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Can a Christian Have Alternative Beliefs?

Can a Christian Have Alternative Beliefs?
While some may think alternative beliefs go against a Christian belief system, the reality of it is that one has nothing to do with the other.

Alternative beliefs and alternative medicine do not compete against Christianity; they are merely an alternative way of thinking.

There is some confusion amongst Christians with traditional versus alternative beliefs, and this confusion may prevent Christians from exploring other ways of thinking.

While therapies like acupuncture may have originated in Taoism philosophy, many modern-day medicines have their roots in non-Christian beliefs.

For example, numerology readings and Christianity are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  Many traditional medicines originated in ancient Greek and Roman cultures, which were actually just as non-Christian as Taoism.

The idea that just because something did not originate in Christianity and that it is inherently wrong is just not biblically supportable. Christians use many technologies and inventions that were based on non-Christian systems, but that does not mean that they do not maintain a strong faith.

You Are Free to Choose

Christians can explore alternative therapies and alternative beliefs as they choose and still maintain their strong sense of faith. There is a fine line between what is actually considered an alternative belief and what is not, so it is not fair to say that Christians cannot explore some of these.

Some people might consider chiropractic care alternative medicine, while others do not. Does this mean that a Christian cannot visit a chiropractor?

I hope not because the chiropractic field does good work and helps people who suffer from ailments like chronic pain. The belief system of the inventor or originator should not be a deciding factor as to if someone chooses an alternative therapy or not.

The deciding factor should, in fact, be one's health. Some might consider a gluten-free diet an alternative therapy, but if someone is allergic to gluten and just happens to be a Christian, does that mean he or she cannot visit an alternative provider and seek care?

I should hope not. What if a Christian wants to visit an herbalist or a naturopath or seek an opinion from an Ayurvedic physician?

They should have the same rights as anyone else, and they should be able to seek the treatment they want from a caring alternative provider. 

Therapies such as reiki and massage therapy have been around for hundreds of years, and they have helped many people in countless ways. The ultimate deciding factor should be someone's health, not someone's faith.

Complete Mind and Body

What about mind-body exercises such as yoga and tai-chi? Should Christians refrain from those as well? I would be concerned if they did because yoga and tai-chi are incredible forms of exercise that help people.

Research has shown that tai chi may have some health benefits, as some studies show favourable effects on balance control, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Studies also show that tai-chi may reduce the risk of falls in elderly patients and those recovering from heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure and even multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's.

Tai-chi may also be beneficial for stress relief and mental health with one study showing that regular practice increased psychological well-being and reduced stress, depression and anxiety while also enhancing mood.

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years. Most Westernised yoga classes focus on things like physical poses, also known as asanas. There are many styles and types of yoga available today.

Most forms of yoga include some breathing techniques and possibly even some kind of meditative technique. While some forms of yoga focus purely on relaxation, others focus on things like core strength, muscle toning, balance and flexibility, all of which Christians and other believers alike could benefit from.

Typically yoga involves positioning, stretching and strengthening of the body and the mind, and yoga is an incredible stress-reducing exercise. Yoga is not only for strengthening the physical body, but it may also focus on a meditative benefit for the mind and spirit.

Yoga might also be helpful in decreasing depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain, things all of us could use some help with from time to time.

Who Can Realistically Say They Have All The Answers?

Although it comes down to an individual choice, Christians should not feel like they are betraying their faith when they explore an alternative method.

Modern medicine does not have all the answers, and there are many reasons people seek alternative providers.

I don't believe it would offend Jesus if one of his disciples wanted to try a massage or seek an alternative method for chronic pain, just because they were Christian.

Just as the church and the school are separate entities, so should the church and medicine; whether that medicine is traditional or alternative should not matter.

Christians should feel very comfortable seeking any alternative treatment they wish to try because no one is asking them to give up their faith.

I believe there is room for everyone at the alternative table, and we can all learn something from one another.

Each of us should feel free to explore any method that we wish to explore in pursuit of our optimal health and wellness.

I believe Jesus and most Christians would agree.

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Making the Leap to an Alternative Belief

Making the Leap to an Alternative Belief
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There are certain times in your life when it is necessary to take a leap of faith. These kinds of times can feel like standing at the edge of a precipice. Some of us take this leap quite easily, while others are paralyzed at the thought. Making a leap into the unknown is scary for anyone because you just don't know what is on the other side.

