensed health care profession.

Meet Dr. Palmer

Dr. David Palmer was the founder of chiropractic more than 100 years ago, and his ideas were based on the big idea that good health can be, and should be, sustained naturally, without surgery or drugs. 

There are thousands of chiropractors that practice throughout the world, and they are based on the fact that one should be able to rely on a natural, drugless, nonsurgical type of care that allows the body to heal itself.

Dr. Palmer, a teacher and healer, did the first recorded spinal adjustment on September 18, 1895. Many people swear by this method even though chiropractic care is based on the mind-body and spirit philosophy, which promotes natural healing, which is considered an alternative belief.

People are drawn to the idea of alternative beliefs because it empowers one to self-heal, which is an appealing concept.

Practices such as naturopathy, which is a system of medicine that is based on the healing power of nature, uses a variety of techniques and therapies, such as behavioral change, nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies and even sunlight.

Naturopathy is based on the premise that the body has the ability to heal itself and people can be empowered to make lifestyle changes that support better health.

Naturopathy is based more on the idea of prevention and education, rather than reacting to specific ailments, much like many alternative therapies.

You Always Have The Choice

Many alternative therapies are becoming more mainstream with insurance companies even stepping up to the plate and covering alternative treatments.

In the end, you might be surprised at how effective alternative treatments can be, so if you are having trouble making that leap of faith, remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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How to Attract Your Dream Relationship

How to Attract Your Dream Relationship
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Is there anything more important in life than the person you can share it with?

If you've been thinking about this, you're probably itching to know how you can attract your dream relationship.

Believe it or not, this is easier than it sounds...but it might require you to change your current approach. Why?

Alternative Beliefs: What They Are and What They're Not

Alternative Beliefs: What They Are and What They're Not
What is an alternative belief when it really comes down to it? To understand what an alternative belief is, you must first understand what it isn't.

An alternative belief is essentially anything that strays from the mainstream belief, and it doesn't mean you embrace devil worship or practice satanic rituals. Alternative beliefs are not cults or a method for brainwashing either.

Alternative beliefs can apply to many things, including science, spirituality, psychology and even medicine, just to name a few. Alternative beliefs allow you to explore new possibilities and methods that vary from the mainstream belief.

An alternative belief could mean something as simple as praying at the base of a tree rather than attending a worship service with a large group of people. Alternative beliefs allow you to spread your wings and fly.

They allow you to go places in your mind that "normal" people would not dare. They allow you to embrace the limitless possibilities of the known world, rather than being stifled by what is.

People have been practicing and exploring various forms of alternative beliefs since the beginning of time, and there is still much more to be discovered. Anyone who strays left of centre could be accused of embracing alternative beliefs.

A Route to Genius?

When Einstein first talked about his "thought experiments," people probably thought he was crazy, but that didn't stop him in any way, shape or form. No one would dare question Einstein today because most of us think of him as a genius.

Einstein imagined that he was chasing after a beam of light in his thoughts, and that simple little thought experiment, or creative visualization as we would call it today, ultimately led to the theory of relativity.

This is definitely an example of someone embracing an alternative belief, but look where it got him! Imagine coming up with something like that today and what an impact it could have on the world. 

The beauty of alternative beliefs is that they allow you the freedom to explore things that most people deem impossible. There is no limit to the imagination because the mind can go anywhere, even other galaxies.

From chakra healing to feng shui to craniosacral therapy, the possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone. If you don't like something in your life, you can easily change it using something simple like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Types of Alternative Practices


If you would like to eliminate an addiction or heal faster, you can use an incredible tool like hypnosis if you like; there really is no limit. There are even alternative beliefs that use what nature provides, such as crystal therapy, where one focuses on the beauty and splendor of various crystals and minerals to heal physical and emotional issues.


Therapies, such as biofeedback, can improve one's health and the body's ability to perform at peak potential. Biofeedback may also be helpful in ridding the body of stress, pain, emotional imbalances, addiction or even disease and sickness.


The usage of aromatic oils, as is used in aromatherapy, has been around for centuries, and many ancient people believed that aromatic therapy was extremely useful.

Distilled essential oils have been utilized as a form of medicine since the invention of the distillation process in the 11th century when steam distillation was first used.

