January 2023

Maximising Your Personal Growth

Maximising Your Personal Growth
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What's Yours?

Are you happy with how you have lived your life so far?

In the future would you like to be proud about what you have achieved? To tell the world enthusiastically about all you’ve done and experienced?

If you’re currently a no to the first question and you want to answer yes to those following 2 questions, then working on your personal growth is essential.

Exploring You to Find Solutions

Exploring You to Find Solutions
Use Numerology to overcome challenges & lessons you’re
meant to learn to change your life for the better

If you’re like most people, you will search for solutions to your pressing challenges or to guide you to success. Unfortunately, many people choose to rely solely on others.

To help them with money, make them happy, and so on. Seeking support from others is healthy. Leaning on people to solve every problem for you is not.

Looking inside yourself will help you find answers to most of your problems.

I’m not talking about being hyper-independent where you end up alienating yourself. I mean interdependence.

This is mutual dependence on others, not a one sided relationship where one party takes everything and offers nothing in return.

This is where you know you are confident enough to solve issues yourself, but you also know you have other people to turn to occasionally if you need support and you can offer support to them if required.

It is learning how to use self-reliance to find constructive solutions. Using the power of your mind to discover your own answers.

VISION - Motivational Video

This incredible Numerology video is a personal, spiritual journey, allowing you to see yourself in ways you've never ever seen yourself before.

Watch this motivational video if you are ever so low you want to give up. I regularly watch it when I’m having a shit moment, or day.

It never fails to lift me. It reminds me to keep going, use my imagination and never give up. Great things are there just at the point of quitting.

It doesn’t matter how bad you feel, if you still have breath in your nostrils, can get out of bed, you can keep going and achieve your dreams.

Focus on your talents. If you don’t know yet what they are, spend time on what you love doing.

You’ll find them there. Then keep working on them.

Over the horizon, success, as you define it, will come to you.

How the Inner Critic Affects Your Self Confidence

How the Inner Critic Affects Your Self Confidence
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It is strange how we listen to that tiny voice inside our heads. There is no biological or scientific explanation for this ever present voice, but we all hear it.

For some, this voice is the all empowering mentor. For others, this voice has become their inner critic.

It is an innate murmuring voice that we hear. This tiny voice has been with us throughout our lives, guiding us to decide day-to-day behaviours and choices.

Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity

Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity
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The first thing most people think about when they hear the word ‘wealth’ is money. However, this is a very narrow idea of what true wealth is.

The word ‘wealth’ comes from the old English ‘weal’, which means welfare and wellbeing. Weal derives from the older word ‘wel’, meaning ‘in a state of good fortune, welfare, or happiness’.

Therefore, having loads of money alone doesn’t necessarily translate as being ‘wealthy’.

All the money in the world is meaningless if you don’t have spiritual abundance to go along with it.

5 Steps to Building Self-Confidence

5 Steps to Building Self-Confidence
You can harness the amazing power of numerology readings
to unlock unfound energy and success in your life.

Self-confidence is something that everyone needs to get through life successfully and happily. When you lack the confidence you need, other people pick up on it.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage. They can treat you like a doormat.

People can pass you over for things too, like promotions, dates, or party invitations. Or they disrespect you and ignore your boundaries.

In fact, it’s almost like you’re invisible.

Here are 5 steps to build up your self-confidence and the more you practise them, the more you’ll become self assured.

Thinking Helpful Thoughts

Thinking Helpful Thoughts
Use Numerology to discover lessons you’re meant to learn in life
& unexplored opportunities to change your life for the better

One thing that will keep you feeling down and depressed is allowing too many negative thoughts take your brain hostage. No one has ever fought off those feelings of unhappiness with negativity, though.

Negative thoughts are natural. Everyone has them from time to time.

However, remembering they’re just thoughts is the first step to turn your brain round. They may feel uncomfortable, but they’re not real. Perhaps they are ‘real’ in your head, but they don’t exist in the physical world, so to speak.

Enter the practice of thinking helpful thoughts to improve your life.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Achieve Success

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Achieve Success
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Have you ever noticed someone, for example, in the world of business, who seems to have everything? They appear to get all the best of life with such ease and grace.

