Spiritual Healing: Superstition or Unexplored Truth?

Spiritual Healing: Superstition or Unexplored Truth?

Spiritual Healing: Superstition or Unexplored Truth?
A Load of Old Hocus Pocus?
Alternative healing is becoming mainstream these days and gaining more respect as a practical approach to wellness. It’s intriguing, and it seems like just about everyone is seeing a healer, guru or shaman these days. 

You wonder if maybe you’re missing out on something, but you don’t want taken for a ride either. When you think of spiritual healing, images of a figure dressed in robes chanting and waving rattles around is more than enough to make you think twice, but is there really something to this?

Before asking whether spiritual healing works, we need to define what healing is. Modern medicine seems to support the idea that to heal, you need to eradicate a certain condition or illness from the patient, either by drugs or surgery. 

Must We "Be Cured”?

When the illness goes, it cures the patient. However, spiritual healing does not focus on “curing” something, so it disappears or never comes back. 

The true meaning of healing fully addresses the whole person and works toward what true health looks like for that individual wherever they are in the disease or healing process. Despite the amazing technological capability of Western medicine, it focuses on the disease rather than the whole human being. 

They often base treatment plans on a set of symptoms that equal a known disease. But what if the symptoms don’t add up to something that has a name and cure? 

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When doctors cannot make a conclusive diagnosis or have tried treatments that don’t seem to clear up the issue, they rarely have an alternate, or should I say alternative, plan. Patients with undiagnosed symptoms often feel helpless, confused and scared when the medical industry tells them that they simply don’t know how to help them. 

A great healer will help the client or patient find the path to wellness right for them, with or without an official diagnosis. Perhaps someone will always live with an illness, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t work toward better health and balance between body, mind and spirit. 

Believing is Seeing

While Western medicine uses tests and machines to treat a patient, a healer’s methods are a little less conventional. The techniques used in spiritual healing can seem a little out there, as they are unseen by the human eye and deal with energies unfamiliar in our scientifically driven world. 

If we can’t measure the results of a technique with a machine and if we can’t reliably duplicate those results, it must not be real. This is a closed-minded approach. 

Just because we have not developed the technology to quantify what is going on in the nonphysical world does not mean that it doesn’t exist. There are many kinds of electromagnetic energies that have always existed, but we have only just been able to “see” them. 

Think about your phone, for instance. You can send digital messages and images over time and space without ever “seeing” the information whizzing from towers and satellites. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. A spiritual healer can tune into the energy of the physical and nonphysical body, much like your phone can send and receive messages, and work with these energies to encourage and support the body’s natural healing process. 

The Route May Not Be Certain

Healers also realise that the path to healing is not always straight and are more capable in dealing with symptoms that don’t add up. There is a growing amount of research that supports the existence of energy healing and the wide range of its benefits. 

Even if the medical issues aren’t “cured,” many patients report symptomatic relief besides getting the much-needed emotional support not usually found in a doctor’s office. A spiritual healer works to heal the client on many levels. 

From physical symptoms to emotional patterns and psychological issues, the range of conditions that we can treat with alternative healing techniques seems to be limitless. The side effects are almost nonexistent, something that seems impossible in the medical industry. 

Because true health depends on all these levels, the approach of Western medicine can be less holistic and cannot address the complete needs of a patient. It would seem that healing is more likely when we consider all the needs of a patient rather than just focusing on the disease. 

When we compare alternative healing to modern medicine, it’s like comparing apples and oranges. While one exists in the “real” world and the other functions within the realm of the nonphysical, there is much we misunderstand about spiritual healing. 

Only One Way to Find Out

Because of its mysterious nature, it is only natural that people view spiritual healing with an eye of suspicion, but when someone is experiencing health problems with equally elusive symptoms, they are more than willing to try something alternative. 

In my experience, I can tell you that the world of spiritual healing is an objective reality, if not quite as concrete as the world we’re used to. I can watch a practitioner work and confirm what I saw with him after the session; which leaves little doubt in my mind that this stuff is real. 

Perhaps the only way for anyone to know that spiritual healing works is to try it. The true path to healing is personal and relying on a machine to tell you if you’re healed or not may not be the right approach. 

Until technology catches up with the phenomenon of spiritual healing, we may never know for sure. 


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