Aromatherapy is often combined with practices like massages or facials or other kinds of touch therapy. There is evidence to suggest that massage therapy has been used in many civilizations dating back even as far as 2330 BC.

In 1878 Joseph Mezger, a Dutch practitioner, coined the phrase "Swedish Massage System." In the United States, massage therapy is thought to have become increasingly widespread in the mid-19th century.

The point is that all of these practices are a sort of alternative belief, but they have been around for hundreds of years. Therefore, in many ways, they encompass our history and one should be proud to embrace them.

Tai chi

The alternative practices of tai chi and yoga have been utilized for many years with tai chi going all the way back to the 1800s. Research has shown that tai chi has some health benefits as well with some studies indicating favorable effects on balance control, flexibility and even cardiovascular fitness.

Studies also show tai chi may reduce the risk of falls in elderly patients and those recovering from heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and even Alzheimer's, so there is no age limit to this ancient art.


Acupuncture, which many consider an alternative belief, was developed in China, and it is a very ancient healing art that has been used for centuries. It is based on the theory of chi or what is commonly called life force, which many alternative therapies utilize.

Acupuncture helps the body correct and balance itself by channeling a continuous flow throughout the body into a network of various energy meridians. Many alternative therapies also use this idea, with reiki and reflexology using similar modalities.

Keep an Open Mind

Whether or not you are curious about dream analysis, pranic healing or astrology, alternative therapies are a great way to explore the possibilities. When traditional medicine fails you for whatever reason, alternative therapies can offer you hope.

If you are stressed, you can get a massage. If you are in pain, you can try chiropractic care. If you feel bloated, a juice cleanse can work miracles.

From blood chemistry analysis to meditation and tarot, alternative therapies have a wide range of specialties.

Just something to think about the next time you are searching for answers.

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Manifesting Love and Wealth: Here's How To Do It

Manifesting Love and Wealth: Here's How To Do It
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'How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet'
Could you use a little more love or wealth in your life? Most of us could! If you find yourself lacking a little in either one of these two departments, you're certainly not alone.

Love can be very elusive, and if you have ever struggled with relationships or love, you know this for a fact. What you may not know is that the law of attraction is at work, even when it comes to something like love.

Many people who don't have a life partner often feel lonely or depressed or even hopeless. This kind of energy is not the kind of energy you want to send out if you are looking for a life partner.

7 Undeniable Truths About Alternative Beliefs

7 Undeniable Truths About Alternative Beliefs
When it comes to alternative beliefs and therapies, there are some undeniable truths. We have made great strides when it comes to alternative beliefs, even to the point that many doctors and physicians are now interested in learning more about complementary methods and referring their patients more often than not.

Let's look at some of these beliefs now.

Truth #1: Laughter may actually be one of the best medicines. 

 Although laughter therapy may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to alternative beliefs, the truth of the matter is laughter has many benefits, one of which is its ability to release your body's most powerful healing chemical, otherwise known as endorphins.

According to researchers at the Loma Linda School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California, laughter can actually sharpen your immune system and activate your body's killer cells, known as T lymphocytes, which can help your body destroy various microorganisms.

Laughter can also increase the production of the immune-boosting gamma interferon, and it even speeds up the production of new immune cells, which is very similar to what many medications and treatments are meant to do. The mind and body are inextricably linked in more ways than one.

The main theory behind alternative beliefs and complementary medicine is that your thoughts become things and your thoughts can either heal you or hurt you. The fact of the matter is that if your thoughts are continually focused on stress and tension, then that is what you create in your life because your energy becomes stressed and unfocused.

Mind-body healing also tells us that the same thing that makes us ill can also make us well. Your thoughts, emotions and inner conflicts can be seen and experienced as stressful, or they can be used in a more positive manner to create healing in the body.

There are so many benefits to positive thinking that one could fill up an entire book just boasting about it! Many illnesses have an emotional component, and laughter with its powerful endorphin-releasing qualities could be a huge help to someone who may be ill.

Truth #2: Stress can cause illness - and alternative therapies can help you combat stress. 

Stress is an important factor when it comes to good health. When you experience stress, your body passes on the stimulus to the brain, activating your fight or flight response. The brain's chemicals brought on by the fight or flight response can cause a myriad of problems, including acceleration of the heart rate, increase in anxiety, dilation of the coronary arteries, increase in the rate of metabolism and even the dilation of bronchial tubes, just to name a few.

