About The Author

I'm Anthony Docherty and this is my site. I have a passion for personal development and a deep-seated desire to help people reach their full potential.

I'm no guru, perhaps you could call me a dedicated amateur. What I definitely am, though, is a human being trying to navigate through life's icebergs making all the mistakes and wrong turns like everybody else.

Sometimes learning from the experiences and sometimes not...

A recent Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test I took came out as INFP- make of that as you will!

I am married to my beautiful, long-suffering wife, and we are blessed with two delightful twin girls.

anthonydocherty.com focuses on holistic personal growth including alternative beliefs and spirituality, and offers exclusive access to proven, life-changing self-help products.

These all aim to help you see life and yourself from a new perspective so you can achieve success in all areas of life and find genuine happiness and well-being from within.

Be happy, be successful 😎

Anthony Docherty

Anthony Docherty