10 Habits of Happy People

10 Habits of Happy People

If you want to take full advantage of the joys that life can offer, then you need to know that you have immense capability to be happy. Always focus on that power!

The happiness you have in your life emanates from your own inner feelings of joy, wonder and appreciating what you already have.

You have to forget about external sources of joy and focus on what is inside you. Happiness will never be a constant. We live in the real world and we're all only human. Nonetheless, learn these 10 habits of happy people and you'll boost your overall happiness levels.

Habit #1) They give more than they take.

Granting your time, abilities and resources for the service of others makes you feel extremely happy. Do you have a cause that you believe in and would want to see succeeding?

Contribute both your money and physical effort to its success. Smile with people you meet and get to know better those you’re helping. Ask a few questions about their lives, struggles and even triumphs and make them feel that their lives matter.

Habit #2) They commit to their life goals and aspirations.

The happiest people in life not only dream big but also strive to turn their dreams into reality. They set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Dreaming without striving to accomplish your aspirations is cause for frustration. Working without having goals and a formula to achieve them is also a recipe for failure. In life, you’ve to first determine what you want, why you want it and then work tirelessly towards attaining it.

Habit #3) They practice positive forward-thinking.

Happy people have the ability to see the silver lining in every cloud. Take your challenging moment of today or yesterday and visualise it in your mind as a better tomorrow.

For instance, if you’re a student facing a gruelling exam, rather than be stressed by what you’ve got to remember in order to pass, why not think of the opportunities your degree can bring in the near future? Remember, life isn’t a lottery but what YOU make of it.

Habit #4) They redirect their energies to places they find happiness.

Choose your own happy place and focus your energy, ability and perspective on the things that delight your heart. It could be on the beach, a concert where your favourite band is performing or even a quiet room at home.
Remember your happy place could also be a person, a thing or even a situation; so long as it leads to an improvement in the way you feel about yourself.

Habit #5) They are thankful for every second that life grants them.

In case you find it hard to enjoy the moment, then focus on being grateful for what the moment brings to your life: robust health, a place to call home, an enjoyable date to look forward to, your sense of spirituality etc. Be appreciative of every single moment; this will in turn attract even more good things in your future!

Habit #6) They know that their thoughts are in their total control.

Since you can’t control what others think about you and do (it's none of your business anyway :)), don’t attach your thoughts too much on what they can or can't provide you. You solely are in full control of your own happiness.

You’ve got the power to control your thoughts using positive visualisations and affirmations. Happy people train themselves to be happy like toddlers by not taking life too seriously.

Habit #7) They focus on the present moment.

This moment right now is all you have; avoid thinking too much about the past (which is already gone), or being too worried about the future (which is yet to come).

Concentrate your mind on today, and today only! Take time to enjoy even the least of the details of your daily life: from simple things like talking to your loved ones and smiling to strangers, to carrying out every important task with happiness. Carry yourself with ease throughout the day.

Habit #8) They have creative ways of occupying their minds.

Happy people spend their leisure time doing meaningful things. Take time to walk your dog and enjoy the outdoors. Dogs are capable of perking human moods in a big way. Or try activities like painting or writing.

Just take a walk with your animal friend and let him lead the way. Follow him slowly and track his route, taking photos of him as he walks. As for painting and writing, the focus and concentration it requires ensures your mind drops all stress for the moment. It’s a fantastic way to relax.

Habit #9) They nurture meaningful relationships.

Focus on building the right relationships with those around you. Being in constant association with other people fosters happiness in your life.

Strive to nurture relationships in a way that allows people into your life so as to create deep connections. This ultimately enables people to accept your past, be there for you in the present and encourage you for the future.

Habit #10) They get rid of negative energy in smart ways.

If you’re stressed out about something or somebody, for instance a difficult situation or particular person like a demanding boss or insensitive spouse, write your heart out using a mock letter. Write freely what’s in your heart and mind with no reservations.

Use your writing as a way of purging out your negative feelings and allow happiness into your life. Once you’re through, just read it out loud alone, release your stress and throw it away (or burn it).

Happiness is in Your Own Hands

The happiness in your life is all about the kind of feelings generated within yourself, of which are in your total control.

Focus on taking your mind off the situations that bring you sadness, taking time to have a toddler’s perspective of the world, giving back to your community and doing those little things that make you happy. Remember, you hold the key to your own happiness!
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