Physical problems related to chronic stress can include things like increased blood pressure, muscle tension, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, spastic colon and even irritable bowel syndrome. Stress can cause you to have high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, migraines and even heart disease.

Many alternative therapies are designed to help you better cope with stress, so there is a lot to be said for taking the time out to ease the pressures of daily life.

Truth #3: Hypnosis can help you heal quicker. 

Believe it or not, therapies like hypnotherapy can help your body heal that much quicker from surgeries or illness. Listening to hypnotic sessions can help lessen pain and anxiety and even help you decrease inflammation, diminish scar tissue and accelerate wound healing.

Although further research is needed, there is already significant evidence that hypnosis can help accelerate the healing process.

Truth #4: Medicinal herbs and foods have healing properties that strengthen the body. 

Healing modalities, such as naturopathy and ayurveda, amongst many others, use herbs and roots and natural products to help your body heal. In many ways, you are what you eat, and many herbs and natural foods have incredible healing and restorative properties. 

Almonds and almond oil have anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and anti-hepatotoxity effects. Some research studies have even shown that oils, such as almond oil, can actually reduce the incidence of colonic cancer.

Almonds and almond oil have been shown to have a positive effect with immunity and liver toxicity, as well as a positive relationship with the reduction of symptoms of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. 

Truth #5: Complementary and alternative medicine is backed by research! 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) currently invests about $40 million per year in complementary and alternative medicine research, and that's a lot of dough.

The myth that alternative therapies are not backed by research is simply not true.

Truth #6: 69 percent of Americans use at least one type of complementary and alternative therapy.

The facts are in: complementary and alternative medicine has come out of the shadows with more Americans looking for and using alternative methods than ever before.

People are simply getting fed up with the current system and are looking more at these ancient methods to help elicit healing.

Truth #7: 57 percent of physicians have referred patients to complementary and alternative medicine professionals. 

The truth is that more than 70 percent of physicians now consider complementary and alternative therapies, such as diet and exercise, behavioral medicine, counselling and psychotherapy and even hypnotherapy, to be legitimate medical practices.

We have certainly come a long way on this journey, even to the point that doctors are referring their patients and suggesting complementary and alternative methods. This certainly says a lot about the validity of complementary methods and the associated alternative beliefs.

Places like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America even use laughter therapy as part of their treatment program because they know how healing and restorative humor can be.

 Approximately 80 percent of medical students and 70 percent of family physicians are interested in receiving training in multiple areas of complementary and alternative methods, which is very promising.

A growing body of research supports many alternative and complementary methods, with more coming out each day. Alternative methods have been around for centuries, so in many ways, we are getting back to our roots.

Alternative therapies are here to stay, and they have finally come out of the darkness.

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10 Great Quotes About Happiness

10 Great Quotes About Happiness
I love quotes about happiness so wanted to share my top 10. What does happiness mean to you? It means different things to different people but I hope you find these uplifting and helpful.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ― Dalai Lama XIV

5 Traits of Lucky People

5 Traits of Lucky People
Do you know people who just seem to be lucky all the time? Those who breeze through life and look like they hit the jackpot of life's rewards just like that, each and every time - with little or no effort - it's like they have the secret of success.

While you struggle along, slogging it out each day, not getting anywhere. Not landing that job you really wanted, that salary raise, the house you wanted to live in, or even those front row tickets to see your favourite band? Does it make you feel envious?

What would you do if you knew that you can actually "learn" to be lucky? That you can literally attract luck into your life and all it takes is a few small adjustments in the way you think.

There are some distinct traits to lucky people and all you have to do is begin developing them as habits in your own life. Here are 5 traits of lucky people that can open your door to the secret of success.

1. Remember the Good Stuff

In his book "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill investigated what the difference was between lucky people and unlucky people.

He discovered that the most common trait of lucky people was that they tended to remember the positive. They talked about the good things that happened to them, and let the "bad" things just expire in the the past.

Obviously, when you hear someone talk about only the good things that have happened to them, it's easier to perceive them as "lucky." Nonetheless, these thought patterns are undoubtedly feeding back and influencing outcomes. By raising your general vibe, life seems to have that unerring capacity to reward you.

2. Know What You Want

Simply knowing what you want and sticking to it without being distracted by all other options is a surefire way to be lucky and gain the secret of success.

