Is It Right to Teach Kids Alternative Beliefs?

Is It Right to Teach Kids Alternative Beliefs?

Is It Right to Teach Kids Alternative Beliefs?
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Do you think it’s right to teach your children about alternative beliefs? There are different schools of thought on this, and to answer this question, we have to first clarify what it is you are trying to teach them. 

While you may not want to get into much detail for things like Wicca or tarot cards, it can be very empowering to teach children about meditation or even self-hypnosis or yoga. 

Everyone can use a little more confidence, especially children. Teaching your children how to boost their confidence or how to feel better about themselves is a good thing and something adults should do. 

Kids struggle with the same things adults do. Just because kids may be younger or shorter doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn some alternative theories that can help them do well in life. 

You could teach your children how to learn better, feel better and even how to eliminate shyness and anxiety, all using simple tools like meditation or self-hypnosis. 

Meditation, although considered somewhat of an alternative belief, is very empowering, and it is a wonderful stress management tool. 

Meditation can help release those layers of stress and anxiety that often build up, and it is a great tool to use to help you sleep. 

Practices Going Back Over 5,000 Years

People have been using tools like meditation for thousands of years, and in some cultures, it is not even considered an alternative belief, but a way of life. 

Yoga is another one of these things that some consider an alternative belief, while others do not. Many schools are even incorporating simple yoga practices into their curriculum, but it upsets some parents. 

Some people consider Yoga a mind-body tool or spiritual tool, while others consider it nothing more than a beautiful exercise. People have practiced yoga for over 5,000 years, dating as far back as the mid-third millennium. 

Some styles of yoga focus on asanas or poses, while others might incorporate a simple meditation or breathing exercise. Because some people consider meditation an alternative belief, they are against using yoga in schools. 

Many would argue that yoga is merely a great exercise because it can help your children focus better and appreciate their bodies better. 

Visualisations are another powerful tool, and they work great for kids. Children know how to use their imagination, and they are actually quite skilled at it. 

Teaching your children some basic visualisation tools can help them learn better, feel better, and gain more confidence. You could teach your children how to envision themselves doing better in school or teach them how to feel more confident standing up in front of the class. 

Many famous athletes use tools like visualisation to help them improve performance, and your children can do the same. 

Anyone who has children in sports activities knows that it’s important to have confidence in whatever you do, and sometimes confidence is in the mind. Using a tool like visualisation, kids can visualise themselves playing better games, running faster, building endurance and even winning more. 

These things are all important for children to learn, and if you don’t teach your children about them, they could miss out on some valuable tools. 

Challenging The Myth Makers

Alternative beliefs get a bad rap because people don’t know enough about them. What they do know are the myths they have heard over time; myths that are just that - myths. 

Myths are not truths, and knowledge is power. If you want to set your children up for success, then there are some wonderful alternative tools you can use to empower them. 

Many therapies once considered alternative are making their way into the modern field of science. Alternative techniques, such as acupressure and Reiki, can be beneficial to children, especially those who may suffer from ongoing pain or those experiencing a chronic illness. 

Alternative therapies are slowly working their way into modern life, and we have come full circle. 

One thing I do know is that most parents would go to the ends of the earth for their children, and alternative therapies might just be the first thing you think about if a doctor diagnosed your children with a devastating illness. 

Whether it is meditation, yoga, Reiki or even self-hypnosis, there is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching your children certain alternative therapies. 

Everything is a Matter of Choice

You can still use good judgment and steer them away from therapies or beliefs in which you may not believe in or use much, but knowledge is power. Teaching your kids about alternative ways of thinking can expand their horizons and open up their minds. 

Our children are the future of tomorrow, and our children will most likely be taking care of us one day. It makes sense to treat them with respect and to teach them all that you can teach them. 

You just might discover a method or therapy that can help your child be the very best they can be. That is what everyone wants for his or her kids, anyway.

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