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How to Thrive When Broke and in Debt

How to Thrive When Broke and in Debt

In a world driven by materialism and financial success, it is not uncommon to find oneself struggling with the burden of debt and limited financial resources. Many people believe that happiness is directly correlated with wealth, but the truth is that financial prosperity does not guarantee inner contentment. 

The pursuit of happiness should not be contingent on the size of your bank account. This article aims to explore practical strategies and mindset shifts that can empower individuals to find happiness and fulfilment, even in the face of financial challenges.

Wealth vs. Riches: Understanding the Difference and How to Attain True Prosperity

Wealth vs. Riches: Understanding the Difference and How to Attain True Prosperity

Money is a powerful tool in today's world, and it's often assumed that being wealthy and being rich are interchangeable terms. 

However, the reality is that there's a significant difference between the two. 

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Being rich is about having a lot of money, whereas being wealthy is about having financial independence, stability, and security. 

In this article, I will explore why being wealthy is different from being rich, including the impact of wealth on lifestyle, mindset, and long-term financial security.

The word "wealth" comes from the Old English word "wela" or "wealh," which meant "well-being" or "prosperity." This word was also used to describe a person of rank or high social status. 

How to Make More Money - 15 Realistic Ideas

How to Make More Money - 15 Realistic Ideas
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If you're like most people, you're probably looking for ways to make more money. 

Whether you're trying to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, or simply improve your standard of living, there are many ways to increase your income. 

In this post, we'll explore 15 of the most realistic strategies for making more money.

5 Traits of Lucky People

5 Traits of Lucky People
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Do you know people who just seem to be lucky all the time? Those who breeze through life and look like they hit the jackpot of life's rewards just like that, each and every time - with little or no effort - it's like they have the secret of success.

While you struggle along, slogging it out each day, not getting anywhere. Not landing that job you really wanted, that salary raise, the house you wanted to live in, or getting the person you really fancy? Does it make you feel envious?

What would you do if you knew that you can actually "learn" to be lucky? That you can literally attract luck into your life and all it takes is a few small adjustments in the way you think.

How to Start Your Own Online Business

Start Your Own Online Business with Solo Build It!
Solo Build It! (SBI!) from SiteSell was created for first-time web business builders who have a need or desire to create a profitable business of their own.

Using a unique system of step-by-step process, software, guidance and support, tens of thousands of SBI! members understand the difference between putting up a website or blog and creating a solid long-term, income-generating business.

They condense the overwhelming and ever-changing complexity into one all-you'll-ever-need, online business-building approach.

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online
Do YOU Have The Mind of a Millionaire?
Have you heard all the talk about how thousands of people are making a living, or even a fortune working out of their spare bedroom?

A couple decades ago, this might have been next to impossible, but the internet has completely changed the way that we do business and today you can learn how to make money online and work from home.

The Unlimited Nature of Abundance

The Unlimited Nature of Abundance
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Did you know that one of the most important things that separates people who are highly successful from those who aren’t is a mindset based on abundance instead of on scarcity?

Just think about how much easier it is to be confident and to be immune to things like the fear of failure or poverty if you honestly believe that there is an endless supply of the things you want.

So, how do you create this kind of mindset and develop the confidence required to be successful and achieve your peak potential? It begins with understanding the unlimited nature of abundance ...

6 Sure Steps to Build Real Wealth

6 Sure Steps to Building Real Wealth
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I’m going to tell you about six sure steps to build real wealth. These are the same strategies that the wealthiest people in North America use to build their personal fortunes.

10 Ways to Become as Prosperous as You'd Like to Be

10 Ways to Become as Prosperous as You'd Like to Be
Learn How to Think Like a Millionaire

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be successful and wealthy easily, while you work so hard but seem to achieve so little?

Would you like to know the science of getting rich? Here’s 10 ways you can become as prosperous as you’d like to be.

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet

10 Reasons Why You Aren't Rich Yet
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You may be asking yourself why you aren’t manifesting more money, but are you truly doing all you can to improve your fiscal situation?