If you think these individuals sit back and let things come to them, rather than chase them, you are probably right.

Although we see those people's successes, it’s certain that those same people will have failed as much, or even more than they succeeded, but they didn’t give up.

How did they do it?

Those individuals are probably the ones who naturally, possibly without thinking, use the law of attraction every day to maximise success.

Law of Attraction Exercises to Get What You Want

Law of Attraction Exercises to Get What You Want
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You Desire With the Law of Attraction

If you have heard of the movie The Secret, then you have heard of the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is not something that simply comes your way, you need to put effort into it.

There are techniques you can use in order to make the Law of Attraction work for you so that you can get what you want out of life.

Tips for Getting What You Want in Your Life

Tips for Getting What You Want in Your Life
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Have you ever thought that everyone else seems to get what they want, except for you? If you answer yes, then there lays the problem.

Thinking thoughts like those are the exact thoughts that will push away the very things you want in your life.

There are several ways to get what you really want in your life, and negative thoughts are not one of them.

How to Develop the Right Mindset to Reach your Goals

How to Develop the Right Mindset to Reach your Goals
Use Numerology to discover where you’ve been incorrectly
putting your energy and how you can make
an easy and effortless “switch” to end the struggle

Have you ever noticed anyone in your life who has a sunny disposition all the time? Does this person just seem to sail through life?

Having the right mindset is the key to real and lasting happiness. No matter what happens, we have the power to choose how to react to events.

Developing the right mindset will help you reach your goals.

Time to Commit Yourself to Positive Actions?

Time to Commit Yourself to Positive Actions?
Use Numerology to discover the deep desires you may be
ignoring and what you can do to finally attain them...

If you think about the word commitment, what comes up for you? Does it sound like a chore or a burden, or perhaps something that you have to do instead of want to do? Well, committing to positive actions is different and not like that at all.

When you commit yourself to positive actions, guess what? You gain all the benefits and reap all the rewards. Committing yourself to positive action means committing to your authentic self.

Although commitment may sound like a heavy word when committing to positive actions, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier.

Tips for Overcoming Your Fears

Tips for Overcoming Your Fears
Use Numerology to tackle upcoming challenges
and lessons you’re meant to learn in this life

What are you afraid of most? We all have something we fear. It’s only human.

However, choosing to let those fears debilitate you or guide you is the difference between whether fear will overcome you or you will overcome it.

While some individuals naturally have more courage than others, it may be easy for them to make light of your fears. Those people can tell you just not to be afraid, which is not helpful.

To conquer fear, here are some handy tips you could use to put your fears to rest.

How to Program Your Conscious Mind

How to Program Your Conscious Mind
Use Numerology to discover your secret talents & hidden
strengths (and how to use them to get what you truly want!)

You may be familiar with how the subconscious mind sometimes sabotages the conscious mind. Not that you have a split personality or anything, but the subconscious plays a fundamental role in the human mind.

A long time ago, the subconscious mind purely handled your safety. It still does today to a certain extent, but the modern world differs from prehistoric times.

The ingrained fight-or-flight response, when you faced imminent physical danger, required you to decide instantaneously on whether to stay or flee. It’s on autopilot.

However, today, we know the subconscious mind may overact every now and again. This can be unhelpful in negotiating modern life.

3 Tips to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively

3 Tips to Use the Law of Attraction Effectively
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Numerology for guidance?

Once you understand the basic premise for using the law of attraction, it is easy to feel overwhelmed in the beginning, or be sceptical.

To make the law of attraction work for you, do not work against yourself. Put some feeling into the law of attraction when you want to manifest great things.

When you set your intention, it is important to feel it in the present tense. Feel your desired result as if you’ve already attained it.

Feel the adrenaline rush as your boss calls you in to congratulate you. If you are looking for that acting part or signing that contract, imagine yourself signing on the dotted line or actually performing on stage.

Feel the warmth and the love of the applause and the smiles you put on everyone’s face as you take a second bow.

To help you with a bit of clarity, here are 3 tips to use the law of attraction effectively.

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Ever wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have to guess what was going to happen next?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually ‘see’ the future: the tough challenges, the lucrative opportunities, the random (but often life-altering) encounters with strangers or the goals you should abandon or embrace?

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