If you don't keep a laser focused eye on what you want, there will never be a shortage of distractions that will dilute your attention and energy to keep you from getting what you want.

People who seem to be lucky are those who have a strong sense of purpose that only comes from having a clear cut, steadfast aim in life. Knowing exactly what you want generates confidence and determination, which also provides the uncanny ability to draw people to your life who are willing to help.

3. Take The Plunge

Lucky people naturally take chances, rather than dither and worry about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

They don't wait for the perfect time or circumstance (there never is!); they are willing to take chances when most people don't have the balls.

The condition of our lives at this very moment is a result of the series of decisions we did or didn't make. Our life is a product of the sum of all our choices.

Not making key decisions at crucial times sets us back, robbing us of the great opportunities we could have enjoyed. Lucky people just take them when they come along.

4. Set High Standards

Outside of incredible misfortune, most people who don't get what they want out of life simply live by lower standards. They don't set the bar high enough, instead settling for something they don't truly desire.

This creates a negative attitude, causing a vicious cycle of defeat and hopelessness which impedes their ability to persevere in times of difficulty.

Lucky people stick to their standards even in the face of frustration and obstruction that their standards might not be adhered to at any given point in time.

5. Keep it Up

You've heard that phrase "you make your own luck"? Well, lucky people are just people who continue to work in the face of all obstacles. They don't let them get them down and they work even if they don't feel like it as they are more driven.

It's an obvious fact that if you give up at the first sign of difficulty then you are setting yourself up for failure in the long term. Lucky people get there heads down and plough on through.

Luck is often nothing more than readiness to meet opportunities, and being prepared for opportunities means continuing to work even when it looks like opportunity is nowhere to be seen.

The Secret of Success is Yours for The Making

Lucky people are not extraordinary, they are human like everybody else. They just live in a way that draws opportunity naturally, and they take it when it arrives.

So, always remember the good things, know what you want, take your chances, raise your standards and seldom give up. It's the near-perfect formula for luck.

If you start thinking this way, luck will naturally gravitate towards you from now on.

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3 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life

3 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life
Are you still wondering what it is that you want to do when you grow up?

You might have heard that one of the most important decisions you can make is to find something that you love and to find someone to pay you for it.

Just think about how much happier this would make you, and about how many people have built a fortune by following their passion.

The question is: How can you discover what your purpose in life is so that you can get started right away?

3 Things That You Can Stop Doing to Help You Find Your Purpose in Life

1. Being Influenced by the Opinions of Others

As Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author of "Think and Grow Rich," said: "Opinions are the cheapest commodity on Earth."

Everyone you meet has an opinion about what you should do with your life, what is the "right" or "wrong" course of action, what's smart and what's stupid, what's safe and what's risky ... blah, blah, blah.

The problem is that most of these opinions contradict one another and all of them are being given out of someone else's frame of reference.

If you keep listening to these, you'll always be confused, afraid or uncertain about what you want to do with your life.

If you want to decide what you really want, the person you should be speaking with is always available: you.

2. Chasing Financial Opportunities

Money is great, and anyone who says otherwise is probably going to lie about other things too.

However, if your primary motivation behind determining what you want to do with your life is earning money, there's a very good chance that you'll never be happy doing it.

This unhappiness will also keep you from doing it well, which will hurt your ability to earn money doing it. So if you want to live a successful and fulfilled life, you must stop only chasing after opportunities to earn.

3. Believing in the Word "Impossible"

The only thing which can ever make your dream possible is the belief that your dream is possible. Do we really need to go over the long list of people in history who achieved things that others thought were impossible?

Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, the Wright brothers, Roger Bannister, Christopher Columbus, "the red paperclip guy" (acquired a house in a year through a series of trades which started with a red paperclip), Henry Ford, President Roosevelt ...

We could go on ... but the bottom line is that if you want to accomplish something, you're only cheating yourself by believing that it's impossible.

3 Things to Start Doing to Find Your Purpose in Life

1. Asking Yourself What You Want

Again, if you know what you really want and how to find your purpose in life, the person you should be speaking with is always available.

Starting tonight, begin writing in a journal and write down one of two questions:

  • "What are some things which I MUST do with my life before I die?"

  • "What's the one thing I've always wanted to do with my life, but never have for some reason?"

You can probably think of many other questions like these, but these alone will get your subconscious mind involved in the process of determining what you want.