Sure, you go to work everyday and get your paycheck and then you spend it all on utilities, paying off debts and other necessary expenses.

That leaves very little to spend on the things you actually want. If you are less than thrilled with your finances, keep reading to discover the 10 reasons why you aren’t rich yet.

How to Find Happiness (Video)

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It’s a common question but not easily answered: how to find happiness? People can spend their lives searching for this elusive state of being and still end up empty-handed.

In Western culture people can spend inordinate amounts of money on “stuff" that they have to fund with extraordinary amounts of work and drudgery in order to "find" happiness.

It begs the questions: is it worth it? And, does it actually bring you genuine happiness?

3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your Success

3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your Success
Discover their secret to make your dreams become reality.
There are 3 lies that most people tell themselves that hijack their path to success. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Sometimes the only things standing between you and success are a few lies. In fact, it’s the lies we tell ourselves that most often keep us from our dreams. 

Maybe we’re afraid of success, maybe we don’t think we deserve it, or maybe we don’t think it’s possible. Whatever the reason, if you get rid of the lies, pretty soon you’ll watch your dreams turn into your reality.

And faster than you ever thought possible, you won’t have to think twice about your expenses – you’ll have enough money to live the high life. 

The Truth About Vision Boards and Prosperity Consciousness

So, what’s stopping you from turning that brave, bigger-than-life dream into a reality? Here’s a fact about your prosperous life: It’s as real as the thoughts you think about, and when you can truly believe in it and in all the prosperity it holds, you will manifest it. 

If you daydream about having a relationship, a lifestyle or an income that you don’t have, and after daydreaming about it, you think thoughts such as, “That will never happen to me,” or “I’ll always be broke,” guess what? You’ll continue to manifest a representation of those thoughts - for good or bad. 

Do you feel as if you don’t deserve a bigger and better life? If so, then that’s exactly what the universe will send you, repeatedly.

10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want

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If I told you that you could create the exact circumstances you want, would you call me crazy? What if your very thoughts could create ripples of change that not only impact your life…

… but those around you as well?

Philip, a call centre worker from the Philippines, didn’t think so. He dreamed of moving overseas so he could secure a better life and provide for his family. But at every turn, his own mind shut down every opportunity he thought of.

3 Best Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity

3 Best Meditations for Happiness and Prosperity
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Happiness and prosperity are two fundamental requirements of a human being, and it is hard to have one without the other because, while many only consider prosperity as amassing everything money can bring an individual can never experience real prosperity without being happy.

In your daily life, strive to achieve prosperity as you work towards attaining inner peace and finding happiness. Here are the 3 best meditations to bring you happiness and prosperity, together becoming the driving force in your life.

Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable spot and that you are alone as you practise these powerful meditations.

How to Ensure You Retire Rich

How to Ensure That You Retire Rich
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Wouldn’t you like to be one of those fortunate people who retire rich? If this is something you’re even remotely interested in, then this article might be one of the most important messages you ever read.

How to Create an Online Business (Video)

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3 Shocking Facts About Abundance and Wealth Revealed

3 Shocking Facts About Abundance and Wealth Revealed
Why aren’t you earning more by now? Why don’t you have the means to go on luxury cruises, live in a mansion and have two new cars sitting in your driveway?

Maybe you just haven’t gotten your lucky break yet or that your financial success is in someone else’s control. However, perhaps you focus your energy on how much you don’t have.

Budget Like a Rich Person

Budget Like a Rich Person
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Are you spending money like a wealthy person? If not, you might think: “I can’t spend money like a wealthy person, I don’t have enough.” 

If so, this statement might reveal a clue why you’re not wealthy yet. Most of the time, we think about being wealthy and have a long list of things that we want to buy when (or if) we become wealthy. 

We view wealth as an opportunity to buy anything that we want: a new car, a nice house, a wardrobe that costs the same as most people’s mortgages, so on and so on. However, this isn’t how wealthy people spend money—this is how broke people spend money.

If you ever want to become wealthy, you must start by learning how to spend the money that you already have. 

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