About Me

About Me

I have a passion for personal development and a deep-seated desire to help people reach their full potential.

Anthony Docherty
I have a fairly broad career background. I have worked in the wine industry, international investment banking, ran my own small farming business and was an employment coach for a mental health charity.

My experience has allowed me to work closely with people and get an insight into how they tick - something I love finding out!

I’m no guru. I just love people and like to help them be successful and achieve their goals, so I thought I’d write about some things I’ve learnt along the way to share with you. The result is this blog.

A recent Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test I took came out as INFJ - make of that as you will! I am married to my beautiful, long-suffering wife, and we’ve been blessed with two delightful twin girls.

anthonydocherty.com is about numerology, self improvement, The Law of Attraction, alternative beliefs and spiritual health. The site also offers exclusive access to proven, life-changing self-help products, via my subscribers-only eBook and newsletter.

These all aim to help you see life and yourself from a new perspective so you can achieve success in all areas of life and find genuine happiness and well-being from within.

Be happy, be successful 😎
Anthony Docherty

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