How to Program Your Conscious Mind

How to Program Your Conscious Mind

How to Program Your Conscious Mind
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You may be familiar with how the subconscious mind sometimes sabotages the conscious mind. Not that you have a split personality or anything, but the subconscious plays a fundamental role in the human mind.

A long time ago, the subconscious mind purely handled your safety. It still does today to a certain extent, but the modern world differs from prehistoric times.

The ingrained fight-or-flight response, when you faced imminent physical danger, required you to decide instantaneously on whether to stay or flee. It’s on autopilot.

However, today, we know the subconscious mind may overact every now and again. This can be unhelpful in negotiating modern life.

From The Conscious to The Subconscious and Vice Versa

The subconscious mind instinctively holds information about perceptions of events and occurrences from the past. It is a major thing we rely on to make current and future choices.

Alternatively, living through your conscious mind is where you are ‘awake’ going about your daily business. The subconscious mind comprises events and stories from the past, while the conscious mind is present in the moment.

Or is it?

The conscious mind can’t take in all information straightaway, so for efficiency, we ‘file away’ information that our brains can’t process immediately into the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is powerful. It is from here that we make sense of the world by transferring information back into our conscious minds.

Images come back to us in dreams or we get feelings about stuff that we haven’t consciously paid attention to. It is helpful to attend to your conscious mind so you can make more of the information you are receiving.

We miss so much of what goes on in the here and now as we either rue the past or fret about the future. We’re never appreciating now.

This is where we can find some of the good stuff in life, so here are a few tips on how to program your conscious mind.

Live in the Moment

How many times have you thought about an altercation that occurred yesterday while switching over to worrying about something next week?

When you live in the moment, whether you are driving or washing the dishes, you are truly present to the conscious mind.

If you are driving, for example, try to be present to the world around you. The feel of the steering wheel, your seat or notice the scenery from time to time.

If you are washing dishes, feel the warmth of the water, smell the scent of the soap. It brings you into the present and calms the mind.

Try Meditating

If you really want to program your conscious mind, take on the art of meditation or mindfulness.

Meditating will help you differentiate between the subconscious and the conscious mind.

You will learn where you have more control of your conscious mind, too.

Make a Choice

You always have a choice of how you respond to how you feel. Learn to sit with your emotions, even if they are uncomfortable.

Don’t react, just sit and reflect. Observe your thoughts and feelings objectively. Thoughts aren’t facts and feelings are temporary, they always change.

You can also choose to look at an ending as a fresh, brighter beginning. A new chapter in your life.

Choosing how you react to your thoughts is a great way to program your conscious mind, and is empowering!

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