Yes, it will take you some time ... but the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start taking action.

2. Trying New Things Based on the Above Answers

No matter how much you ask yourself about what you really want, the real evidence will come when you start becoming actively involved in your answers.

You might end up trying a few different things before you either narrow them down to what you want, or discover a bit at a time what your heart's desire is.

Either way, you'll never learn just by thinking. Get physically involved in deciding what you want, and the answer will come much more quickly.

3. Looking for Needs to Fulfill

Ask yourself what you see as being the most important needs in the world, and start finding ways that you can fill them.

This is a great way to determine what is in your heart, because what you see as being the most important need will be just as much a reflection of your inner desire as it is a reality about the world around you.

Most importantly, make a copy of this article and start putting these things into practice immediately. Do it right now.

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Are You Being Authentically You? 5 Keys to Discover

Are You Being Authentically You? 5 Keys to Discover
Are you living an authentic life? If you have to stop and actually think about it, then the answer is probably no.

Don't worry, you are not alone. Today's society makes it very difficult to truly be yourself.

In fact, our society is more inclined to encourage conformity than it is to encourage following your heart, but that doesn't mean that it is impossible.

In fact, there are five relatively simple keys for creating an authentic life; keys that will help you to live the life you were born to live.

1. Rediscover Your Joy

When it comes to authentic living, there is one very important thing to remember; everyone was born knowing who and what they are and why they came here.

You need only look to those things that made you completely, totally and blissfully happy as a child to take the first step in re-discovering your authentic self.

2. Mastering Mindfulness

In order to start making changes and bring your life into alignment, it is necessary to become aware of what things are creating the problem; of what is actually getting in your way. The best way to become aware of these issues is to start practising the art of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the simple art of paying attention; of being aware of everything as it happens as well as understanding why it is that you have decided to experience this particular circumstance or event.

Only when you are aware of your actions (and yes, even of your thoughts) will you be able to make an educated choice when it comes to what things, thoughts and even actions are beneficial to you, and which are not.

When you have determined which are not doing you any good then you can get around to clearing your space.

3. Clear Your Space

It is a general rule of thumb that to make room for something new to come into your life you first have to get rid of the unwanted and unnecessary things that are cluttering it up. This is especially true when it comes to creating an authentic life.

It's time to take stock; of everything and everyone in it (including beliefs as well as ideas) and decide if they are worth keeping or if it is time to send them packing.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Life

It is very easy to sit back and point fingers at those people who you feel are responsible for everything bad that has happened in your life.

It is much more difficult to come to grips with the fact that you are the only one who is to blame for the life that you have created; for the decisions that you have made.

Only when you understand this can you make those changes needed to create the life you feel that you should have.

5. Live Intentionally

The last and most important key to creating an authentic life is in learning how to live intentionally. So many times we simply glide through our lives, unaware of what is happening around us; of why it is that we are doing things.

And while practising mindfulness can help us to pinpoint those things that no longer serve us or that are no longer beneficial, only in choosing to live intentionally and in full awareness can we bring better things, events and people into our lives. It's only then can we create a truly authentic life.

Your Authentic Self Realised

In order to identify your authentic self, you need to examine your values, goals and beliefs to make sure they are all in alignment. You also need to rid yourself of any self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from doing the things you would like to do.

Replace them with empowering beliefs that will instead allow you to move forward to live your authentic life.

Think of all the adjectives you would like to be used to describe you. Write them all down. Put a tick by the ones you feel are consistent in your life right now, put a line next to the ones that are almost there and a cross by the ones where you fall short.

These constitute your higher self. You can add ticks to the others by practising them until they too become a part of who you are and how you show up in life.

Questions to Ask

  • What will you need to consistently live your higher self?

  • What do you believe about people who live authentic lives through their higher self?

  • What would you have to believe about yourself to live an authentic life through your higher self?

  • What could get in the way of you adopting that belief?

  • What can you put in place to overcome any barrier that might come up?

  • What can you do right now to take the first step to living an authentic life through your higher self?

When living your authentic life it is important to trust that the Universe is wise and that it will guide you to do the things that are right and that are aligned with your higher self.

It will also reveal your higher purpose in life so that you can ensure that you are applying it to all the things that you do.

