Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity

Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity

Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity
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The first thing most people think about when they hear the word ‘wealth’ is money. However, this is a very narrow idea of what true wealth is.

The word ‘wealth’ comes from the old English ‘weal’, which means welfare and wellbeing. Weal derives from the older word ‘wel’, meaning ‘in a state of good fortune, welfare, or happiness’.

Therefore, having loads of money alone doesn’t necessarily translate as being ‘wealthy’.

All the money in the world is meaningless if you don’t have spiritual abundance to go along with it.

Trying to Fill The Hole

I get the impression that many people who have excessive material riches are unhappy, even widely disliked. What I think is missing from these people is spiritual fulfilment.

This has left a vast hole in their lives that they can’t fill with money and possessions, yet they keep accumulating more and more. It’s like an addiction.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, what culture you’re from or what your background is; you need to be healthy spiritually.

The benefits of spirituality appeal equally to everyone. You need to have balance in your life with spiritual abundance and prosperity.

What is Prosperity?

‘Prosperity’, there’s another misunderstood word. The modern English word derives from Middle English ‘prosperite’, borrowed through Old French from Latin ‘prosperus’ meaning ‘favourable.’

The Latin word also means ‘fortunate,’ and the word prosperity has an element of good luck.

If you arrogantly and conspicuously display the fact that you have lots of money, with no other redeeming features to your character, or show gratitude for being in that position in the first place, or what good you use your money for outside of yourself, you cannot be defined as prosperous.

Think Scales and Balance

Imagine you place all aspects of your life on a scale. Let’s say you have a lot of money, but are lacking spiritually.

What will happen as you add more money to the scale without adding to the spiritual side? The money will weigh you down, and you won’t be able to enjoy and share it as much as you could.

It makes sense to pay attention to bringing more spirituality into your life.

Depending on your beliefs, you can buy books, attend worship services, pray, meditate, or join forums. Anything you can do to ignite your spiritual side will get you started down a better path.

Another way to ensure spiritual abundance and prosperity is to find a spiritual advisor. This can be the person in charge of your place of worship, a spiritual friend, a book or guide based on your beliefs, or, if you have one, regular communication with your higher power.

The main thing to remember is that enriching your spiritual side will make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling, however much money you have.

Enriching Your Spiritual Side is Vital

The thing about having a healthy spiritual life is that it helps you in all the other areas of your life. When your soul is content, everything else is better; you don’t feel empty, and you don’t have to be constantly searching for more.

You can let go of the guilt that so often cripples us as we try to achieve great things. Nothing will hold you back because you know you are not alone.

Spiritual abundance and prosperity is not only a worthy goal, it is essential. Any time spent on your spiritual life is an investment in your happiness and success.

Being spiritually healthy is vital because it brings balance into your life and allows you to feel content.

It’s a worthwhile journey and an enlightening one, too.

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