Could an Energetic Breakthrough Be the Answer to Your Love Woes?

Could an Energetic Breakthrough Be the Answer to Your Love Woes?

Could an Energetic Breakthrough Be the Answer to Your Love Woes?
Conquer love once and for all
One of the largest issues that couples face in relationships is the inability to communicate, which can quickly lead to separation if left unchecked. 

If you ever feel you and your partner are just passing ships in the night, you need to do more than just talk. True communication with your partner involves your whole energy field. 

We are constantly relating to each other through our energy field and body language. You can always tell if a couple is fighting based on their physical cues. 

Are they facing each other, sitting far apart or sending energy daggers across the room? Because we are interacting with one another on more than just verbal or physical levels, it’s important to be aware of our energetic relationship with our partner. 

Saying you’re sorry after a fight will fall short if you are still sulking and withholding your energy from that person. Being aware of your energy connection to another person can help you interact with them in a more productive way. 

Realising what the other person needs and meeting them halfway can go a long way to creating a mature, fulfilling relationship. Everyday life situations can get in the way, however, and even the most subtle things can cause an argument. 

Mismatching Energy?

Not being on the same energetic page as your partner can cause much confusion and frustration, without either person really being aware of what is happening on that level.  

Let’s say you come home after an intense business meeting and find a long list of tasks that you need to do before you relax. You’re still in work mode. 

Then your partner comes home after working out and indulging in a long steam at the gym and is feeling relaxed. You feel like giving orders, while your partner is ready to wind down. 

If your partner wants to move things into the bedroom, how will you respond? Work mode and play mode comprise very different vibes, and if you’re not on the same page, you’ll likely refuse their advances and get back to business. 

It’s easy for your partner to feel rejected at this point and for things to escalate into an argument. Soon, you’re sleeping on the couch and aren’t even sure how you got there. 

With each partner feeling hurt and confused, you push each other further apart. The solution lies in your energy field, also called the auric field. 

Your unique energy blueprint contains the energy patterns that reveal our relationship tendencies, and with practice, you can learn to work with these patterns to improve the quality of your relationships. 

The Power of Chakras

There are different psychological states of mind governed by the energy centres of the body, called chakras. 

If a certain chakra is more active than others, you will react to your world through the lens of that energy centre. 

For instance, if you are in work mode and are operating through the energy of the third chakra which encourages linear thinking and mental concepts, it will focus your experience in the boardroom i.e. practical and efficient. 

This is the specific use of the energy from that particular chakra. 

However, if you bring that same energy into the bedroom, the results may not be so successful, as romantic activities need a little more groove and a less business. 

When you want to relate to your partner on this level, the energy of the second chakra will help you be sensual and sink into pleasure, rather than treating your relationship like a project. 

So how can we shift the energy of our chakras and use it to our advantage? 

First, you need to know which mental and emotional states we associate with each chakra, and then you can start observing where you’re coming from. 

First Chakra

Ensures your personal safety and survival. It’s between the legs at the base of the spine. 

Second Chakra

Experiences your emotions, sexuality and creativity. You find it just beneath the navel. 

Third Chakra

Gets down to business and solve mental problems. Rules the diaphragm and middle torso. 

Fourth Chakra

Cultivates compassion and kindness. Lives over the heart area. 

Fifth Chakra

Expresses yourself and receives nourishment. 

Sixth Chakra

Connects with your intuitive nature and get inspiration from the divine. 

Seventh Chakra

Plugs in to spirit and feels the oneness of the Universe. 

Understanding the energies of each chakra can help us know which to activate in any situation. It is easy to shift the energy center to meet your needs. 

You just need to put your attention on that area of the body and be aware of the quality of energy produced by that particular chakra. 

To shift gears from work mode into romance mode, begin by simply realising where you are. Place your hands just below the rib cage (where your third chakra is) and breathe for a moment. 

Acknowledge how it feels to operate from this centre. Then to move out of that mindset and into a more romantic mood, shift your attention to the area below your navel (second chakra), where your emotions and sexuality reveal themselves. 

Place your hands here for a moment while breathing deeply and observe how it feels to centre your attention here. 

Meeting Each Other’s Energy Centres

Recognising that your partner may come from this energy centre and consciously meeting them there is a huge step to connecting more intimately with each other. 

Practice observing which chakra your partner favours, and you will understand more about what their needs are. Meeting your partner on a similar energetic level can be rewarding. 

With a little awareness and practice, you can improve your relationships both at home and at work, and everyone will marvel at how you connect with others so easily. 

I hope you find this perspective on energetic relationships useful. 

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