Live Stream: International Space Station (ISS)

Live Stream: International Space Station (ISS)

A wonderful live stream from the International Space Station hurtling 270 miles above our heads at over 17,000 mph. 

Note. If you see a blue or black screen it means the camera is temporarily off, usually due to the ISS either being in night time or out of signal over a large ocean like The Pacific. Just wait a few minutes and it will be back on in all it's glory 😎

I've added it to the site out of pure awe and wonder! I've always been amazed by space and the technology that gets us out of the Earth's atmosphere. Reminds me how small we are in the big scheme of things.

You can see it flying overhead with the naked eye quite easily. It's usually best to see it after sunset and before sunrise on a clear night as it crosses the sky. Easily mistaken for a plane, it will look like a large fast moving star (without the flashing lights that would accompany a plane though).

International Space Station ISS

You can check using the below to see when it will next be over your location:

Click here to see a live map of where the Space Station is now.


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