Think Your Way to a Better You

Think Your Way to a Better You

Think Your Way to a Better You
Can you think your way to a better you? Maybe. Thinking positively has a lot going for it!

According to the Law of Attraction, you reap what you sow: your thoughts become reality. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on attracts to you. So if you focus on positive thoughts, you draw in positive things and positive situations. 

If you focus on negative things, then the opposite happens. There is some research in positive psychology that states that those who have a more positive and optimistic attitude often live longer and happier lives than their pessimistic counterparts.

So the answer is that you can, in fact, think your way to a better you, and here’s how. Your subconscious mind creates your thoughts every hour of every day. Some of these thoughts are automatic and some are intentional. 

When you drive a car, for example, you instinctively know how to drive it, and you don’t really have to think too much about the process itself. 

Everything you do and say gets recorded, or rather imprinted, onto your subconscious mind, so it is important to program in healthy thoughts. Your subconscious mind is like a sponge, soaking in knowledge and information. 

Do You Still Expect The Worst?

We record everything we’ve ever been exposed to in our minds, and these are the same thoughts that create our world. If you grew up in a hostile environment, with people criticising your every move, then a part of you still feels that criticism, and part of you still expects it. 

Because it focuses your thoughts on criticism, you continue to create a hostile environment, even if you don’t consciously remain aware of it. If you want to change the world around you, you must begin by changing your thoughts. Think about the thoughts you focus on throughout the day. 

Are they positive, happy thoughts or negative, critical thoughts? Do you wake up on the wrong side of the bed every morning or jump out of bed with a smile on your face? 

Changing your thoughts sounds easy, but it can be a little challenging to do. One of the easiest ways to think yourself to a better you is to create affirmations that reflect the life you want to live. 

Affirmations are short, positive statements set in the present tense. You can use them by repeating them in your mind or even saying them aloud several times during the day. You can also meditate and repeat your affirmations while you do so. 

Combine this with some simple visualisations, and you have a recipe for success. Let’s say, that you would like to manifest a better relationship. 

One of the easiest ways to do so is to create some affirmations that reflect the state of mind that you would be in if you were a part of a healthy relationship. You could create some short, simple statements and then repeat them in your mind as you picture yourself enjoying a healthy relationship. 

You might create statements like, “I have all the love I need and desire,” or even, “All of my relationships are immensely satisfying.” 

If you were looking for that perfect partner, you could say, “I enjoy a loving, healthy relationship,” or “My partner and I are deeply committed to each other.” 

You could combine these affirmations with some visualisations and picture you and your new partner walking hand-in-hand or laughing and enjoying a date. You are taking positive steps to help your mind attract this new partner. 

Shift Your Energy

Your energy then shifts and you attract people into your life that complement and desire you. Your subconscious mind, which you can be access during meditation or even self-hypnosis, does not differentiate between reality and imagination, so it manifests whatever it is you focus on. 

You can use the same process to manifest a new job, a new house or even a new life. When you change that self-talk, you change your energy. You can think yourself to a better you. You can build yourself up and create any kind of life you desire, you just have to believe you have the power to do so. 

Combine that belief with some emotions, and you can literally transform your life in every way. It’s also important to put some action into your plan because you will not manifest much of anything by sitting in an empty room daydreaming all day long. 

It’s important to get yourself out there and start taking positive steps toward your goal. By changing your self-talk, you will start changing your energy, which will change your level of motivation. 

So chances are, you will feel motivated and inspired to go do things, anyway. If you make a commitment to yourself to take 10-15 minutes out of every day to focus on this new intention, you can make some great strides toward a better life by becoming a better version of yourself. 

So the truth of the matter is that you can think your way to a better life, and it is easier than you could have ever imagined. 

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