December 2022

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude
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It is so easy to be grumpy about the mundane every-day occurrences in life; however, it is just as easy to be aware of the positives life offers.

Why is it that many of us spend so much energy on what is wrong compared to what is going well in our world?

It is one thing to notice the positive, yet another to be grateful for them.

The first step to being a happier, more fulfilled person is awareness. Then showing gratitude.

What is the Law of Attraction?

What is the Law of Attraction?
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Ask most people and they have probably heard of the book and the movie “The Secret”. It covers all things 'Law of Attraction (LOA)'.

It is an extraordinarily popular book and movie and brought the concepts of the Law of Attraction to a wide audience.

The Law of Attraction simply means that your thoughts create your life. If you think negative thoughts, you draw negative occurrences into your life, and if you think positive thoughts, you will magnetise positive happenings into your life.

The Law of Attraction goes deeper. Life is full of circumstances, both good and bad. There are always going to be occurrences in life that we would rather not go experience.

However, the Law of Attraction dictates that you have the power to increase the positive and minimise the negative. The Law of Attraction states that every thought you have affects how your life manifests itself.

Happy Christmas 2022!

Happy Christmas 2022!
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We’re nearing the end of 2022 and what a year it has been. There have been many highs and many lows around the world this year.

From war, drought, floods, violence, disease to widespread impoverishment. Humans seem to be adept at causing much misery.

However, there are always choices to make a better future. One full of hope, peace, safety and prosperity.

Think of those less fortunate and act positively to bring about beneficial change. Pray that our leaders examine their consciences and choose to make life better for each and everyone of us, all over the globe.

It can be done. It just takes the will.

I wish you a Happy Christmas for 2022 and a prosperous 2023.

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All the best,

9 Relaxation Techniques for Stress

9 Relaxation Techniques for Stress

Stress is the curse of modern life. Everyone suffers from stress, and the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions, and minds.

If you’re feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day, you must learn how to relax.

Anger contributes to heart disease, particularly for men (read more here). Mental stress leads to irritability. Too much stress brings about ischemia that can cause a heart attack.

Considering this, relaxation takes on added importance. Managing anger is crucial for heart health, and relaxation helps you manage stress.

Relaxation lowers the activity level within the brain's limbic system; this is the emotional centre of our brain. Slowing this down improves your overall health and wellbeing.

If there are thousands of reasons why we can get stressed, there are many ways we can relax. So how do we achieve relaxation?

15 Minute Deep Breathing Exercise

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Deep breathing exercises help reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, restlessness, difficulty sleeping and physical discomfort.

Try this deep breathing exercise everyday and notice the positive effects on your mind and body.

Self Improvement: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Self Improvement: 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
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Often, I am contented with life the way things are, but at other times, I still aspire for something deeper and more meaningful.

Yes, in life we’re pelted with ‘problems’. It shouldn’t hinder us from becoming all we ought to be, though.

Our aspirations as kids should continue to live within us. Unlike children, adults can be so unambitious, self-conscious and closed-minded.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… or can they?

Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself to further your self improvement.

Adventures in Creative Thinking

Adventures in Creative Thinking
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How many times have you said there could be no other solution to a particular problem? A problem that just leads to a dead end?

How often have you felt stumped, certain that the problem lying before you is one you cannot solve?

There are simply no solutions.

Did you feel you had exhausted all the workable options and yet there you are, still standing at the bottom of the mountain — massive, unconquerable, and impregnable?

When encountering such enormous problems, you may feel you’re hammering against a brick wall. The pressure of having to solve such a problem may be overwhelming.

Rejoice, there might be hope!

Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric and Reiki

Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric and Reiki
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You may have come across exotic sounding terms like “chakra”, “prana”, “aura”, and “tantra” when reading books on spirituality, sex and healing in the New Age literature section of the bookshop or library.

What’s the meaning of all these wonderfully sounding terms?

Life Mapping: A Vision of Success

Life Mapping: A Vision of Success
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Success is more than just economic gains, titles, and degrees.

Yet planning for success (as you define it) starts with mapping out all aspects of your life.

Similar to a map, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.

How to be Happy in Life

How to be Happy in Life
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Have you heard the hit single ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin? I think most people have.

The song has a catchy way of conveying its message to be happy. He had a point, though.

Living a happy and optimistic life is good for your health. Being happy protects you from life’s stresses. Stress causes illness, like heart disease, cancer and strokes.

Time to keep those at bay!

Life is The Choices We Make

Life is The Choices We Make
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Life is like a road. There are long and short roads; smooth and rocky roads; crooked and straight paths.

In our lives, many roads come our way as we journey along.

There are roads that lead to a life of happiness and purpose. Roads that lead to fame and fortune on, or isolation and poverty.

There are roads to joy just as there are routes to sadness, defeat and disappointment.

Just like any road, there are corners, detours, and swerves in life. However, the most perplexing road you can encounter is a crossroads.

With four roads to choose from and with limited knowledge about where they would go, which road will you take?

What is the guarantee that we would choose the right one? Would you take any road, or just stay where you are, staring at the crossroads?

