Thinking Helpful Thoughts

Thinking Helpful Thoughts

Thinking Helpful Thoughts
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One thing that will keep you feeling down and depressed is allowing too many negative thoughts take your brain hostage. No one has ever fought off those feelings of unhappiness with negativity, though.

Negative thoughts are natural. Everyone has them from time to time.

However, remembering they’re just thoughts is the first step to turn your brain round. They may feel uncomfortable, but they’re not real. Perhaps they are ‘real’ in your head, but they don’t exist in the physical world, so to speak.

Enter the practice of thinking helpful thoughts to improve your life.

Thoughts Change The World

You may think that this is not possible; that thoughts alone will change nothing for you. That’s where you’re wrong.

The kinds of thoughts you dwell on and the words you speak affect how you feel.

Then how you feel leads on to how you behave. Be that how you show up in life every day or how you relate to other people.

See The Bright Side

For example, if you’ve got a special occasion you need to attend and you’re certain that something will go horribly wrong. If something negative does actually happen, for example, it pours with rain that night and you get a flat tyre on the way.

By the time you arrive at the special event, you’ll be late and you’ll resemble a drowned rat. However, you can choose to make it feel like the end of the world or you can think, oh well, shit happens, but I’ve made it here. Even see the funny side.

If you’re negative, people will notice this and many probably won’t want to be around you, so it will also affect your enjoyment of the event.

If you’re positive (what happened to you was out of your control anyway), people will understand and more than likely rally round you. You can make fun of what happened and everyone gets a bit of a laugh out of it.

You Reap What You Sow

The negative energy you send out to the universe about anything in your life goes a long way to bringing just that to you. The great news is that it also works the other way.

When you think helpful thoughts, you send out positive energy to this same universe to react to. In that way, you’re much more likely to bring good things into your life. Or, at the very least, appreciate what you do already have.

This is something that anyone feeling down and depressed about something specific or generally about life should keep in mind.

The more you allow yourself to wallow in your bad mood, the more you’re likely to feel worse about everything. Even if you have to force yourself, let positive thoughts enter your head.

Focus on What You Can Do

If you think you’re fat and unattractive (that is what you’re telling yourself anyway), focus on your good qualities. You may be a kind and thoughtful person. You might be generous or helpful to other people.

Or you may have gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile 😉

It doesn’t matter. Focus on those positive traits. Don’t dwell on those traits you dislike.

You can figure out how to change those later. If you actually are overweight, you can make a plan to lose weight, but you’ll always have your best traits travelling by your side.

Do It Now and Change Will Come

The fewer negative thoughts you allow to enter your head, the better you’re going to feel about yourself and your life.

This may not have the immediate and temporary effect on you, as, say, a Valium or Xanax pill, but thinking positive and helpful thoughts will have a long lasting effect on your life and how you view it.

Once you drive away those negative thoughts and only let the positive ones in, you’ll notice an improvement beyond anything you expected.

Start thinking those helpful thoughts without delay and you’ll never look back.

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