Better Sex Tonight: Hellooo Satisfaction!

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Better Sex Tonight: Hellooo Satisfaction!

Better Sex Tonight: Hellooo Satisfaction!
Want Better Sex Tonight?
Sex is amazing and you want to have the best sex of your life, right? Sure, who doesn’t? 

What better night to have the hot, steaming sex of your life than tonight? Think this is impossible? It’s so much easier than you might think—let’s talk about a simple formula that you can learn and apply right away.

First, Set the Stage 

Can you guess what the most sensitive, powerful, and effective sexual organ is? I’ll give you a hint: Both men and women have it, and it’s not covered up by your shirt or your underwear ... you give up? 

It’s your brain! 

That’s right. How many times have you seen someone who was steaming hot and had your brain go to work on creating this amazing sexual fantasy about him or her? 

You were ready to go, weren’t you? No touching or taking clothes off required. 

All the seduction had taken place in that great big organ that sits between your ears. So what does this mean for having great sex tonight? 

It means that you need to get your partner’s brain cooking on getting busy tonight! 

Next, Softness is Key

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Now, the best way to do this is to be subtle about it (this especially applies to you guys!). The more subtle your suggestions are, the more room you leave for your partner’s imagination to take over and fill in the gaps. 

The best way to get the brain primed for great sex is subtle touches. A brush of the hair, a touch on the cheek, a slight massage on the back, a whisper in the ear...

For the guys reading this: Tell your woman that she smells good and lean in close to her neck to smell her. Trust me; her brain will take care of the rest. 

Most of all, pay attention to your partner and make them feel important by being a good listener and engaging them in playful conversation throughout the day. If you start this early enough, the clothes will be off as soon as you hit the bedroom. 

This is because the brain will have done its job in arousing the body, making it more sensitive to touch and prepared to make even regular sex feel amazing. 

TIP: An important thing to remember is that great sex is just as much about what you do outside of the bedroom as it is about what you do while you are in the bedroom. 

Finally, Ask or Tell 

As long as you’ve done a great job in setting the stage, asking for what your partner wants or saying what YOU want ought to be easy and VERY enjoyable for both of you. However, there are two basic rules of thumb for both sexes: 

First, for the guys: Women are more turned on by you taking charge and telling them directly what you want. For finding out what they like, though, women prefer to tell in more indirect and unassertive ways. 

So guys, pay attention to the signals that she’s giving you with her body and with her oohs and aahs—you’ll figure it out. If you ask her, though, she might see that as taking away from the magic of the experience. 

Girls, it’s quite okay to ask a man what he wants. He doesn’t think like you. 

A man gains pleasure in bed by a woman being submissive - it’s a huge turn-on. Don’t worry, you can always take the power back when he gets dressed ... and being submissive in bed will make that much easier! I don't mean any funny business here, everything must always be consensual.

Now, get on and have some fun and pleasure together!

Do you want to know the biggest secret that members of the opposite sex are hiding about what turns them on? Go watch this video right away.