Guess What? You Can TALK Your Way out of Any Sticky Situation!

Guess What? You Can TALK Your Way out of Any Sticky Situation!

Guess What? You Can TALK Your Way out of Any Sticky Situation!
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There are two ways to talk to others, and knowing which method is best to communicate in can help you leverage your personal and professional success and soar in new directions you thought were impossible. 

Do you talk persuasively or abrasively? 

Do you occasionally offend others or forget important dates (birthdays, anniversaries or deadlines at work), or do you remember key facts that can impress colleagues and strangers alike? 

Everywhere you go, there are your relationships. You have a relationship with your parents, siblings, children, partner or spouse, teachers, co-workers, and your boss. 

With each relationship comes the responsibility to talk, listen, and decode what they are saying. In the same way, it’s vital to talk, listen and express yourself in a way that won’t be offensive, rude or confusing to others. 

Represent yourself in the best, most attractive way by getting yourself out of tricky and sticky situations with some tips to strengthen how you talk and even walk. 

Do you speak and make your point while persuasively redirecting people to think how you think and do what you want them to do? 

Or does it seem like you’re always the one being picked on, poked fun at and told what to do and how to act? 

Do you make people feel good after talking to you or feel less-than-enthused about your interaction? 

Most of all, after you talk to someone - your boyfriend/girlfriend, the grocery store clerk or your boss, do you leave things on a good note or a bad one? 

Been Telling Pork Pies?

The possibility for a sticky situation to arise between you and a co-worker, spouse or boss is around every corner, but learn how to talk your way out of any argument, disagreement or touchy topic, and you’ll know what so many others don’t. 

Were you recently caught lying to a co-worker and you’re desperate to mend broken fences? Did you recently forget your wedding anniversary? 

Do you wish that you could ever erase an uncomfortable conversation with your in-laws or boss that did more damage to the relationship than good? 

Don’t you want to listen actively, discuss, and express yourself to others as if you have nothing to lose? 

If you want to learn how to be an effective speaker, persuade others to be in agreement with you and even repair recent damage done, then apply the following tips as outlined here and learn the art of escaping any sticky situation with ease! 

Tip #1: Think One Step Ahead 

We are all egocentric by nature. Without it, we couldn’t survive as a species. 

However, just think how stepping outside of yourself and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you become a winner of a sticky situation. 

For example, if you found yourself unable to remember what today’s date signifies (after your spouse has made it clear it is, in fact, an important day), but you know that should you guess wrong, you’ll upset your partner, try not saying anything at all. 

Sometimes, the best way to get out of a sticky situation is by exuding more mystery and less talk. 

This will give you a way to buy some time and allow them to think that you know what the important date is or what the answer to their important question may be. 

You’re not lying, and you’re not misleading them. 

Instead, you’re allowing yourself to use your body language to eliminate disagreement over a hot topic. 

Tip #2: Become Outcome-Focused 

Every social situation holds the risk of turning into a sticky situation. 

You can’t prevent the occasional difference of opinion of offending someone from time to time, focus on your goal, and talk with an outcome-focused frame of reference. 

For instance, if you’re at a work party and you’re speaking to a group of co-workers and subordinates, a “touchy” subject can easily occur. 

Although you’re at a party, you’re still in a work environment, which means: Have your guard up. 

Don’t reveal too much about your personal life. Be professional. 

If a co-worker confronts you in a social situation (or even at the office during the work week), avoid a sticky situation by reverting your attention to the larger goal. 

Let’s say you upset her by bouncing a good idea off of her original idea. As a result, your boss loved it, and you scored big with him. 

Unfortunately, your co-worker claims that you “stole” her idea and you wouldn’t have gotten ahead in today’s meeting if it wasn’t for her. 

How do you handle this career “hot potato”? By quickly focusing on a positive outcome. 

Don’t react and add “fuel to the fire,” which will cause future hostile interactions between your co-worker and yourself. 

Don’t play the “blame game,” which involves blaming the other person for what he or she didn’t do. This won’t get you far and is one of the worst persuasion tactics out there. 

Instead, redirect the conversation to something flattering, and suggest opening up an opportunity soon for the two of you to knock heads together and come up with a killer idea to present to your boss...together. 

You’ll do two things effectively here. 

First, you’ll surprise her with your positive suggestion to merge and both earn credit for a job well done. 

Second, you’ll show her that you aren’t like everyone else and that you are a true team player. 

Tip #3: Distraction! 

Distraction is one of the most powerful tools to get out of a tricky situation and one of the easiest to implement. 

You don’t have to be a skilled motivator or even an experienced debater. 

All that you need is a creative thought process, so that you can distract a person whose name you forgot or a discussion with a loved one that you don’t want to get into. 

Have you ever put your foot in your mouth and accidentally suggested that someone was pregnant (but wasn’t)? 

Have you ever told someone you thought they were 50 years old, when they were only 40? Ouch. 

Sticky situations can be difficult to recover from, but when you always think once step ahead and have a “distraction plan”, you’ll be able to talk your way out of an insensitive comment within minutes. 

If you forgot someone’s name (and realise this just as they come up to greet you) head right into a compliment. 

Replace the typical greeting of, “Hi, (name). So nice to see you!” by commenting with enthusiasm on her beautiful top, skirt, or purse. 

Distraction is a wonderful way to develop a Plan B, and without insulting or harming your relationship with them. 

It doesn’t matter if you face a sticky situation at work, at home or in the company of a stranger that you just met. 

With some planning and creative problem solving, you can become a master talker and just when you need the skill most! 

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