Alternative and Traditional Beliefs: Can They Coexist?

Alternative and Traditional Beliefs: Can They Coexist?

Alternative and Traditional Beliefs: They Can Coexist
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Some people might have you believe that you have to choose either an alternative belief or a traditional one. You can and should choose BOTH because they can coexist together quite nicely. 

Complementary and alternative medicine and other alternative beliefs can coexist quite peacefully right along with traditional medicine and traditional beliefs. Just because you are a devout Christian or a Muslim does not mean that you can’t dabble in some alternative medical treatments, such as guided imagery or even hypnotherapy. 

These types of treatments complement traditional treatments. No one should ever advise you to give up traditional treatments or to go off of your medication instead of an alternative therapy. 

Most trustworthy practitioners will advise you to stick with standard treatments, and you should always share everything with your physician or health care provider. 

Is It Mind Control? 

Some might have you believe that therapies such as hypnosis are a version of mind control, but nothing could be farther from the truth. No one can make you do anything that goes against your beliefs, and all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. 

There is a shift in thinking underway that is growing every day. Not only are alternative therapies and alternative beliefs becoming more popular, they are also becoming much more widely accepted even amongst those in the medical community. 

This has become more of a trend since the National Institute of Health created its National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health in 1991 to examine popular techniques that might fall outside of traditional modalities. Many of these alternative therapies and beliefs have been around for centuries, and they are not going away anytime soon. 

People are warming up to alternative beliefs because they’re based on both science and tradition. Some fields like chiropractic care offer a little of both because it bases the practice on manipulating the energy in one’s body to elicit healing. 

Acupuncture also works with the energy in one’s body through certain pressure points, based on hundreds of years of tradition. People make thousands of visits every year to herbalists, homoeopaths and other types of alternative treatments because alternative treatments have been around for centuries. 

Coexistence is Bliss

Alternative treatments can coexist quite nicely with all kinds of traditional medicine, there are no competing interests. Many people are growing tired of traditional health care because it has become depersonalised. 

Traditional modalities typically treat symptoms, and alternative therapies treat people before they get symptoms. Alternative beliefs and other types of treatment give people hope. If you suddenly get diagnosed with cancer, alternative therapies can give you the hope you need. 

The mind has great power, and there is no telling how strong it can be for helping people overcome illness and disease. People want to believe there is more to life than simply popping pills and going back and forth to the doctor. 

Alternative beliefs help people help themselves, and they are empowering. Just because you grew up Catholic or Protestant, it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue an alternative belief. The point of medicine is to heal, and we can say the same thing for alternative beliefs and alternative therapies. 

Many modern day hospital and treatment centres are embracing alternative therapies with some even creating what they call Laughter groups. Scientifically, laughter has shown the ability to boost endorphins or the body’s feel-good chemicals, so there is no telling how powerful it could be to help someone overcome an illness. 

Alternative therapies often focus on mind-body techniques, and they can be very empowering. Many of them work with the whole person, helping one tap into their own ability to heal. This holistic care can be very effective because the mind can be a powerful healing mechanism. 

Balance is Everything

When you are out of balance, your body rebels, often creating sickness and disease. Many alternative beliefs help people regain this precious balance. In many senses, everything is energy, and you can use the energy of your own mind and body to help elicit healing. 

Alternative and traditional beliefs blend nicely, much like cream and sugar. Each offers a unique blend of care, but together, mixed with a cup of coffee or tea, they can become even better. 

Alternative therapies are here to stay, and they are not a threat to traditional medicine or traditional beliefs. People will always have their traditions, and that is a good thing. Alternative beliefs help spice up these traditions, creating new ones. 

Alternative therapies give people hope and sometimes hope is all we need.
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