12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn

12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn

12 Life Lessons Everyone Must Learn
Ever wondered that there is much more to learn about life than what you were taught in school? If so, you'll find the following 12 life lessons to be some of the most important you've ever learned.

In fact, after you're finished reading these, it might be a good idea to save this article somewhere on your computer or print it and read it every day.

1. Paying Cash Is Better Than Borrowing

The purpose of credit and borrowing money is to make a profit for the lender.

Every time that you borrow money to buy something, you're agreeing to pay more money for it later so that someone else can make a profit.

Therefore, it's best to buy what you want with cash and to save the extra money for helping yourself instead of someone else.

2. Your Health Is Your Life

You only have one body and it has to last you for the rest of your life. Therefore, your life and your health are directly linked and you should guard your personal health with your life.

This means refusing to give in to the temptation to eat junk or to live an inactive lifestyle.

Make proper nutrition, consistent, balanced exercise and stress management parts of your lifestyle and you'll have a good, healthy life.

3. You Must Give to Get

One of the major causes of unhappiness is expecting to get something for nothing.

In life, you will receive only according to the quality and quantity with which you give. This is true in your relationships, health, career and financial life.

4. Being Right Does Not Build Relationships

The best way to build empowering relationships with other people is to understand them and to be understood by them.

Getting into disputes, debates or arguments about who is right and who is wrong is a dead end. Focus instead on being compassionate and treating people the way you would like to be treated.

5. Most of Getting What You Want Is Being Bold Enough to Ask

There are two things that keep people from getting what they really want out of life: they either don't know what they want, or they are too afraid to ask for it.

Learn to ask for the things you want. If people say no, you've lost nothing. But if you make it a habit to ask for what you want, you'll be surprised at how often you get it.

6. Fear Can Be Your Best Friend

Fear is not always bad, and sometimes it can be your best friend.

If you're afraid of being in poor health, you'll work a lot harder at keeping yourself healthy. If you're afraid of having someone else (like the government) responsible for your financial life, you'll work harder to build your financial safety net.

In fact, the only time that fear becomes bad is when it keeps you from doing something you really want to do.

7. Knowledge Is Only Power When It's Used

Some of the smartest people in this world never use their knowledge and therefore never benefit from it. However, when knowledge is applied it becomes active and powerful. It also increases your learning because you begin to learn from experience. When you learn something useful, put it to use as soon as possible.

8. There Are Seasons in Life

You'll have times in your life when everything seems to be happening at once; you'll also have times when nothing seems to be happening.

Learn to endure the seasons of life by working hard when you have plenty to do, and by saving your financial resources for times when you may not have as much.

Also, learn to use the slower seasons to rest and recharge yourself.

9. Marry Your Best Friend

Looks fade. So does physical attraction and so does the romantic "puppy love." If you want to have a lasting courtship and raise your children as a couple, marry your best friend.

10. Collect Memories

Keep a journal, take pictures and keep them somewhere safe. Someday you'll be very glad that you did, and so will the generations after you.

11. Choose a Career That Makes You Happy

Life is too short to be unhappy with what you're doing 40 to 50 hours a week. Not to mention that unhappiness in your career will filter into other areas of your life.

Choose a job that you love, and you'll never have to work another day ... and you'll get paid for it. Not a bad deal.

12. Higher Standards Mean Higher Rewards

Having high expectations for your health, your relationships, your career and your financial life might mean you'll have to work harder. It might also mean you'll be disappointed more often.

However, the rewards that it will bring in strength of character and in success will far outweigh any price you had to pay. Keep your standards high, and don't settle for less than what you really want.

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