June 2021

How to Live in The Present (Video)

This brilliant little video at the bottom of the post focuses on how to live in the present. Something many people find impossible to do with their minds constantly tuned into either the past, or the future.

Experiencing satisfaction and happiness has a lot to do with living in the here and now, something the human brain has trouble working out. The brain is a work of wonder, but it operates in the limitless zone; rarely tying itself to the here and now.

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In evolutionary terms, it was useful to calculate probabilities and the unpredictable, as it enabled early humans to survive and manipulate their environment for sustenance and safety. For example, running away from bears!

In modern times though, this ability can sometimes prove unhelpful and debilitating. With the fretting that can go on in our heads about deeds done in the past or futures unwritten.

It comes courtesy of www.theschooloflife.com. It’s a good watch, only 4 minutes long and very insightful.

Watch this important video that will show you the hidden power of numerology in your life.
After watching the video, you will get the chance to download your very own customised numerology report.

Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualise Success

Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualize Success
Live your dream lifestyle by achieving personal & career goals?
As it goes in a relationship, your career isn’t without some difficulties. It’s natural, and it’s even necessary to become motivated, raise the bar to your own success and professional progress and find new and improved ways of fine-tuning your craft. 

However, when you feel as if your career is at a dead end and it’s left you no option but to feel unworthy of a promotion or unsatisfied in your personal and professional progress, now is the time to act, not hesitate. 

7 Reasons You're Struggling to Get Ahead in Life

7 Reasons You're Struggling to Get Ahead in Life
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Are you struggling to get ahead in life but go nowhere fast? Perhaps you need a new strategy. 

Some say that the definition of insanity is when you keep doing the same thing but expect a different result. Many of us are probably insane if we believe in this theory. 

To manifest change, start thinking differently. If your current solution is not working, you may need a fresh approach. 

You might even need new goals and new dreams. If you are struggling to get ahead, there might be many reasons. Let’s look at 7 of these now.

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What will you attract into your life right now? According to the Law of Attraction (LOA), your thoughts create your reality.

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