Just as it is scary to take a leap of faith into the unknown, for some, it is scary to make that leap of faith into an alternative belief. Making a leap of faith can be exceedingly difficult for those of us with control issues because the very act of embracing uncertainty requires that we trust and surrender.

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Love can be very elusive, and if you have ever struggled with relationships or love, you know this for a fact. What you may not know is that the law of attraction is at work, even when it comes to something like love.

Many people who don't have a life partner often feel lonely or depressed or even hopeless. This kind of energy is not the kind of energy you want to send out if you are looking for a life partner.

7 Undeniable Truths About Alternative Beliefs

7 Undeniable Truths About Alternative Beliefs
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When it comes to alternative beliefs and therapies, there are some undeniable truths. We have made great strides regarding alternative beliefs. 

Even to the point that many doctors and physicians are now interested in learning more about complementary methods and referring their patients more often than not.

Let's look at some of these beliefs now.

10 Great Quotes About Happiness

10 Great Quotes About Happiness
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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. ― Dalai Lama XIV

Are You Being Authentically You? 5 Keys to Discover

Are You Being Authentically You? 5 Keys to Discover
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Are you living an authentic life? If you have to stop and actually think about it, then the answer is probably no.

Don't worry, you are not alone. Today's society makes it very difficult to truly be yourself.

In fact, our society is more inclined to encourage conformity than it is to encourage following your heart, but that doesn't mean that it is impossible.

In fact, there are 5 relatively simple keys for creating an authentic life; keys that will help you to live the life you were born to live.

1. Rediscover Your Joy

When it comes to authentic living, there is one very important thing to remember; everyone was born knowing who and what they are and why they came here.

You need only look to those things that made you completely, totally and blissfully happy as a child to take the first step in re-discovering your authentic self.

2. Mastering Mindfulness

In order to start making changes and bring your life into alignment, it is necessary to become aware of what things are creating the problem; of what is actually getting in your way. The best way to become aware of these issues is to start practising the art of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the simple art of paying attention; of being aware of everything as it happens as well as understanding why it is that you have decided to experience this particular circumstance or event.

Only when you are aware of your actions (and yes, even of your thoughts) will you be able to make an educated choice when it comes to what things, thoughts and even actions are beneficial to you, and which are not.

When you have determined which are not doing you any good then you can get around to clearing your space.

3. Clear Your Space

It is a general rule of thumb that to make room for something new to come into your life you first have to get rid of the unwanted and unnecessary things that are cluttering it up. This is especially true when it comes to creating an authentic life.

It's time to take stock; of everything and everyone in it (including beliefs as well as ideas) and decide if they are worth keeping or if it is time to send them packing.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Life

It is very easy to sit back and point fingers at those people who you feel are responsible for everything bad that has happened in your life.

It is much more difficult to come to grips with the fact that you are the only one who is to blame for the life that you have created; for the decisions that you have made.

Only when you understand this can you make those changes needed to create the life you feel that you should have.

5. Live Intentionally

The last and most important key to creating an authentic life is in learning how to live intentionally. So many times we simply glide through our lives, unaware of what is happening around us; of why it is that we are doing things.

And while practising mindfulness can help us to pinpoint those things that no longer serve us or that are no longer beneficial, only in choosing to live intentionally and in full awareness can we bring better things, events and people into our lives. It's only then can we create a truly authentic life.

Your Authentic Self Realised

In order to identify your authentic self, you need to examine your values, goals and beliefs to make sure they are all in alignment. You also need to rid yourself of any self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from doing the things you would like to do.

Replace them with empowering beliefs that will instead allow you to move forward to live your authentic life.

Think of all the adjectives you would like to be used to describe you. Write them all down. Put a tick by the ones you feel are consistent in your life right now, put a line next to the ones that are almost there and a cross by the ones where you fall short.

These constitute your higher self. You can add ticks to the others by practising them until they too become a part of who you are and how you show up in life.

Questions to Ask

  • What will you need to consistently live your higher self?

  • What do you believe about people who live authentic lives through their higher self?

  • What would you have to believe about yourself to live an authentic life through your higher self?

  • What could get in the way of you adopting that belief?

  • What can you put in place to overcome any barrier that might come up?

  • What can you do right now to take the first step to living an authentic life through your higher self?

