Fantastically Simple Healing Prayers

Fantastically Simple Healing Prayers

Fantastically Simple Healing Prayers
Discover how to become a reiki healing master today

It doesn’t matter how you were raised spiritually or what religion you grew up recognising as your faith. With God, a divine energy and your higher self, religion doesn’t play as much of a part in your resilience to overcome challenges that life throws your way as much as the tools you use to know, to make sense of and to believe in. 

What matters most is what you do today about the cards life has dealt you. Healing prayers are a tool of the mind more than anything, and while you may (or don't) believe in God, Buddha or the Koran, nothing is as powerful as the strength that lies within you. 

You’re powerful as a being that contains a soul, a body, and a deep inner knowing. When you can harness that strength and wisdom (that you already have within you) daily, life as you know it will become easier, less of a struggle and will make sense. 

The events that plague you, confuse you and anger you, will subside. Are you having money troubles and can’t see how you’ll ever escape your debt? Do you have trouble with intimacy, yet want nothing more than a loving, romantic relationship? 

Are you struggling with feelings of grief over your mother or father’s recent death? Did you just get laid off of work and don’t know which direction to take your career? Do you want to live life enjoying all it offers more and working less?

You may have to deal with problems as they come, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a problematic life and one that doesn’t offer a solution. 

Prayer is Powerful

Learn three fantastic prayers (and bring them into your life daily), and what will take its place is a comfort and a fearless way of being, living and working. 

Use healing prayers as a tool to reconnect to your higher, all-knowing self and regain control over everything else in your life. 

Healing prayers have the power to heal your body, your mind’s relentless negative self-talk patterns, unhealthy relationships that offer more damage than good, and even help you cope with painful addictions, illness and discomfort. 

You deserve nothing less than living a life that is in alignment with your true calling. 

Is life meant to be a struggle of trial and error before you can enjoy a blissful state of happiness and enjoyment? 

You’re meant to live life to the full. With adventure, hope and dreams realised. That happiness and peace that you long for isn’t “out there” within the void of space and time. 

It’s contained in the here and now of the present moment, and healing prayers can allow you to reach a new mindset and a new consciousness full of pleasurable emotions and sensations you long to have today. 

Prayer holds the power to become in alignment with your body, soul, and mind. 

It allows you to touch down to your spirituality, to be aware of the environment and your religious beliefs and even conquer adversity as if you were born to do so with ease. 

No matter what you believe, everyone holds one thing in common: When life throws us a curve-ball, we can dodge it or find a new mitt to throw it right back and out of the park altogether. 

We can make choices to eliminate the struggle with a useful tool for transformation, or we can continue to struggle indefinitely. 

Heal yourself from your pain, angst and past hurt, and you’re life has the power to become one of excitement, joy and happiness in ways you never thought you had the power to experience. 

Add these healing powers into your morning routine, and you’ll feel the effects of their power all day long. 

Heal Yourself With Gratitude 

There is nothing more powerful than gratitude, and when you start every morning with a thankful state of mind. 

You’ll not only boost your mood the whole day through, but you’ll attract more abundance into your life because you will gain a mindset of “having”, rather than “lacking.” 

Gratitude prayers are healing in many ways. They focus on a prosperous mindset and also help you rewire your thinking, so that no matter what life challenges you with, you reset your belief in all that is good with yourself and with the world. 

They help you set your intention for your needs, and remind you of a connection to the world and universe and within yourself that you always hold, anytime you need it. 

Gratitude Prayer for Anyone to Benefit

When it comes down to it, what do you have if you aren’t grateful for the things you have? It’s hard to be happy, at peace, serene, content and satisfied with life if you can’t appreciate what life has already given you. 

Pray with gratitude by giving thanks every morning and notice an immediate shift in your self-perception while seeing life with “new eyes.” 

The gratitude prayer goes like this: 

Thank you for my strong body and resilient mind. I thank you for my toes, legs, arms, breath and lungs. Thank you for continuing to point the way that is right, and good and pure. 

Thank you for continuing to teach me that my heart is wide and open and connected to a unique body, mind and soul that connects me to all others. 

Thank you for teaching me that life, and all that lives in my life and beyond, is of joy, abundance and ever flowing to me and for me. 

A Healing Prayer for Becoming Healthy

Sickness comes when we least expect it. Here is a healing prayer to centre yourself, connect to a higher power and ask for what you want to receive - good, strong health that lasts a lifetime: 

I am strong; this I know already. But as I age, falter and find my way again, connect me to a higher power, your wisdom and your resilience for healing both in body and my mind. 

Allow the blessings of my wisdom, experience and age to flow through me like wind passing through the trees. 

Merge with me, and watch my compassion for all life and all things to trickle out of my body, as I recharge and become like new again. 

Motivate me to see a pain-free life of vitality and strength that I haven’t known before. 

A Prayer for Overcoming Hardship

Hardship can strike anybody so here’s a prayer:

As the universe moves around me, surrounds me and flows below me, so it moves its energy within me. 

My life, as it twists in turns in unexpected ways, is not me but part of what I learn. 

Allow me to focus on the transformation and not the emotions I experience. 

Allow me to call to my inner guidance and not answer the critical opinions of others. 

Healing prayers help to set your intention, and when you focus on a positive transformation for whatever ails you, challenges you or prevents you from going high and as true, invest a few minutes a day to ground and root yourself back to the Earth. 

We’re all on the same boat and calling out to life in the same way. 

Use prayer to help you find a way back to yourself and through life’s curve-balls, and as a result, you’ll always know the next step to take in life. 


Reiki healing prayers can help you overcome many of life’s toughest obstacles. 

Discover how to become a reiki healing master today, and you too can heal yourself and others with prayer.

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