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7 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regret

7 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regret
It's never too late to change your life. If you live with regrets, now's a good as time as any to take action and bring happiness to your life.

Here's how to be happy with yourself and live life without regret, regardless of any pain you have experienced in the past.

It's all about living and doing in the present - the past is the past and it's time to leave it all behind.

How To be Happy With Yourself

1. Make Lifestyle Choices

Making lifestyle choices shows how serious you are if you want to address regret in your life. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can join a gym or work out at home. Alternatively, you can devise a weight loss plan with a friend, and create various goals that you can achieve.

Whether you want to increase lean muscle mass, banish fat or just improve your overall health, a regular workout plan can provide you with an assortment of benefits and help you with the healing process.

2. Meditate

If you want to find out how to be happy with yourself meditation and self-reflection can also be of a great benefit to overcoming previous regrets. You can take regular time out to breathe, recognize the problems in your life without dwelling on them and practice self-relaxation techniques.

If meditation is not for you, there are a number of different ways you can relax. Some people enjoy playing team sports, while others take up yoga. Choose an activity that's right for you.

3. Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is paramount if you are making lifestyle choices and want to live a life without regret. There are a number of ways you can do this.

As well as exercise, you can incorporate more activities into your life, or surround yourself with positive people who will contribute to your happiness.

4. Making Changes to Your Diet

Changing your diet is never easy, especially if you're used to consuming sugary, salty snacks. The key here is to take things steadily. Devise a nutrition plan and slowly incorporate healthy foods into your life.

Superfoods, such as fruit and vegetables, provide you with an energy boost and giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to function properly on a daily basis. They can even prevent anxiety and depression. There are loads of resources online, as well as healthy eating tips, that you can check out.

5. Change Your Perspective on Life

Even if you suffer from regret, changing your perspective on life can have a huge impact on how to be happy with yourself. Why not write down five things you are happy for every week and compile your entries in a personal diary?

This can be a great way to document your thoughts, and you'll have something to look back on as your progress through your personal journey.

6. Let Go!

Might be easier said than done but some people make the mistake of constantly repeating negative manifestations and hoping that their life will get better.

When overcoming regret, you should get to the point where you just "let go". Embrace the present. The past is the past and you can't go back.

I believe we are meant to go through all we went through, whether through our decisions or not. We learn from them. It's all part of life's wonderful experience.

Dwelling on past mistakes will get you nowhere. You learn from your mistakes and be thankful that now you know what not to do!

7. Talk About Your Problems

Discussing your regrets with a friend or family member can help you in your personal journey. They might be able to provide you with advice or peace of mind and help you overcome the past.

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20 Step Healing Meditation

20 Step Healing Meditation
We all need a little time to look after ourselves occasionally and meditation is ideal for providing a bit of stress relief and healing.

Try this 20 step healing meditation and feel the stress simply ooze away. Do it every day and your health and well-being will improve immeasurably in a short space of time.

Let's Begin The Healing Meditation

1. Take three deep abdominal breaths, exhaling slowly each time, imagining the tension draining out of your body.

2. Clench your fists. Hold for 10 seconds before releasing and feeling the tension drain out of your body (for 15 seconds).

3. Tighten your biceps by drawing your forearms up toward your shoulders and make a muscle with both arms. Hold (again for 15 seconds as will be the case on all the below), then relax.

4. Tighten your triceps (the muscles underneath your upper arms) by holding out your arms in front of you and locking your elbows. Hold, then relax.

5. Tense the muscles in your forehead by raising your eyebrows as high as you can. Hold then relax.

6. Tense the muscles around your eyes by clenching your eyelids shut. Hold, then relax. Imagine sensations of deep relaxation spreading all over your eyes.

7. Tighten your jaws by opening your mouth so widely that you stretch the muscles.

8. Tighten the muscles in the back of your neck by pulling your head way back, as if you were going to touch your back with your head. Hold, then relax.

9. Take deep breaths and focus on the weight of your head sinking into whatever surface it is resting on.

10. Tighten your shoulders as if you were going to touch your ears. Hold, then relax.

11. Tighten the muscles in your shoulder blades by pushing your shoulder blades back. Hold, then relax.

12. Tighten the muscles of your chest by taking in a deep breath. Hold, then relax.

13. Tighten your stomach muscles by sucking in your stomach in. Hold, then relax.

14. Tighten your lower back by arching it up (don’t do this if you have back pain). Hold, then relax.

15. Tighten your buttocks by pulling them together. Hold, then relax.

16. Squeeze the muscles in your thighs. Hold, then relax.

17. Tighten your calf muscles by pulling your toes towards you. Hold, then relax.

18. Tighten your feet by curling them downwards. Hold, then relax.

19. Mentally scan your body for any leftover tension. If any group remains tense, repeat the exercise for those muscle groups.

