4 Easy Meditation Techniques to Attract Abundance

4 Easy Meditation Techniques to Attract Abundance

4 Easy Meditation Techniques to Attract Abundance
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meditative practice and skill here.

What if all that was standing between you and your dreams was your thinking? You can achieve the life you desire through meditation techniques, and they are easier to do than you think.

Training the mind takes practice and dedication. You need to be focused on your goals and concentrate on them before they will manifest in your life. The more you visualise your dreams, the more power they have.

The universe will only attract what you ask for, so be clear about what you want. You’ll need to see your goal specifically, down to the last detail.

Unlocking the true secret to abundance may only require a calm mind. 
Discover here how to use yoga to advance your meditative practice and skill.  

Consistent practice will help you manifest what you want more quickly. I have a few exercises that are great for beginners but have the potential to change your reality.

Each time you practise them, you will put more belief and power into your dreams and attract the life you want.

1. Relaxation

When our bodies and minds are full of tension, it cuts off the power of the subconscious mind to help us manifest our reality. It is important to let go of stressful, negative thoughts so that we don’t sabotage our efforts.

Find a quiet, comfortable place, and settle into a relaxed position. Turn your attention inward as you breathe deeply and calmly. Let your thoughts float without getting lost in any other ideas for several minutes.

Starting at the top of the head, relax each body part until you get to the feet. Allow tension to melt away and be present with your body. Be still enough to be aware of your complete self and sink into the calm.

2. Visualisation

The previous exercise gives you the starting point for this technique. A relaxed mind and body will more easily be able to focus on the positive thoughts that will attract abundance. The more detailed and real the visualisation, the more likely it will become a reality.

Place an apple on the table in front of you. Look at it for several minutes, taking in every detail and recording each in your mind. Notice the smoothness of the skin, the shiny glow and the vibrant colour.

See every mark, every blemish. Take your time and really let each detail sink into your consciousness. Try to notice as much as you can and then close your eyes.

Recreate the apple in your mind by recalling everything you noticed. See the apple in your mind’s eye as if it were real. Practise this every day to sharpen your visualisation skills, using other everyday objects.

Then you can apply this new skill to visualising the things you want in life. Picture your dreams becoming real and how you will feel when it happens.

When you can really see every detail of an event, or experience, you increase the likelihood that you will manifest it. A clear vision is the first step to realising the life of your dreams.

3. Creative Collage

If you have a goal in mind, or want to cultivate more of something in your life, it is useful to create a collage or vision board. Making a visual reminder of what you want to achieve will help you stay focused on it.

Collect a few magazines that have brilliant pictures and contain images of what you want to attract or appeal to your sensibilities. Cut out pictures and words that represent your goal.

Look for positive things that will inspire you. For instance, if you want to attract a new car, you might collect images of the car you want or places you will go.

Pictures that convey positive emotions can reinforce your reasons for wanting it, making it easier to achieve. Arrange the images on a large piece of paper or poster board, and paste them to the board.

Don’t worry about making a mistake, there are no rules. Keep your goal in mind as you work and don’t overthink it. Display your collage in a place where you will see it often.

Dedicate a few minutes each day looking quietly at all the images and allow them to sink into your subconscious. Program your mind to believe that it will be yours.

4. Act It Out

Athletes around the world use this technique to perfect their performance. Active visualisation is an excellent way to ‘practise’ success.

The more you can picture acting out your goal, the more prepared you are for it to happen. Think of how you want to achieve abundance.

If you want to win the lottery, you need to picture it in your mind. Feel the winning ticket in your hands. Imagine what your reaction is when you win. See yourself spending the money.

It is important to feel the emotions and body sensations that will occur with your success. The more positive emotions that are surrounding a potential situation, the more energy it has helping to manifest.

If you don’t emotionally invest in your success, the universe will not care about it either. Keep your feelings positive and sincere, show your enthusiasm and commitment, and you will reap the rewards.

It is weird to think that just by thinking about something, you can make it happen, but you’ll believe it when you see results. Start small with your visualisations and goals, and you will quickly work your way up to bigger and better things.

The more specific you are about what you want and the more you mentally and physically prepare for success, the easier you will achieve it.

Believe in your visualisations and be thankful for what you receive.

Discover how to use yoga to advance your meditative practice and skill here.

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