3 Best Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity

3 Best Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity

3 Best Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity
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Happiness and prosperity are two fundamental requirements of a human being, and it is hard to have one without the other because, while many only consider prosperity as amassing everything money can bring an individual can never experience real prosperity without being happy.

In your daily life, strive to achieve prosperity as you work towards attaining inner peace and finding happiness. Here are the 3 best meditations to bring you happiness and prosperity, together becoming the driving force in your life.

Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable spot and that you are alone as you practise these powerful meditations.

1. Relaxing on a Beach

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Listen to yourself breathing deeply in and out.
  • With every breath, picture yourself landing slowly and safely on a beautiful beach, complete with exotic palm trees, white sand and a clear ocean.
  • There are no waves on the ocean and the wind feels nice and warm against your face. Try reaching out for it.
  • Visualise taking off your shoes, and feeling the warm, white sand rub against your feet.
  • Sit under the shadow of a large palm tree, look over the ocean, feel the rhythm in the wind.
At this moment, repeat to yourself how thankful you are for the love and joy that surrounds you. Your subconscious has no real way of differentiating whether what you are visualising is real or imaginary so it will have a profound effect on your thoughts and feelings.

Practice this meditation for 30 minutes every day for three months and your life will change for the better.

2. The Jungle Trail

  • Start this meditation technique exactly as the beach. However, instead of gently flying in and landing on an exotic beach, you find yourself in a beautiful jungle.
  • Everywhere around you are gorgeous flowers and trees with complex colours. Feel them deliberately and slowly as you walk among them.
  • Listen to the soft wild noises in the jungle. Hear the monkeys, parrots and other birds chirping. You are alone in this marvellous jungle, and you feel great!
  • With each step, repeat to yourself that everything you have ever wanted is inside you. With every step, believe in these words and enshrine them in your heart.
Imagine that this beautiful jungle is the happiness that is already within you. With every step, you discover deeper, greater joy, and the confidence that you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

3. The Box

  • Start this technique as the previous two, but this time you are in a large empty room with only a box in the middle.
  • Visualise yourself walking towards the box, open it, and find it empty.
  • Slowly start placing items into the box that are of no use to you.
The items you place inside represent everything that is hindering you from becoming who you can truly be. Everything from fear of failure, worries about the future, rejection, anger and every negative aspect in your life.
  • As you place each item in the box, feel yourself getting lighter.
  • Continue doing this until you have filled the box entirely, and you have no worries left.
As you open your eyes, affirm to yourself that you have released the negativity that has been weighing you down. You now live a happy and prosperous life as that is how it is to be and you accept it as truth.

The Power Is Within You

Probably the greatest power you have as a human being is the ability to choose your thoughts and use your imagination. To find prosperity and happiness, you must truly believe you can attain them.

If you do not yet believe, the only way to learn is through action, so practice these meditations every day and move further towards these goals.

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