Yoga and Meditation - The Perfect Duo

Yoga and Meditation - The Perfect Duo
When was the last time you felt in connection with your body and mind? 

Has it been a while since you’ve loved your strong body, fit arms, legs, and abdomen? When was the last time you took a deep breath to improve your sense of calm? 

Have you ever been able to decrease your stress levels at the drop of a hat? 

If your self-confidence, abs, or even your positive thoughts could use a pick-me-up, now is the time to bring yoga and meditation into your life. 

It will lift you up in a way that no other exercise can. 


Yoga as a daily practice has the power to eliminate all the stress from your life and put your body and mind back in harmony. 

Bend backwards, forwards and sideways, yoga isn’t a second-rate exercise. 

It can improve your flexibility and your balance and can tone you unlike any other workout can. It’s not for wimps. 

As great a total body workout as yoga is, why do you need anything else? 


Meditation, besides your yoga practice, can heighten your mind and body workout like no other. 

It’s the perfect duo for tranquillity, strength training and a peaceful life! 

Meditation allows you to focus on your breath, improve your state of mind and gives you the opportunity to centre, focus and align yourself with your inner knowing and voice of reason. 

Feeling like you don’t have a minute to catch your breath, and you’re desperate for some time to yourself? 

Give yourself 30 minutes to practise some yoga poses, breathe deeply and focus on a quiet mind, and in just half an hour, you’ll feel like a brand-new you. 

Practiced together, yoga and meditation won’t just get you in great shape, improve your focus, and tone you from head to toe. 

Yoga, along with a meditative practice, will improve your happiness, your sense of calm and well-being and will help you improve your mindset while improving the quality of your life. 

Pair the two together and that lower back pain that you can’t seem to shake will gradually dissipate. 

Your bad dreams that prevent you from having energy throughout your day will stop. 

Your smoking habit, or caffeine addiction, will become easier to manage, and even your stubborn belly fat will appear less noticeable. 

Within weeks of meditation yoga, that flat stomach you’ve been working so hard for will become yours - no fad diet will be part of that workout plan but just deep breathing, sun salutations and slow and controlled exercise. 

Quieting your mind is one of the key ingredients of a yoga session, but when you focus on your breath while improving the stance of a tree, cow or child’s pose (three of the best poses for stress relief and relaxation!), you’ll become larger than life. 

You’ll become strong. Determined. Focused. 

A fearless leader for your life and so many other lives you touch. You’ll also become committed to the real you that lies underneath all of your many responsibilities. 

Once you work on improving yourself in a yoga and meditation session, this poignant exercise will help you remember all that you are and can be. 

The Powerful Duo 

Are you forgetting where you placed your car keys more often than you used to? 

Do you struggle to remember other people’s names, or have you stuck your foot in your mouth one too many times? 

Do you find difficulty in getting your work done on time or getting to work on time? 

The powerful combination of yoga and meditation can provide you with the answer! 

What’s the real answer to your daily struggles? 

It could be the lotus pose, alongside some relaxation breathing exercises and a clear, open mind. 

If you’re tired of running on the treadmill every day at the gym or sprinting up and down your street, change up your routine and get the same results as a high endurance workout can give you. 

Slow down, breathe and get on all fours in a cat pose. 

As you do, focus on the movements of your stomach as you inhale and exhale. 

Enjoy the freedom of not having to think about your secretary’s poor work performance, what you’ll do about helping your toddler to become better mannered, or how you can eat better. 

Everything that you need to know is inside of your quiet mind. 

It’s inside of your breath, and with each transition from yoga pose to yoga pose that you make, you’re one step closer to becoming the happy self that you long to be! 

Whether you stand, sit or bend yourself backwards into a body-strengthening exercise, yoga and meditation together can combat stress, memory problems, fear and even pangs of loneliness. 

As the perfect combination for total health and serving as a preventive measure to combat illness and disease, deep breathe your way to increased flexibility, while you downward dog your way to better balance and agility.

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Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualize Success

Career Headed Down the Drain? It's Time to Visualize Success
As it goes in a relationship, your career isn’t without some difficulties. 