The Power of a Positive Attitude

The Power of a Positive Attitude
How can your numbers change your life for the better?

Please try not to be cynical as I discuss ‘positivity’. I know life can be shit, right?

You don’t want some annoyingly jolly bloke going on about positive attitudes, energies or whatever. I get that, but…

Listen to your thoughts.

Now, tell me…

1. What thoughts fill your head?

2. Would you label them as positive or negative?

Now let’s say you are walking down the street with these thoughts.

Do you think anyone who would meet you could tell you what’s on your mind?

The answer to the first question is all yours.

The answer to the second question could be either.

Although people cannot tell exactly what you think, they will more often than not accurately guess how you are feeling.

Spiritual Growth: The Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times

Spiritual Growth: The Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times
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To grow spiritually in a world defined by power, money, and influence is a Herculean task. 

Modern conveniences such as electronic gadgets, tools and entertainment through television, magazines, and the web have predisposed us to confine our attention mostly to physical needs and wants.

As a result, we’ve muddled our concepts of self-worth and self-meaning. 

How can we balance the material and spiritual aspects of our lives?

How to Build Effective Relationships

How to Build Effective Relationships
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I’m often asked how to build effective relationships. However, we often perceive relationships as delicate things that require exceptional amounts of effort to maintain. 

Despite their many trials, though, relationships can provide long-lasting security and happiness.

Building effective and lasting relationships is a necessity. In a group or organisation, the wellbeing of the people in it depends on how efficient and effective that group or organisation works.

In a company setting, for example, the organisation also depends on how well the members work with management. An ineffective group or organisation can be really frustrating.

Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101

Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101
Learn the secrets of yoga & meditation combined

Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused. Practitioners of this art report increased awareness, focus, and concentration, as well as a more positive outlook on life.

Meditation is most commonly associated with monks, mystics, and other spiritual disciplines. However, you don’t have to be a monk or mystic to enjoy its benefits.

You don’t even have to be in a special place to practise it. You can even try it in your own living room.

Although there are many approaches to meditation, the fundamental principles remain the same.

Self-Hypnosis Towards Self Improvement

Self-Hypnosis Towards Self Improvement
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Self-hypnosis is a great tool for goal setting and self improvement. It surprises most people at how easy it is to learn self-hypnosis.

We usually think of self-hypnosis as a person listening to a CD, mp3, or other media, to induce a willingness to absorb suggestions centred on a specific topic such as weight loss, stopping smoking, etc.

That sort of hypnosis exists, but I’m not talking about that in this article. Here, the “self” in self-hypnosis simply means that you both create and listen to it by yourself.

So how do you incorporate self improvement into hypnosis?

How to Unleash Your Creative Thinking

How to Unleash Your Creative Thinking
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People seem to have the misconception that only a select few can unleash a steady flow of creative genius. That is not true at all.

Creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to give out significant results. If you don’t practice harnessing creative thinking, this skill will very much atrophy into inexistence.

But keep working and this skill will soon come to you in a snap.

So how do you unleash your creative thinking?

Self-Esteem Improvement - How to Do It Now

Self-Esteem Improvement - How to Do It Now
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Be determined to improve your self-esteem and you are on your way to great achievement. Do not let a low self-esteem ruin your life.

The way you think about yourself determines how you interact with others. It’s crucial that it is healthy. From there, everything else flows.

Here are some examples of how low self-esteem manifests itself.

1. You often think that nothing you do goes right.

2. You believe that most people dislike you.

3. You believe you are not attractive.

4. You choose something and it turns out to be wrong.

5. You are afraid to converse with others for fear that what you say might not make sense or has value.

6. You feel swallowed up in a whirlpool of frustration.

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7 Day Program to Self Improvement

7 Day Program to Self Improvement
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What does self improvement mean to you? How often do we view movie and TV stars as flawless people, living the fairy tale life of riches and glamour?

Is it realistic to compare ourselves to every person we see in glossy magazines or on the TV? There are many ways to lose your sense of self-esteem and consistently comparing ourselves to others is one of them. 

Whatever happens, though, we should all try not to lose our own sense of self. So what does it take to work on your self improvement?

Here are 7 things you can do for your own personal growth. Implement one each day and in a week you’ll notice tangible benefits.

7 Steps to The Road to Intuition

7 Steps to The Road to Intuition
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Have you had the experience when you had a hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, it became reality?

When you feel strongly about something without a logical basis to it, that’s intuition. It comes in three impressions: clairvoyance or “the third eye”, sensing clearly and feeling through listening.

Clairvoyance is when your eye goes beyond what it can see. This is when you know something is happening somewhere else.

Sensing clearly is basically what we refer to as “hunch” or “gut feel.” It overwhelms you with a feeling and you can’t explain it and all you can say is, “I just know.”

Feeling through listening or clairaudience is being able to “listen” between the lines. Intuition also happens at times when a certain sound, whatever it is - be it a car’s honk or a bird’s twitting - ushers in an intense feeling.

They say only a minority of people are truly gifted with intuition. Nonetheless, anyone can develop their intuition.


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