Reboot, Refresh and Recharge Your Life

Reboot, Refresh and Recharge Your Life

Reboot, Refresh and Recharge Your Life
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 Within every career and every pursuit you may have, including getting in shape, we must endure a roller coaster ride before we can get to the goal line. There’s the exhilaration as we go up, followed by fear as we go back down. We take two steps forward, sometimes one step back. 

And as we ride it out, we learn from the experience and understand how to ride the next big wave better. But what happens when the action we need to take for the healthiest life possible doesn’t always go as planned? 

How do we re-teach ourselves to eat smarter, exercise harder, and set our bodies and minds up for the best ride we might go on? Sometimes in life, it’s necessary to rewind, recharge and re-do the damage done. 

Whether your biggest challenge is to stop comfort eating, or resist buying into the latest fad diet as the solution to your weight loss, or even making your health the first and most important priority in your life, anything is possible. 

What’s Stopping You?

What's preventing you from attaining your goals right now in this moment? Do you feel you’ve done too much damage to yourself, and there’s no hope for reversing that waste you’ve filled your body with over the last five years - the alcohol, tobacco, sugar and processed foods? 

As you would do to your DVD player when it skips during your favourite movie, or with a computer whose screen has froze up - unplug, take a deep breath and try again. Don’t throw that computer in the trash, thinking if it doesn’t work in this very minute, it will never work. 

Refresh your screen, or hit rewind on that DVD player. Take that approach and reset your priorities in the same way. 

The Power Is in Your Hands 

Focus on your goals and write them down. Keep a list handy of every goal, big or small that you have. Maybe you want to limit yourself to one dessert a week. 

Perhaps you want to eat three fruits and vegetables a day, or that you want to go to the gym three days a week (no matter how little time you think you have for it).  Write each goal down, and on a separate piece of paper, write one solution for each goal: a tool to help you accomplish it. 

A solution for going to the gym (despite your hectic schedule) is wake up one hour earlier three mornings a week so you can hit the gym before you head to work. When you put stock in yourself and look at each day as a new opportunity to be well, healthy and motivated to treat yourself better, you’ll be more likely to keep up your improved habits long-term. 

The Secret Healthy People Know

If you want to eat healthier, but aren’t exactly sure how to get there, act as if you’re already there. If one of your biggest weaknesses is buying crackers, chips and the occasional candy bar, go into the store with a different mindset. 

While doing your weekly grocery shopping, act as if you already have a thin, healthy body. Ever notice the layout of a supermarket? 

Meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables are stored along the edge and back of the store. Unhealthy food, such as processed crackers, chips, pasta, juice and ice cream is shelved in the middle - and with reason. 

It takes up most of the store’s space, and you must pass by these empty calories to get to the healthy food. Thin people don’t buy food from the middle, but select a bulk of their groceries from the outer edge of the store. 

Follow Their Lead! 

Buy dairy, fruits, vegetables and meat, and stay away from the aisles full of guilty pleasures. Set your mind up for success, and line up your goals each week along with solutions for making them possible. 

As you begin a new train of thought and follow through with realistic and actionable steps for good health, you’ll get just what you deserve. A healthy, energetic mind and body to take you just where you need to be: Happy, motivated and focused so you can live to your highest potential!


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