Debunked: Finding Your Spiritual "Sweet Spot"

Debunked: Finding Your Spiritual "Sweet Spot"

Debunked: Finding Your Spiritual "Sweet Spot"
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Are you looking for that spiritual “sweet spot”? 

Many of us are. Finding your sweet spot means finding that moment when you feel connected, validated, acknowledged, and honoured for exactly who you are. 

It also means that you feel spiritually alive and connected to some kind of higher power. Everyone has a different sweet spot because we all have different goals and dreams. 

To find your spiritual sweet spot, you must dig down deep inside your soul. You must try many things to see which one resonates with you.

You may find your spiritual sweet spot communing with nature and sitting under a beautiful old tree. For others, they may find this sweet spot interacting with hundreds of different people at a church sermon or synagogue. 

Others may yet find this spiritual sweet spot in the middle of a solitary yoga pose, and it’s all valid. Meditating is also a good way to find that sweet spot because it allows you to be alone with your thoughts and it connects you to a higher power. 

You may find your sweet spot by clearing your chakras or listening to music. You may find your sweet spot may by clearing your mind and sitting on a beautiful beach. 

There are many unique and lovely ways to find that spiritual sweet spot, and you can’t ever stop thinking that you may not find it because it could be around the next corner. For some, this is a lifelong journey because there is no time limit.

We all have a sweet spot where everything seems to flow - that spot in which we feel happy, content and in-sync with everything around us. 

Is It Magic?

It feels like magic, but it’s not: It’s the intersection of our strengths, our weaknesses, our passions and our differences. 

Finding that spiritual sweet spot is all about finding that unique path to enlightenment for you. It’s that point in time where you feel alive and true to whom you really are. 

In some ways, unconditional love is what true spirituality really means. It’s that power that connects you to others and the power that connects you to the past and to your dreams and desires. 

It gives you that sense of hope and excitement about your life. Spirituality gives you that inner peace, and it gives meaning to life.

It’s that point when you finally discover that all you ever need is within. It is about discovering your intuition and discovering your passions. 

It is about finding meaning to life. It helps you answer those age-old questions of who you are and what your purpose is. 

It connects you to a higher and much greater consciousness. Your spiritual sweet spot reveals itself when you realise that you are more than your body. 

You see that your purpose is greater than your profession or your career. You realise that because you were born; you have every right to be here. 

You see that your life has meaning and that you have a calling. You live without concern of judgement. You know that no matter what happens; you will be all right. 

That’s What True Spirituality Is 

Some people tie their spirituality to their religious beliefs; for others, it is a solitary pursuit. Neither one is right or wrong; they simply are. 

Finding that sweet spot, in terms of spirituality, means to go on a journey of self-discovery, a journey into the unknown. 

It is reaching beyond your circumstances and believing in something you can’t see. 

It is a "connectedness" to others and to the world above, below and around you. Finding that sweet spot gives your life meaning and purpose. 

Spirituality is a deeply personal process, and no one can direct you in the right direction. Finding that spiritual sweet spot means exploring, hoping and dreaming. 

Finding that spiritual sweet spot means being on fire for life. It means creating things that motivate and inspire people. 

Spirituality flows through you, not from you. It connects to another time and another place and to other dimensions. 

It gives you a sense of awe and a great respect for humanity. Spirituality is a holistic approach and an appreciation for all that exists in the world. 

It connects you to everyone and everything because everything is energy. Spirituality is all about that amazing journey within. 

Where do You Find Your Sweet Spot?

You may find your spiritual sweet spot in unexpected places. You may find it deep in meditation or even standing at the Grand Canyon. 

You may experience spiritual inspiration walking in the woods or even watching the sunset. 

You may experience a spiritual connection by working and connecting with others in like-minded pursuits.  

Taking time for yourself by treating yourself to a massage or a day off can help you find that sweet spot. Practising mindfulness by being in the moment can help you find that sweet spot. 

Being grateful for those things you have and helping those in need can help you find your sweet spot. When you are in-tune with your heart’s desire, you are in-tune with others. 

There is no single solitary path to finding that spiritual sweet path because it is an intensely personal pursuit. 

There are many wonderful ways to find your sweet spot, and if you are struggling to find yours, you may need to take some time out to reflect on who you really are and what you really want.

It is an incredible journey that we must all take. It may take you a lifetime to find that spiritual sweet spot, but that’s OK because as long as you are on a journey, it means you are still alive and still hoping and still dreaming. 

Finding that sweet spot means you never give up hope. 
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