10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet
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You may be asking yourself why you aren’t manifesting more money, but are you truly doing all you can to improve your fiscal situation?

Sure, you go to work everyday and get your paycheck and then you spend it all on utilities, paying off debts and other necessary expenses.

That leaves very little to spend on the things you actually want. If you are less than thrilled with your finances, keep reading to discover the 10 reasons why you aren’t rich yet.

1. Focusing on the Negative

Almost everyone is guilty of this. We compare our lives to everyone else's and wonder why we never have enough. The answer is simple; you are only focusing on what you don’t have, rather than what you do.

There will always be someone with a newer car, a bigger house, or more toys. If we only measure our happiness by what we have compared to everyone else, you will never be satisfied.

Instead, take money out of the equation and focus on the non monetary items you have that make you rich already. Friends, family, a roof over your head and warm food in your belly for starters.

It's a well known fact that people who already think they are "rich" by appreciating these things tend to attract wealth of the financial kind more naturally than those who don't.

2. Believing You Aren’t Worth It

If you constantly doubt your efforts, you will never be rich. Do you believe, right in this very moment, that you deserve to be a millionaire? If not, why not?

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t deserve to make more money. Obviously, if you sit on your ass and eat potato chips all day, you’ll never be capable of manifesting money. Get busy, create and give value and you'll reap the rewards.

3. Thinking You’re Always Broke

How many times do the words “I’m broke” come from your mouth? Probably far too many times a day. You think that because you have to pay bills and other required payments, you’re broke.

This mindset of thinking you never have anything is not setting you up for success. In fact, it’s doing just the opposite. Instead of focusing on the lack of money you have, focus on the good you are doing with that money and believe money will always come easily to you. If you re-frame your thinking to this abundance mindset you'll find money flows to you effortlessly.

4. Never Taking Risks

Any person who has ever become self-made will tell you that risks are a necessary part of the journey. If you are never willing to go outside your comfort zone, you will never become a success. Staying in your same dead-end job will never grant you with the lifestyle you desire. Get out there and try something new.

5. Not Utilising Your Skills

Everyone is born with a specific set of skills that are unique to them. Some acquire even more skills during their lifetime. What are you good at?

Ask your friends and family to get an objective opinion. Guaranteed, there is a skill that you have that someone else needs. Whether you are a great cook or a talented musician, you can find a way to market these skills as something people will spend money on.

Write a recipe book with your favourite unique meals or teach piano lessons in your spare time. No matter what your skills, they can make you more money.

6. Following The Herd

Even people leading the pack don’t know where they’re going sometimes. The same can be said about a lot of people. You are stuck in the same career, coasting along, simply because everyone around you is doing the same!

This is the fastest way off the cliff to financial underachievement. If you want to start manifesting money, you have to pluck up the courage to take your own path.

7. Focusing on Others' Accomplishments

We all know that one person who is just good at everything. It seems like they never fail, no matter what they do. It is so easy for us to compare ourselves to them and put ourselves down.

The reason why they excel at those things is because they have a set of skills unique to them and they put them to good use. When you find the areas where your gifts are applicable, you too will soar.

8. Pitying Yourself

Whenever you fail, of course you are allowed to throw yourself a (brief) pity party. However, there is a time when you must rise back up and keep going. If you walk through life with your head down, you will never think enough of yourself to become a success.

9. No Follow Through

We live in a world where instant gratification is ever present in daily life. People want to be rich and they want it right now. It could be the lottery mentality, thinking you can only become rich by buying a ticket, or you get sucked into the vacuous idea of becoming a reality TV star by doing no real work.

However, as any successful person will tell you, becoming rich is a journey. You have to set short term goals to build momentum and link them to long term goals to get you where you really want to be. Dream big and keep going until you get there.

10. Not Believing in Yourself

This is the most important point. The quickest way to ensure failure is not believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in your products, no one will ever buy what you’re selling. You have to believe in yourself, and then everything else will fall into place.

Now that you know the 10 reasons why you're not rich yet, you can overcome them and start manifesting money like you never could have imagined. Believe in yourself, in your skills, and in your ambition and you are sure to become a great success.
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