The Unlimited Nature of Abundance

The Unlimited Nature of Abundance

The Unlimited Nature of Abundance
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Did you know that one of the most important things that separates people who are highly successful from those who aren’t is a mindset based on abundance instead of on scarcity?

Just think about how much easier it is to be confident and to be immune to things like the fear of failure or poverty if you honestly believe that there is an endless supply of the things you want.

So, how do you create this kind of mindset and develop the confidence required to be successful and achieve your peak potential? It begins with understanding the unlimited nature of abundance ...

There is more than enough if you believe there is. 

You’re probably already aware of how significant an impact your thoughts have on your actions and attitudes.

See to believe, according to what you think, and those beliefs influence your actions and those actions create the results of your life.

This is how self-fulfilling prophecies form.

People believe something, it inspires their actions and they then get results which reinforce the belief which created those actions.

So what do you think this means if you’re always thinking about how there’s not enough to go around?

This is a scarcity mentality that causes people to play it safe and not go after the things they want.

As you might guess, these people rarely get what they want, and this just reinforces the idea that good things are scarce.

However, there are people who are constantly thinking about how there is an endless supply of abundance available to everyone who has the courage to go after what they want.

These people develop beliefs consistent with those thoughts. 

Naturally, those beliefs lead to actions that cause these people to have more than enough of what their hearts’ desire.

These results continue to reinforce the beliefs that abundance is everywhere if you just know how to look for it and focus on it.

What these people get is more abundance-based thinking, abundance-based beliefs, and actions which bring about more and more abundance.

You’ve probably seen evidence of this in your life: people who are happy, enthusiastic and driven are constantly attracting things into their life that make them happier and more enthusiastic and which fuel their drive.

For example, wealth creates opportunities to gain more wealth, and happiness creates opportunities to gain more happiness.

The same is true with good health, good relationships and all the other things in life, which are available to you in abundance provided that your thoughts are reinforcing the belief that there is, and always will be, more than enough to go around.

Developing an Abundance-based Mindset By now, you’re probably more than convinced of the importance of building an abundance-based mindset.

But how do you go about doing this? 

Easy: You just start asking yourself how you would act if you already had more than enough of what you wanted.

For example, how much more confident and assertive would you be if you knew that you already had the kinds of relationships you wanted?

How much less fearful would you be of financial setbacks if you knew that you had an abundant supply of money?

The sooner you begin your life based on the assumption that there is already an unlimited supply of what you want available to you, the easier it will become for you to get more of the things you want.

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