20. Now imagine a wave of relaxation spreading over your body.

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Successful Leaders’ Top 5 Secrets for Overcoming Adversity

Successful Leaders’ Top 5 Secrets for Overcoming Adversity
Dealing with adversity in life is never easy, and leaders often have a harder path than others.

As a leader, not only do you have to deal with the challenges that everyone faces as they travel the path of life - you'll also have others looking to you as an example while you do so.

This means you'll need to handle these hardships with grace under pressure, to continue inspiring those who rely upon your strength and vision.

Fortunately, successful leaders' top secrets to overcoming adversity can help, so let's take a closer look at these below.

Secret #1: Look At Where You're Going – Not Where You Are

Adversity takes many forms and can strike at any time in your life. You may be going through a divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, be dealing with a physical disability or experience a setback in your career.

When facing these kinds of events or issues, it's easy to let negativity overwhelm you. Having negativity all around doesn't help either - all you have to do is turn on the news to get a concentrated report of everything that's wrong in the world!

This type of focus is hardly productive, so don't get stuck in the trap of wallowing in self-pity or even just thinking about your problem again and again. Instead, look at where you're going and try to continually bring up in your mind any good that this adversity has brought you.

For example, you could make it your goal to use whatever challenge you're facing to be an inspiration to others. Or remind yourself that you're a stronger person for having faced it, which may help you reach greater heights than you otherwise would in the years to come.

You might even start a support group or write about your experiences to help others get through it.

The idea is to use your pain and struggle by transforming it into something worthwhile, rather than just suffering for no reason (which is extremely hard to bear).

Secret #2: Coach Yourself Daily

Going hand-in-hand with focusing on the potential good your adversity can bring, you need to coach yourself daily. Begin by writing down a list of times in the past when you've overcome challenges or things you've achieved.

Doing this once may make you feel better temporarily, but the key is to do it daily. As people, we need constant reminders to stay on the best path, and the most successful leaders first lead themselves - by constantly developing personally.

Another powerful technique is to use a vision board, to literally see where you want to head as you chart your course through adversity. Some people write down their goal on an index card and carry it with them at all times, glancing at it whenever they can during the day.

You may even consider meditation in the morning, where you quiet your mind and focus on how you'd like to act and the outcome you'd like to achieve during this challenging time.

This practice can also lower your stress, which is a helpful benefit when dealing with adversity. No matter what particular technique works for you, the goal is to constantly retrain and focus your mind on your ultimate goal.

Secret #3: This Too Shall Pass

That famous phrase is excellent advice for overcoming adversity with grace, as eventually many challenges pass in one way or another. This isn't meant to trivialise things like dealing with a terminal illness or a physical disability that isn't going to get better.

Instead, it's meant to remind you that there is always tomorrow, and many times whatever you're facing will resolve itself in due course. And for those who believe in existence after death, even a health crisis or the death of a loved one isn't the end.

In other words, this secret encourages you to look to the horizon and expect a beautiful new vista to appear - rather than looking down at the mud you're currently trudging through.

Secret #4: Listen to Your Intuition

Trusting your inner voice is vital if you want to be an effective leader, as ultimately decisions are up to you. While you can ask others for their opinion, you're the one who has to make the hard choices.

During times of adversity this trait of a successful leader will serve you well, and don't be afraid to embrace your instincts. That might mean changing who you eat lunch with or socialise with, what books you read or even the music you listen to.

During adversity you need to be surrounded with positive people and voices, to help you rise above and not get bogged down. Then, once you've fed your mind with positive influences, go with whatever course of action feels correct and trust that your intuition is right.

Secret #5: Do What You'd Like to Feel

This secret sounds a bit confusing on the face of it. What does it mean? Personal development gurus all seem to have learned that your emotions can follow your actions, which is important.

This means that if you feel weighed down due to the adversity you're going through, you can actively do something about it. You can tell your mind how to feel – instead of the other way around. How does it work?

