December 2020

Practical Tips to Improve Sexual Virility

Practical Tips to Improve Sexual Virility
Increase Semen Volume and Orgasm Intensity

The popular maxim “Health is Wealth” has taken on a genuine meaning as more and more people suffer from various diseases that ages ago were practically unheard of. Many of these diseases are life-threatening, while some pose serious dangers to your overall well-being. 

Either way, this has led many people becoming more cautious of what they eat or drink, as many of these can very well affect their overall health. Sex plays a significant role in making a relationship work. 

Meditation and Pain Relief - Is There a Link?

Meditation and Pain Relief - Is There a Link?
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From headaches and a stiff neck to muscle spasms and an achy back, can meditation be used to relieve pain?

Several scientific studies have shown that pain relief can result from meditative practices, such as yoga, Buddhist techniques, prayer and focused visualisations. The whole point of meditation is to calm down or quieten the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

This controls your heart, your breathing, and your overall metabolism. Lowering the activity of the ANS can lower the effects of any stress that may go on in your life.

And lowering stress can relieve many types of pain. Sounds pretty good so far, right? So, what different meditation techniques can you use to decrease pain?

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