It’s natural, and it’s even necessary to become motivated, raise the bar to your own success and professional progress and find new and improved ways of fine-tuning your craft. 

However, when you feel as if your career is at a dead end and it’s left you no option but to feel unworthy of a promotion or unsatisfied in your personal and professional progress, now is the time to act, not hesitate. 

Now isn’t the time to spin your wheels or hope that your work life will improve. Now is the time to visualize just what you want out of a satisfying work life, so that you can manifest it without struggling one second more. 

As it goes with your sales record, your communication strategy when talking to your boss, or email etiquette, you can only be as successful as you believe you can be. 

If you want to have a more rewarding career, focus on what that “rewarding career” looks like in your mind. 

Achieve that sales quota, raise or altogether new career opportunity by believing that no one but you deserve it more. 

Aren’t you ready to leverage your current work life into an unbelievable, too-good-to-be-true career? 

It’s waiting for you, should you have the right thoughts to act as your pathway to get there. 

If you want to set yourself apart from your aggressive coworker as the right fit for an upcoming promotion opportunity, visualize it panning out as you’d like it to. 

If you want to place yourself smack-dab in the arms of your dream career by leveraging your passions, skills and experience, program your mind to accept it as the truth of your present life - and as if it’s unfolding before your very eyes! 

Affirmations for an Awesome Career 

Affirmations are positive statements that reflect and train your mind to believe the outcome you want to achieve. 

Your brain is on autopilot most of the time and is constantly judging you, whether or not you want it to. 

Negative and disappointing circumstances in life - especially in your work life - have the power to propel negative self-talk to new heights and invite even more negativity in that it’s not already there. 

Start each morning by setting the stage for positive thinking. 

What you’ll find by trying out some of the following affirmations for career success is an advancement on the job and beyond. 

Why? When you think positively about your talent, your achievements and your success (and take yourself seriously as one), you’ll attract more success to you. 

When you really believe in your affirmations, success will come quicker than you can say, “I got a raise!” 

Here are some affirmations that can help you develop a promotion-worthy mindset! 

* “Success follows me throughout my day, and I am constantly gaining more clients and more money as a result!” 

* “I am talented and offer a unique skill set that sets me apart from my competitor. My coworkers, boss and customers see this and seek me out for my services.” 

* “My career gives me the opportunity to fine-tune my craft while bringing in more business than I can even take on!” 

* “I am an expert at what I do, and I am compensated fairly for the work I provide.” 

* “My career provides me with the opportunity and freedom to travel and live richly.” 

* “I love what I do, and my passion for clients that respect and value my skills are everywhere. My phone rings constantly, and every day I am presented with more opportunity to work and show off my talent.” 

* “I enjoy being recognized for my achievements at work and receive multiple streams of income for the work I do.” 

Creative Visualization for a Creative Career 

If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and as your day progresses, your workday seems to get harder and harder, know that it’s not your imagination. 

You may not be aware, but the negative thoughts you possibly had before going to bed the night before made its way into your morning. 

It sets the stage for all events to unfold. As a new rule of thumb, end each night by repeating your affirmations and practice imagining your upcoming day of work like a movie. 

What will each scene look like? How will your morning meeting pan out? How will your boss react to your suggestion for a new policy to make things run smoothly? 

Imagine going through your day happily, as if you really want to be there. 

By the same token, imagine the sensation of working with focus and being able to cross off every task from your to do list with ease. 

When you can imagine what you’re capable of achieving in the workplace, you’ll be unstoppable, undeniable and in all other ways, moving to a beat, a rhythm and a pace that smells, tastes and feels like success. 

Visualize the ideal work life that you want to achieve, all by thinking one positive thought at a time. 

Soon, you’ll watch the events of your work life play out in ways that benefit you, excite you, and motivate you. 

Your work life doesn’t control you, but results from the many thoughts that you, in fact, control. 

Remember that you can use conversational hypnosis to help advance your career faster than you ever would have thought possible. 

