Powerful Daily Prayers

Powerful Daily Prayers

Powerful Daily Prayers
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You don’t have to be ‘religious’ to pray. I’m not. I find prayer helpful though and try to do it every day.

Prayer allows me to focus away from myself and feeds my mind with positive energy. I’d encourage anyone to try praying.

I don’t mean in some huge way, all kneeling and chanting or whatever. I mean just saying simple prayers regularly. Privately. It’s a bit like saying affirmations, which people find helpful.

They explain the power of prayer much more eloquently than I could ever do it here: The psychological benefits of prayer: What science says about the mind-soul connection

Below are the prayers I say. There’s no requirement to believe in God to say them. You can believe in what you want and pray to whatever you want too. To the universe, nature, the human community, or not to anything at all. 

Prayers provide me with a source of strength and hope. At the very least, they ‘tune’ my brain into something bigger and more important than just myself.

I hope you give them a go and, if so, they make a difference in your life and the world around you.

A Prayer for Direction

Dear... (substitute as required, or not at all)

I do not know which way to go.
I feel powerless to choose between the options before me.
Give me the wisdom to see the way ahead,
And the boldness to walk in it.

A Prayer for Rest


I am so tired.
Give me rest,
renew my energy,
help me to face the day,
and give me peace.

A Prayer Against Violence


Send your peace.

Peace to this world,
Peace to this country,
Peace for my friends and my community,
Peace for my family and my loved ones.

Give me your peace,
And then help me to give it way.

A Prayer for Inner Peace


My mind is restless and my heart is troubled.
I am worried, stressed, and fearful.
Send me peace,
And take away my fear.

A Prayer for Family


I place my family in your hands,
I trust them to your safekeeping.
Protect them, guard them, watch over them.
Bless them and care for all their needs.

A Prayer for Healing


Bring healing,
Wholeness of heart, mind and body.
Restore strength, renew hope.

A Prayer for Provision


Thank you that you already know what I need.
Thank you that you love to give good gifts to your children.
Please provide for me and for those I love.
And let us not lack for anything.

A Prayer for the Environment


The world is wonderful.
We are sorry for our exploitation of the earth.
We are fearful of the consequences of what we have done.

Give us the courage to speak,
The strength to make sacrifices,
And the will to change.

Heal and restore the land.


Fantastically Simple Healing Prayers

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