3 Energy-Boosting Meditation Tips

3 Energy-Boosting Meditation Tips

3 Energy-Boosting Meditation Tips
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These days, who doesn’t want to boost their energy? By the end of the day most people feel wiped out, and after fulfilling their responsibilities, tasks, pending deadlines and family obligations, they don’t have enough oomph left to take care of themselves! 

Has self-care gone to the back burner of your life, replaced by rushing from work to home and back again? Do you fuel up on energy drinks and sugar-infused lattes after a lacklustre breakfast and lunch? 

I’m going to discuss the three ways that a daily meditation practice can help you to not just boost your energy, but knock it out of the ballpark! When you learn these natural ways to enhance your alertness and productivity, you may just be able to kick your caffeine addiction altogether and finally fight off that urge to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV. 

If you are tired of being tired, read these three meditation tips to fight your fatigue and increase alertness throughout each day.

The Power of the Breath

Most people that aren’t familiar with meditation dismiss it as something other people do. But if you haven’t tried it, or never gave it a fair chance, you’re passing up a healthy practice that will not only decrease stress levels but also help you lose weight. 

Meditation has the power to align your breath with the rest of your body, and when that happens, presto! You restore your high energy. 

Have you ever been so stressed (like, perhaps right now?) about your work day that, when the mid-afternoon rolls around, it feels like you’ve been holding your breath for the past five hours? Many of us take shallow breaths throughout the day, which affects our stress levels and restricts oxygen. 

When you take the time to breathe deeply during meditation, you won’t just feel lighter; you’ll also benefit from clarity, cleanse the tension and stress from your body, and release nearly 70 percent of your body’s toxins with each deep breath! For the sake of energy, and your health, breathe deeply during your meditative practice to replenish your mental capacity so you can handle the rest of your day with ease and confidence. 

Try Binaural Beats to Beat Fatigue

Some people think meditation is a mind-numbing practice of sitting in silence, looking out into nothingness. In a way that’s true, but not really, you’re doing the opposite - you’re more alert and conscious of yourself than you are at any other time of the day. 

And, when you can achieve a state like this, of self-love, acceptance for what is, and staying in the moment, then you’ll undoubtedly increase your energy! You don’t have to suffer from fatigue anymore; spending three to five minutes in silence while practising deep breathing will do the trick. 

Focus on yourself. Go inward. A guided meditation on binaural beats (a special method that focuses on the subconscious) can help anyone curious about living a more conscious life to find peace with the present moment. 

As a kind of shortcut for the benefits of meditation, binaural beats is the fast-track approach; it uses different sound frequencies, affecting the alpha and delta brainwaves. When you wake up after listening to an audio of binaural beats meditation, you will feel refreshed and ready to handle your responsibilities. 

Some people are so sensitive to the effects of this meditation that they listen to it daily. You don’t have to fall asleep to benefit, but if you do, you won’t wake up with that out-of-it feeling that a long nap can give you. 

This meditation sends sound frequencies to your brain waves for just as long as they need it, and when the time is up, the audio meditation shuts off. Easy to do, it can offer just the results you need to maximise your productivity for the rest of your day. 

Shut Off Your Mind for More Energy Than Ever!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the luxury not to talk for an entire hour? How about four hours? Could you even do it if you wanted to? 

Most of us spend most of our day talking. We talk to our boss to convince him we’re the best person to take on that enormous project. Then, we talk to our co-worker or friend to blow off steam about what happened that day in the office. 

We talk to our spouse several times a day about things we need done, or have to do. We talk to our children, their teachers, friends, friends’ parents and school officials. 

We talk to everyone, everywhere we go, and sometimes we’re left feeling like we’re all talked out. That’s one of the best benefits of meditation! 

When you give yourself 10 minutes (or whatever you’re able to) a day just to close your mouth and open up your conscious mind to the inner workings of your true, all-knowing self, your energy increases. It’s true, and it will happen every time you meditate. 

Try this tip every time you feel you need a boost in brain power, or just need enough energy to keep up with your busy toddler: Close your mouth, close your eyes, and breathe in once. Breathe out once. And feel, as you breathe, the difference in your body’s weight. 

Just with one, two or three simple deep breaths in and out, your body and mind will become allies (instead of enemies). They’ll team up to be the strongest, healthiest and toughest team for you. 

When you deep breathe in a meditative practice, you’ll release those toxins from your body. You’ll also gain clarity and have a rejuvenated energy level that will surely take you anywhere you need to go.
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