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Simple Strategies to Encourage Others Into the Realm of Spiritual Healing

Simple Strategies to Encourage Others Into the Realm of Spiritual Healing

Have you ever tried spiritual healing and have it just blow your mind? 

Perhaps you solved a health issue or emotional problem. You think of all the people in your life that should do it too and can’t wait to hand out business cards. 

When you have an amazing experience, you can’t wait to tell someone about it. You want everyone to share in your excitement and receive the benefits for themselves. 

So what can you do to get them to try it? It’s important to respect the fact that everyone is different, and that you can’t really know what is best for someone else. 

Try to reserve your personal enthusiasm, so you don’t seem overzealous or outright weird. 

With all the misconceptions about spiritual healing, it is not surprising that it may be difficult to convince someone of its benefits. 

They don’t understand all the bells, chanting or out-there concepts and are reluctant. 

Sharing your experience may be helpful to help someone understand what goes on in a healing practice, but it may not sell them on the concept. 

It is often intimidating to tread in unknown territory, especially if they are hurting. 

These are some helpful strategies to introduce others to the realm of spiritual healing. 

The alternative nature of this practice can be unconventional and may make some people skeptical. Even though you love it, someone else may not. 

If you truly have the other person’s best interests at heart, it can’t hurt to offer some help. 

It’s important to share your opinion, but be sure you are honouring their choices and beliefs. 

You Don’t Have to Believe Anything 

Many people live by the concept, “You have to see it to believe it.” When something is outside of their sensory perception, they rationalise it away, thinking that it can’t be true. 

They can also suspect the unfamiliar. The realm of spiritual healing operates on the concept of “You have to believe it to see it.” 

This can be a difficult mindset to adopt, but that’s fine. You don’t have to believe that this will help you, but the results may change your mind. 

There is also the worry that you have to change your religious beliefs to see a spiritual healer. 

This is not the case, and you should avoid anyone who forces beliefs on you, as they are operating through the ego, not the heart. 

Lead by Example 

If there are practices that you think are amazing, then do them for yourself. When someone asks you why you look so great, you can share what you’ve been doing. 

But don’t expect that it can help them too. It is so easy to get enthusiastic about something that has offered positive results, but not everyone feels the same as you. 

Telling someone that your way is better or suggesting that they need fixing or changing can really offend them. 

Just because something worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. The only thing you can control is your own well-being, so concentrate on that. 

Your friends know where to go if they want more information. 

Hold their Hand 

It is always nice to have someone there to hold your hand in the doctor’s office, and the same idea may be helpful in the healer’s office. 

Trying something new can be a little nerve-wracking. There may be misconceptions or expectations that make your friend uncomfortable, and a familiar face can let them know it’s OK. 

If you survived, they will too. 

Don’t Be Pushy 

When you have a positive experience, it is only natural that you would want to share it. You want everyone in your life to reap the benefit that you have found with a healer, and you won’t take no for an answer. 

Most of the time, people don’t like to be told what to do, especially if it’s out of their comfort zone. 

You honestly can’t know that it is the right thing for them, so don’t push it. It’s OK to share your story, just don’t expect everyone to follow. 

Give Them Space 

Although someone could really enjoy a healing session, they may not be ready to receive it. The healing journey is a very private experience, and no one should feel pressured into anything. 

Let them know you support them and will be there if they need you. It is up to them to decide what is best, and sometimes a little space is all it takes. 

Know that it is not your business, and just be their friend. 

Nothing to Lose 

When someone goes to a spiritual healer, there are usually very few negative side effects. There may be some honest moments that make you squirm, but it’s a good bet that you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived. 

It might take a leap of faith to get on a healing table, but what if it’s not really well, real

If you are getting emotional support or end up feeling better, then what is the harm in believing? You can’t really know, so it can’t hurt to believe. 

It can only help the subject of spiritual healing when someone wants to offer positive experiences, and it is important to help others when you can. 

However, you don’t want to alienate yourself while doing it. 

Often when a person really wants someone to do something “for their own good,” it really means that they are uncomfortable seeing the other person suffer. 

Be mindful of your motives. It could be you who needs the healing. 

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