When living your authentic life it is important to trust that the Universe is wise and that it will guide you to do the things that are right and that are aligned with your higher self.

It will also reveal your higher purpose in life so that you can ensure that you are applying it to all the things that you do.

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Top 5 Secrets True Leaders Use For Overcoming Adversity

Top 5 Secrets True Leaders Use For Overcoming Adversity
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Dealing with adversity in life is never easy, and leaders often have a harder path than others. As a leader, not only do you have to deal with the challenges that everyone faces as they travel the path of life - you'll also have others looking to you as an example while you do so.

This means you'll need to handle these hardships with grace under pressure, to continue inspiring those who rely upon your strength and vision.

Fortunately, the top 5 secrets true leaders use for overcoming adversity can help you. So let's take a closer look at these below.

12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn

12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn
Ever wondered that there is much more to learn about life than what you were taught in school? If so, you'll find the following 12 life lessons to be some of the most important you've ever learned.

In fact, after you're finished reading these, it might be a good idea to save this article somewhere on your computer or print it and read it every day.

1. Paying Cash Is Better Than Borrowing

The purpose of credit and borrowing money is to make a profit for the lender.

Every time that you borrow money to buy something, you're agreeing to pay more money for it later so that someone else can make a profit.

Therefore, it's best to buy what you want with cash and to save the extra money for helping yourself instead of someone else.

2. Your Health Is Your Life

You only have one body and it has to last you for the rest of your life. Therefore, your life and your health are directly linked and you should guard your personal health with your life.

This means refusing to give in to the temptation to eat junk or to live an inactive lifestyle.

Make proper nutrition, consistent, balanced exercise and stress management parts of your lifestyle and you'll have a good, healthy life.

3. You Must Give to Get

One of the major causes of unhappiness is expecting to get something for nothing.

In life, you will receive only according to the quality and quantity with which you give. This is true in your relationships, health, career and financial life.

4. Being Right Does Not Build Relationships

The best way to build empowering relationships with other people is to understand them and to be understood by them.

Getting into disputes, debates or arguments about who is right and who is wrong is a dead end. Focus instead on being compassionate and treating people the way you would like to be treated.

5. Most of Getting What You Want Is Being Bold Enough to Ask

There are two things that keep people from getting what they really want out of life: they either don't know what they want, or they are too afraid to ask for it.

Learn to ask for the things you want. If people say no, you've lost nothing. But if you make it a habit to ask for what you want, you'll be surprised at how often you get it.

6. Fear Can Be Your Best Friend

Fear is not always bad, and sometimes it can be your best friend.

If you're afraid of being in poor health, you'll work a lot harder at keeping yourself healthy. If you're afraid of having someone else (like the government) responsible for your financial life, you'll work harder to build your financial safety net.

In fact, the only time that fear becomes bad is when it keeps you from doing something you really want to do.

7. Knowledge Is Only Power When It's Used

Some of the smartest people in this world never use their knowledge and therefore never benefit from it. However, when knowledge is applied it becomes active and powerful. It also increases your learning because you begin to learn from experience. When you learn something useful, put it to use as soon as possible.

8. There Are Seasons in Life

You'll have times in your life when everything seems to be happening at once; you'll also have times when nothing seems to be happening.

Learn to endure the seasons of life by working hard when you have plenty to do, and by saving your financial resources for times when you may not have as much.

Also, learn to use the slower seasons to rest and recharge yourself.

9. Marry Your Best Friend

Looks fade. So does physical attraction and so does the romantic "puppy love." If you want to have a lasting courtship and raise your children as a couple, marry your best friend.

10. Collect Memories

Keep a journal, take pictures and keep them somewhere safe. Someday you'll be very glad that you did, and so will the generations after you.

11. Choose a Career That Makes You Happy

Life is too short to be unhappy with what you're doing 40 to 50 hours a week. Not to mention that unhappiness in your career will filter into other areas of your life.

Choose a job that you love, and you'll never have to work another day ... and you'll get paid for it. Not a bad deal.

12. Higher Standards Mean Higher Rewards

Having high expectations for your health, your relationships, your career and your financial life might mean you'll have to work harder. It might also mean you'll be disappointed more often.

However, the rewards that it will bring in strength of character and in success will far outweigh any price you had to pay. Keep your standards high, and don't settle for less than what you really want.

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