February 2023

Personal Growth and Self-Awareness

Personal Growth and Self-Awareness
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When you look at your life, are you happy with what you see? As you trace your history from the beginning to now, do you delight at what you have achieved, or do you look down on what you have done?

You don’t have to be ‘great’, but you can aspire to grow. As a child, you’d hope to flourish and develop into a better version of yourself. So why not as an adult?

Sadly, some people don’t experience genuine growth because they are not aware of who they truly are.

Don’t Self Help Me

Don’t Self Help Me
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Count how many self-help books you have sitting on your bookshelves. Why exactly do you have all of those books in your home? Have you read all, or any, of them?

Is it because you feel you need to be a better person, or has someone said that you should spend a lot of money reading what other people think will help you, even though they don’t actually know who you are?

There is a difference between having self-help books or attending seminars and helping yourself to be a better person and living a happier life. The major difference is that you won’t spend thousands of dollars on the latter.

Positive Directions with Constructive Changes

Positive Directions with Constructive Changes
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your secret talents and hidden strengths
(and how to use them to get what you truly want!)

Positive directions come from making constructive changes. We can develop these by drawing on our innate abilities.

When we learn to do this, it helps us explore and challenge our mind to discover our inner self and strengths.

This ‘director’ will assist us by guiding us on to the road of success.

Living a Happy Life

Living a Happy Life
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People dream of things they don’t have and that is normal. Unfortunately, there are some people who never seem to get the satisfaction they desire.

They constantly want things and when they get them, they won’t be happy for long. They will want something else.

It is a vicious cycle of wanting more and more that ends up being futile for being happy.

If you are having a hard time getting satisfaction, you need to go straight to the root cause of your unhappiness. People who are happy, on balance, lead better and healthier lives.


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