10 Ways to Become as Prosperous as You'd Like to Be

10 Ways to Become as Prosperous as You'd Like to Be

10 Ways to Become as Prosperous as You'd Like to Be
Learn How to Think Like a Millionaire

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be successful and wealthy easily, while you work so hard but seem to achieve so little?

Would you like to know the science of getting rich? Here’s 10 ways you can become as prosperous as you’d like to be.

1. Fix Your Negative Thoughts about Money

To get a huge influx of prosperity, you must get the negative energy out first. What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of wealth?

“It isn’t enough,” or “I can’t seem to live comfortably,” should change to more positive ones, such as “I have enough and am open to more,” or “I am blessed with multiple sources of income. I enjoy the freedom money brings into my life”.

2. Use The Law of Attraction

How much money do you wish to have? Write it down on a piece of paper. Think of it as a gift from the Universe that will realise someday.

Expect it to happen. While waiting, put that paper somewhere you can see it every day. Put it on your workstation, your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, etc.

3. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

What makes a rich man rich? They’re not afraid to take risks now and then. Calculated risks and going for something you love or something that you’re interested in is a certain way to become prosperous.

Create a list of the things you love - dogs, gaming, doing your nails etc. and think about how you can profit from them. What skills do you have, and how can you use it to make money?

Reach out to your network of friends, on online communities and industry experts to get a few ideas.

4. Money Is Your Right

Be positive about how you think about money. Believe that you can always have money anytime you want. It’s your right to gain as much wealth as you wish; money is not a struggle for you.

Then, imagine a chest of money right in front of you. Grab it and feel each $100 bill as if it were real. Repeat the process each day.

5. Think Abundance, Not Lack

Have you ever heard the phrase “negative begets negative”? This is especially true on how we think about wealth. Do you fear that what you have isn’t enough? Worrying from paycheck to paycheck?

This isn’t the way to prosperity. Instead, think of money as love. Practice gratitude and give thanks to what you have as of the moment. Doing so will open the gates to more cash inflow, as compared to blocking the money source with negative energy.

6. Don’t Hold On to Money

The affirmation that you can always get more money should appeal to your generosity. Don’t be afraid to give away money and believe that there’s more where the wealth came from.

It’s telling the Universe you’re a vessel capable of handling infinite wealth and prosperity!

Give some money and some things you don’t need. You’ll quickly see it come back, maybe in the form of blessings or something else.

You’ll become a magnet that grows ever stronger as you practise generosity and kindness.

7. Focus on the Positive Sensations

How do you feel when you hold money in your hands? Do you think about peace, love, freedom, and all other things money can let you experience?

Focus on the sense of accomplishment and the sensation that comes with having enough wealth to do everything you want.

8. Use Money Affirmations

Copy the message that resonates with you the most and repeat these affirmations as much as you can throughout the day:

“Money is everywhere. I am blessed with having so much in my life.”

“Money comes easy. I can get it anytime.”

“I am happy with my contributions and what I do. I love putting my skills to good use and getting paid good money for it.”

9. Believe You Are Prosperous

You are what you think. If you believe you won’t come across comfortable, prosperous, then chances are you won’t succeed.

If you believe and act like you are rich, then it’s only a matter of time before you get money.

Don’t forget that prosperity comes in many forms - money, family, health, physical and mental well-being, friends, etc. are just some examples.

10. Give Thanks

Do you want to gain more wealth? Then it would be best to show your appreciation for it. The Universe hears your gratitude and will send more your way.

Start out by making a list of the things you’re thankful for on a small piece of paper.

Do this each night before you go to bed.

You’ll start getting more and more good things - improved health, an unexpected pay raise, inheritance, or your long time friend coming in for a visit.
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