5 Insider Strategies to Tap Into the Law of Attraction and Have Anything You Desire

5 Insider Strategies to Tap Into the Law of Attraction and Have Anything You Desire

Insider Strategies to Tap Into the Law of Attraction and Have Anything You Desire
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Getting what you want in life may be as easy as just thinking about it. The Law of Attraction is a popular method of using positive thinking to manifest your desires. 

It sounds too good to be true, but can it really work for you? One of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” 

This means that if I put my thoughts, time and energy into something, it will grow. In fact, your thoughts are creating your reality all the time. 

Lots of people want to be rich, beautiful and adored by millions, but most of us don’t believe that it is possible or that we deserve it. You think you want those things but tell yourself something different. 

Negative thinking wins. There is also a belief that wealth, success and happiness are in limited supply, so there won’t be enough to go around. 

This is simply not true. It has conditioned us to believe this by our own self-defeating thoughts. 

Understanding that energy makes up everything helps you break that belief open. We cannot destroy energy, it only changes. 

The amount of energy in the universe is nearly infinite, and it will provide anything you need. So if this is true, why isn’t everyone living the life of their dreams? 

People seem to know what they want, but until you question your desires, state them and work toward your goals, life may not manifest as you wish. I have 5 insider strategies to make the Law of Attraction work for you. 

No one is going to just hand you a million dollars, and your future spouse will not introduce themselves as the love of your life without a little effort and gratitude. 

1. Question Your Thoughts 

To access the power of the Law of Attraction, be clear about what you want. This differs from saying what you don’t want. 

The universe does not interpret nuance and can’t read between the lines. For instance, if you think, “I don’t have enough money,” the universe doesn’t know that you mean you would like more. 

It also takes your request seriously and will keep you in the reality of not having enough. This is a tricky business, and you need to craft your intentions to the universe carefully. 

“I receive lots of money” is how to attract more. Be specific about what you want to attract, and the universe will deliver. 

2. No More Negativity 

It is so easy to consume yourself with negative thoughts. We are always searching for what is wrong with something or why we don’t want it. 

This only puts more energy into these undesirable things and will attract more of it. When you have a thought that contains a negative word, turn it into something positive. 

There is a distinction between an “anti-war rally” and a “peace vigil,” even though on the surface they both seem the same. Your thoughts work in subtle ways, and what you put your focus on will grow. 

Working against something gives it more power and so does working for something. Choose your thoughts carefully. 

3. Be Dedicated 

When you decide what you want to attract, you need to spend some time each day focusing on it. Repeat your goals to yourself throughout the day. 

Look at pictures of your goal and imagine what it would really feel like to have it. The more positive energy you put into these intentions, the more seriously the universe will take your request. 

It knows that you have lots of unchecked thoughts and won’t give results until it knows you’re serious. Just like you can’t expect to become an athlete without putting in a little sweat, the universe also wants you to work for it. 

This helps you because if everything you thought came true, you’d be a hot mess. 

4. Show Appreciation 

We are attracting the object of our thoughts all the time, but how often do we acknowledge these gifts? Although the universe is ready to give you anything, it also needs to know that you appreciate it. 

Start by being thankful for the little things. Someone holding a door for you or finding a parking space in front of the post office are little gifts from the universe. 

The more you notice, the more you will receive. Take some time to remind yourself of what the world has given to you. 

Thank the universe before you reach your goals, and they will manifest more quickly. When you appreciate, you receive. 

5. Have Patience 

It is hard to see how things will manifest for you. The universe has many factors to line up before it can offer you something, so have patience. 

If your goals are huge, it may take some time. Although it seems like the all-powerful universe could whip up anything in an instant, that is not how it works. 

You need time to prepare for something new in your life, so be patient and know that all timing is perfect. When you look back after achieving something, it may surprise you at how quickly you could do it. 

Be sure that you are ready to handle what you’re asking for because it may happen sooner than you think. 

With a little dedication and clear, positive thinking, Mr Right could show up with a big old sweep stakes cheque for you. 

It could happen but not if you don’t ask for it - so enter here for your chance to win.

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