How to Get EXACTLY What You Want

How to Get EXACTLY What You Want

How to Get EXACTLY What You Want
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Have you ever considered the fact that there might be a way to get exactly what you want out of life no matter how big it is? 

If so, it should encourage you that there is a six-step process that you can use to accomplish the deepest desire of your heart - and this is something which you can get started on today. 

The following six-step process is based on Napoleon Hill (author of the classic “Think and Grow Rich”) recommended for getting what you want. 

It might also interest you to know that the famed inventor and business person Thomas Edison approved of this process and since then, has contributed to the creation of more millionaires than almost any other method in history...

1. Quantify Your Desire 

This means that you write exactly what you want and be as specific as possible. For example, don’t just say: “I want financial security” or “I want a great relationship.” 

This isn’t definite enough to arouse desire or to give you something to focus on putting into action. Instead, write exactly what you want and make sure that it’s definite enough so that you can visualise it in your mind’s eye. 

2. Set Your Timeline 

Determine a specific date by which you will achieve your heart’s desire. Be sure that you don’t make unreasonable time demands, such as asking for a million dollars by noon tomorrow. 

Just set something which is specific enough to give you something to visualise and to create a sense of urgency that will help you move on to the next step... 

3. Determine Your Contribution 

If you want something, determine what you’re willing to give for it. There’s no such thing as something for nothing, and even if there were, things which come easy, often go just as easily and sometimes end up corrupting your character if you didn’t have to work for them. 

Deciding what you’re willing to give for what you want prepares you for the most important step... 

4. Create a Plan of Action 

When creating your plan of action, it’s important again that you’re as specific as you can be. This will give you something definite to start on and will cut procrastination out of your life.
It will also give you a stronger sense of certainty that you’ll get exactly what you want. Nothing happens without action, and action without planning just leaves too much to chance. 

However, it’s also important that you don’t get wrapped up in coming up with something which is “perfect” because that will keep you from moving to the next step. 

5. Get Started 

The most important law of success is the GOYA law, which is an acronym for: Get Off Your Ass. That’s right, as simple as this sounds, it’s the most common step which people skip for getting what they want. 

And why do they skip it? Because they wait until they’re ready to get started. 

The secret to getting started is to start whether or not you’re ready. This means even if your plan isn’t perfect, even if you don’t have all the steps laid out, even if you do not yet know how you will continue past a certain point. 

Just get started, and the rest of it usually takes care of itself. This, with the last step, will create the motivation and momentum you need to succeed. 

6. Read Your Statement Aloud Twice Daily 

It’s impossible to overestimate the role of your subconscious for creating the drive, desire and awakening of the creative ideas that you MUST have to get what you want. 

Your mind is just like any other part of your body in that you can train and develop it, but you have to read your written statement from the first four steps to train your mind. 

If you merely think about it instead of writing it down and reading it every day, it’s like thinking about lifting weights and hoping to get stronger. 

Now obey the GOYA law and get started! 

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