How to Tell if the Law of Attraction Is Working in Your Life

How to Tell if the Law of Attraction Is Working in Your Life

How to Tell if the Law of Attraction Is Working in Your Life
Find Out If It's Working

Do you ever wish you could have a little nudge when you are about to make a mistake? Would you like to receive a little alert on your phone when the universe has a great opportunity for you? 

It can be as simple as hearing a song on the radio, and it reminds you of an old friend. You send them a message, and they hook you up with a new job out of the blue. 

What if you didn’t listen to the voice that said, turn on the oldies station?

If you would like to see how the universe is always giving you a little shove in the right direction, look for these types of proof. Then start listening. 

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Happy Accidents 

When you look for evidence of the Law of Attraction, it will show itself by coincidence. You will receive subtle clues about which way to drive home, and as a result, you may avoid an accident on your street. 

It is important to allow for this kind of spontaneous fortune and have gratitude for it. Sometimes you never understand why you got a flat tire, but you can be thankful that you are capable of changing the tire and not need to know what greater disaster may have been avoided. 

Keep a little journal of your coincidences and see if they relate to your goals or if you need to change your intentions. Taking a little time to reflect on the Law of Attraction will help you know it when you see it happen again, and you can continue to attract happy accidents. 


The more you notice coincidences, the more often they will happen. Have you ever shown up to the office and everyone is wearing a purple shirt that day? 

Spooky? Maybe, but it is definitely an example of synchronicity, indicating that you are open to the subtle influences around you. Synchronicity shows us the connection between the subjective and objective worlds. 

Although the universe does exist in perfect harmony, not every incident should be considered a sign from above. It is important to use your judgment and follow your intuition about how to interpret seemingly random events. 

When you have strong positive feelings about a sign and it is happening with other happy accidents, sit up and take notice. If there is personal meaning in it for you, then you are in-sync with the messages from the universe. 

Reminding yourself of all the little ways the universe is speaking to you will cultivate more synchronous events. When you pay attention to these seemingly ordinary events and pursue a positive outcome, the universe will offer more. 

Perfect Timing 

You have a full schedule for the day. Suddenly, an important client calls and needs you to do an extra project for them, right now. There realistically isn’t enough time in your day, but you positively intend that it will all work itself out. Somehow. 

Later that day, another client calls and reschedules the afternoon meeting she had with you. While she is apologizing for the short notice, you’re relieved, knowing you’ll have extra time to complete the more urgent project. 

When one aspect of a plan gets changed, remind yourself that you don’t always know the subtle workings of the Universe. Small shifts can open up huge opportunities, and if you think that you’re in control, you may struggle with the Law of Attraction

Allow for the timing of events to work for you, and try to go with the flow. Be open to what might be a random occurrence, and look for ways that everything is working out. The universe is on your side even when you don’t see it. 


When you apply the Laws of Attraction to your life, you are training yourself to be focused on your desires more often. If you practice every day and have a clear, positive intention of what you want to attract, your goals will seem to manifest themselves. 

Giving yourself a goal to focus on will make you more productive and will allow the universe to set up events that make it possible. You will be more focused on what does work and will be able to let go of old behaviors that get you nowhere. 

Observe all the ways that you are attracting the events and circumstances that get you closer to your goal and test what is working and what is not. Just because something is happening in your life does not mean it is necessarily a good thing. 

The behaviours that distract you from your goals will have some negativity attached to them, while things that get you closer to your goal will feel positive. This is an excellent guide to knowing what is right for you. 

Feel-Good Vibes 

When you realise your goals, you will feel good. If you don’t feel good about it, then you had the wrong goal to begin with, no? Seeing how the Law of Attraction manifests in your life should bring more positivity in your life. 

This experience will have a snowball effect. The more an action or situation is contributing toward your goals, the more you will attract, the better you will feel, the more you will attract, etc. 

Once you have let go of trying to manipulate, which feels negative, and instead, try to allow, which feels more positive, you will be in the right frame of mind for the Law of Attraction to work in your life. Follow what feels good and don’t invest so much in what doesn’t. 

The Law of Attraction can be very subtle or loud. If you are not looking for it, it will have to speak louder and louder. I call this “sledgehammer guidance,” and it often comes with a painful lesson to make its point. 

It is much easier to watch and listen for clues from the universe than to wait for the right answer to smack you right on the head. You’ll increase your ability to attract more and easily manifest your dreams if you are open to receive.
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