Discover the Sacred Meanings of Names

Discover the Sacred Meanings of Names

Discover the Sacred Meanings of Names
What's the deal between your name & numbers?

Do you act like a Brian, Alice or James? If you think you do, you’re exactly right. 

Whether you know it, you’re living up to the hidden meaning of your name, regardless of whether you know what your name means.

Before you were even born, your name was consciously and carefully planned to represent you in the perfect way. Out of the thousands of names your parents could have chosen for you, only one was the exact right fit. 

This became your name, or did you become it?

There may not be a difference. No other name is good enough, except for the one you were born with. 

Some parents are so dead-set on a name while their baby is growing in the womb and once their baby is born, they have to regroup and find another name. Are names random? Think again! 

Everyone is unique with a name that holds meaning for them. Have you ever experienced meeting someone and after you greeted them with your name (and let’s say it’s Jessica), the person exclaimed with enthusiasm, “Oh, you look like a Jessica! I should have guessed that! Your personality and your name are so in-sync!” 

There is Meaning Behind Every Person’s Name. What’s Yours? 

It’s true that your parents give you a name when you come in the world to distinguish yourself as a separate being from everyone else. But did you also know that each name holds its own sacred and profound meaning? 

Come into this world being named Miles and people may label you an artistic and creative individual. If your parents named you Roman, others may think of you as serious, strong and capable

Have a name such as Jennifer, Heather or Sarah, and you’ll likely become an outgoing, friendly and easy going person. 

We derive the name Jacob from the Bible and is quite common. It means “God’s protection,” and “holder of the heel.” Popular with Christians the world over, if your name is Jacob, you’ll likely go through life being properly suited for a wide variety of careers and without judgement. 

You’ll have the option to be in politics, or athletics. You can become a musician, teacher or restaurant owner. 

This is true of this name, and many other common names that reflect a positive association either from the Bible or outside of it. What secret does your name hold? 

What's in a Name?

Every name means something unique. Refer to the following names and their meanings and expand your education! 

  • Name your child Isabella or Bella, and the hidden meaning stems from the French translation of “beautiful” or “beauty.” 

  • The masculine name George means “farmer” or “earth worker.” 

  • If your name is Laura, there are several meanings you can consider. One story goes that Laura derives from the name Laurel, where Laurel trees grew in Rome and were popular throughout the city. The name became very popular after the 14th century Italian poet, Petrarch, wrote about Saint Laura is his poems. 

  • Do you go by the name Sophia? If so, you’ll no doubt grow up to be attractive and all-knowing. The hidden meaning behind this name literally translates in Greek to “wisdom.” 

  • The secret meaning behind the name Ava is a derivation from Saint Ava, who was a nun in the 9th century. 

  • If you know someone named Aaron, learn what they don’t yet know! His name means “berry” and derives from a river in Wales. 

  • The name Martin means “warlike” and of “the god of war.” 

Extracting Meaning in Your Own Name 

The sacred meaning that names hold for you are diverse and vast, but no matter what your name may mean and what it translates from ancient civilisations to mean, applies to your life today. Whether you realise it, every vowel, letter and sound holds meaning. 

Is your name long or short, quick to the tongue, or long and stretched out? Is your name easy to pronounce or difficult and unusual sounding? 

Your name doesn’t just play a role in your personality as you come into the world. It plays an ongoing role in your temperament, your fate, your social circle and even your relationships throughout childhood and adulthood. 

It can attract you toward certain people and determine where, who and what you’ll spend your energy on. 

Will you become a writer, a psychologist, a painter or an engineer? Will you be artistic or analytical? 

Will you spend your life teaching others, leading others or following others’ lead? Your name plays a part in what you do, how you act and what direction your life takes. 

A name holds meaning for what’s important to you. It’s not random, and it’s not the luck of the draw. 

It’s the essence of you, through and through. It’s with purpose and as purposeful as your body, mind and spirit are. 

Be proud of the name they gave you and represent it well. 

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