20 Great Affirmations for Wealth, Love and Self Confidence

20 Great Affirmations for Wealth, Love and Self Confidence

20 Great Affirmations for Wealth, Love and Self-confidence
Enjoy a lifetime of the BEST that life has to offer…
Do you have your positive daily affirmations worked out yet for how you will develop greater self-confidence, more wealth, higher achievement, and a better romantic life? If not, you probably either don’t have the time or are still unsure about what will get you the most certain results.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. I’ve created these 20 daily affirmations for helping you to create more wealth, love and self-confidence in your life. I will also provide you with some solid pointers for how to put these to work.

20 Positive Daily Affirmations You Must Use

1. “I approach people I don’t know with boldness and enthusiasm.”

2. “I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in creating new plans for earning income.”

3. “I enjoy financial peace and security which empowers me to focus on building my dreams.”

4. “I have a magnetic personality which attracts positive people into my life.”

5. “I am a loyal friend and a fantastic lover.”

6. “I am a master at building attraction with women/men.”

7. “I have more than enough money left over at the end of the month.”

8. “I am a great listener and a joy to be around.”

9. “I awaken every morning excited about what I get to do for a living.”

10. “I have high standards which empower me to be a positive influence on others.”

11. “I always make a tremendous first impression.”

12. “Money comes to me easily and from multiple streams.”

13. “I am always making wise financial decisions.”

14. “I have an abundance of opportunities available to increase my personal wealth.”

15. “I have a great sense of humour.”

16. “When I set out to accomplish a goal, I always get what I want.”

17. “I am constantly attracting connections which help me acquire more wealth.”

18. “I’m so good at making money, that my friends are always asking me my secret.”

19. “I’m fully dedicated to my personal education and am always learning new things.”

20. “I am prosperous, healthy, a positive influence on those I know, and an all-around great person.”

Using Your 20 Daily Affirmations

Now, as soon as you finish reading these, your first job is to copy and paste these 20 affirmations and print them out. I say this because you will need a printed copy to make the most of them. Reading these affirmations one time won’t do anything for you. Treat them just as you would treat 20 weight training exercises.

It’s consistent repetition that will make these effective in helping you to renew your mind and develop the mindset that will lead to actions that bring wealth, love and self-confidence. Now, the best approach is to record these in your own voice and listen to them every morning and every evening. Besides this, practice saying them in front of the mirror at least once a day.

This deliberate repetition will create a lasting impression on your thought process and help your daily affirmations become a part of your automatic subconscious programming. Now, this might seem like a lot of work, but it’s important to remember that positive affirmations have the power to alter your self-talk and beliefs in such a way that you become naturally programmed for achievement.

Drop The Baggage

It’s also important to remember that your mind is consistently being bombarded by negative information from others and from the media. Consistent positive daily affirmations are the perfect way to feed your mind with positive and empowering thoughts and to guard it from negative ones.

TIP: You can also use these 20 affirmations to build one “super affirmation” that you can say every day.
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