If you feel depressed or stressed, smile broadly as often as you can. Purposely laugh out loud whenever possible, or even watch funny movies to get yourself moving in this direction.

Hold your head up high and your shoulders square. Don't hunch over, breathe shallowly and talk in hushed tones. Hold your body in position and act with confidence, enthusiasm and vigour – and you'll begin to feel these things deep inside.

These top secrets for dealing with adversity in life will serve you well, as you work to overcome whatever you're facing. While going through a time of pain or setback is never fun, you can use it as an opportunity to stretch and grow stronger.

You've no doubt heard that it is the winds that make the oak tree send down deeper roots – allowing it to grow taller. Let this example be your guide, as you use these secrets to make the most of the challenges you'll face in life.

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12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn

12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn
Ever wondered that there is much more to learn about life than what you were taught in school? If so, you'll find the following 12 life lessons to be some of the most important you've ever learned.

In fact, after you're finished reading these, it might be a good idea to save this article somewhere on your computer or print it and read it every day.

1. Paying Cash Is Better Than Borrowing

The purpose of credit and borrowing money is to make a profit for the lender.

Every time that you borrow money to buy something, you're agreeing to pay more money for it later so that someone else can make a profit.

Therefore, it's best to buy what you want with cash and to save the extra money for helping yourself instead of someone else.

2. Your Health Is Your Life

You only have one body and it has to last you for the rest of your life. Therefore, your life and your health are directly linked and you should guard your personal health with your life.

This means refusing to give in to the temptation to eat junk or to live an inactive lifestyle.

Make proper nutrition, consistent, balanced exercise and stress management parts of your lifestyle and you'll have a good, healthy life.

3. You Must Give to Get

One of the major causes of unhappiness is expecting to get something for nothing.

In life, you will receive only according to the quality and quantity with which you give. This is true in your relationships, health, career and financial life.

4. Being Right Does Not Build Relationships

The best way to build empowering relationships with other people is to understand them and to be understood by them.

Getting into disputes, debates or arguments about who is right and who is wrong is a dead end. Focus instead on being compassionate and treating people the way you would like to be treated.

5. Most of Getting What You Want Is Being Bold Enough to Ask

There are two things that keep people from getting what they really want out of life: they either don't know what they want, or they are too afraid to ask for it.

Learn to ask for the things you want. If people say no, you've lost nothing. But if you make it a habit to ask for what you want, you'll be surprised at how often you get it.

6. Fear Can Be Your Best Friend

Fear is not always bad, and sometimes it can be your best friend.

If you're afraid of being in poor health, you'll work a lot harder at keeping yourself healthy. If you're afraid of having someone else (like the government) responsible for your financial life, you'll work harder to build your financial safety net.

In fact, the only time that fear becomes bad is when it keeps you from doing something you really want to do.

7. Knowledge Is Only Power When It's Used

Some of the smartest people in this world never use their knowledge and therefore never benefit from it. However, when knowledge is applied it becomes active and powerful. It also increases your learning because you begin to learn from experience. When you learn something useful, put it to use as soon as possible.

8. There Are Seasons in Life

You'll have times in your life when everything seems to be happening at once; you'll also have times when nothing seems to be happening.

Learn to endure the seasons of life by working hard when you have plenty to do, and by saving your financial resources for times when you may not have as much.

Also, learn to use the slower seasons to rest and recharge yourself.

9. Marry Your Best Friend

Looks fade. So does physical attraction and so does the romantic "puppy love." If you want to have a lasting courtship and raise your children as a couple, marry your best friend.

10. Collect Memories

Keep a journal, take pictures and keep them somewhere safe. Someday you'll be very glad that you did, and so will the generations after you.

11. Choose a Career That Makes You Happy

Life is too short to be unhappy with what you're doing 40 to 50 hours a week. Not to mention that unhappiness in your career will filter into other areas of your life.

Choose a job that you love, and you'll never have to work another day ... and you'll get paid for it. Not a bad deal.

12. Higher Standards Mean Higher Rewards

Having high expectations for your health, your relationships, your career and your financial life might mean you'll have to work harder. It might also mean you'll be disappointed more often.

However, the rewards that it will bring in strength of character and in success will far outweigh any price you had to pay. Keep your standards high, and don't settle for less than what you really want.

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