The Truth About Vision Boards and Prosperity Consciousness

The Truth About Vision Boards and Prosperity Consciousness

So, what’s stopping you from turning that brave, bigger-than-life dream into a reality? Here’s a fact about your prosperous life: It’s as real as the thoughts you think about, and when you can truly believe in it and in all the prosperity it holds, you will manifest it. 

If you daydream about having a relationship, a lifestyle or an income that you don’t have, and after daydreaming about it, you think thoughts such as, “That will never happen to me,” or “I’ll always be broke,” guess what? You’ll continue to manifest a representation of those thoughts - for good or bad. 

Do you feel as if you don’t deserve a bigger and better life? If so, then that’s exactly what the universe will send you, repeatedly.

Prosperity works simply but powerfully. A mindset that doesn’t “fix” the negative thoughts but just works off of autopilot is like watching a movie that you’ve seen a dozen times, except that this movie is the story of your life. 

The same movie plays time and time again, without the sequence of events changing in a new and improved way. The characters may come and go, but the ending of the movie is always the same. 

Is it good enough for you? 

You already know the events that play out in each scene. Your romantic life isn’t going anywhere, and your career isn’t the stuff that you could call success. 

If you keep watching that same movie repeatedly without imagining what a different movie could look like, nothing will ever change. 

A Mindful Way of Living Starts With a Single Thought

Your conscious state, which is a thought process that allows you to believe that everything you want in life is without limitations, is as real as the trees that line your neighbourhood, or your heart that beats. Your thoughts are not merely fleeting attitudes, wonderings of the world as you know it, or attitudes about what you can have or can’t. 

They are real. They hold a magic ingredient for your life, and when used the right way, can give you everything you’ve ever wanted. 

That car, that relationship, that income, that skill and that body of good health that you want to have, all make up a rich, prosperous life. If you don’t already have it, your attitude of “lack” is preventing it. 

Prosperity comes from the thoughts you think about, so make them brave, exciting and positive, and you’ll virtually change the course of your life. As you know it today, you want what’s out of your reach (even just barely), but just think how everything could change if you just held the power to change those very thoughts you think of. 

You want to be happier but are not sure how to get there. You want to stop smoking, but are not sure you have the willpower to conquer your addiction. 

You love being in love, but you aren’t quite sure you’ll ever find everlasting love. Find prosperity and keep it with you everywhere you go by learning the most valuable tool to leverage your focus into an attainable goal. 

Whatever you want to have in your life that you don’t have, vision boards are one of the fastest ways to train your mind to manifest your goals. 

Vision Boards Retrain Your Mind to Believe 

If you have an open mind, why not use it to manifest every dream you’ve ever had? If you have an active imagination, even better! 

Conscious dreaming is about taking images from a simple daydream and getting specific. Whereas daydreams are about wishing or hoping for something, vision boards allow you the opportunity to really and truly believe in them. 

When you do a vision board, beware. They can allow your goals to become true and often in a much shorter time than you thought possible! 

Retelling the Story of Your Life 

Not sure vision boards are for you? For just a moment, consider the following scenario. 

Let’s say that you want nothing more but to live by the ocean. You love the water, the sands and even the seagulls that fly overhead. 

When you go to the ocean, you feel at peace and connected to nature. Nothing makes you happier than spending your time off at the beach and being immersed in all of its sights, sounds and smells. 

You don’t know how you will afford a house by the beach, and although you can’t predict the future, you’re willing to give it a shot and create a vision board full of images of the beach and what your home will look like there. 

So, you cut out pictures of beautiful beach homes from magazines. You take photographs of the ocean water, and white sand beaches. 

You even take a photo of your feet buried in the sand and place these images on your vision board. You spend several times of the day and night looking at it. 

As you stare into your vision board, you delete all negative thoughts of self-criticism and doubt. You say “No!” to an attitude that you can’t have, won’t have or why should you ever have a beautiful home on the beach. 

You look at each photo and begin imagining the feelings and attitudes you’ll have of your new life near the water and while touching the sand. Most of all, you insist on the opportunity to purchase that home on the beach and a life that will give you all that you need to make your dream come true. 

The power and the unmistakable truth about vision boards is simple. It allows you to retrain your mind to believing right now, in this moment, what you want and that what you want is already coming true. 

It’s a valuable tool that even your subconscious (as stubborn in negativity as it may be) can’t refuse. And before you know it, your dream or goal - however big or small it may be - will manifest. 

As if by magic, vision boards can be the deciding factor of a life that meets your demands and most of all, your happiness! Use a vision board for your life, focus on it daily and watch as the movie of your life gives you a surprise ending that’s even bigger than what you could have hoped for. 

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