Numerology: Learn How This Ancient Art Holds the Secret to Your Destiny

Numerology: Learn How This Ancient Art Holds the Secret to Your Destiny

Numerology: Learn How This Ancient Art Holds the Secret to Your Destiny

Can Numerology Predict Your Destiny?

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The day that you were born, something wonderful happened. Your birth caused a ripple effect for people’s lives to change and to change for the better! 

If you think of yourself as not just holding a body but that you also contain a spirit and mind fully intact and alive and within that spirit and mind, every thought that you think holds an energy and a vibration, it may help you to perceive numerology in the same way. 

As you grow, adapt and evolve, your vibration affects everything you touch. Your mood, thoughts and opinion have the power to change other people’s mood, thoughts and opinions. 

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and observe your day falling apart with each event that unfolds. Why does this happen? 

Because your mind is a powerhouse of knowing, intuition, and a constant manifestation at work. What you think will appear before your very eyes, either positively or negatively. 

It’s powerful to realise that your thoughts have the power to affect other people’s thoughts, isn’t it? You can influence other people’s decisions that seem to be outside of your grasp by being positive about yourself, your community and the world. 

Numerology Life Chart

numerology life chart

You can also affect things negatively should you allow your energy to work off a lower vibration. Likewise, numerology, which is the art and practice of the power of numbers, can chart your life as you know it to be today, and your destiny in many exciting ways. 

When you were born, you were assigned a due date to come into the world. This due date doesn’t just reflect the exact moment that you exited the womb and screamed, cried and opened your eyes to the world and to your parents for the first time. 

It also marks the moment that designed your destiny, based on the exact moment that you decided to be born. Was it really all that random that you were born in the particular month you were born rather than in one of the eleven other months? 

Maybe. Or perhaps there is meaning to the exact time of the year that you came into the world. 

That’s part of the power you hold, and when you learn about numerology and what it can do for you, your place in the world can become interesting, revealing and meaningful for you. Use your “number” to benefit you and improve your life in every way. 

Use numerology to discover more about yourself, and your future will look so bright that you must invest in a pair of trendy shades! With the power of numerology, you’ll unlock the secret to your life that so many others cannot understand and don’t have at their disposal. 

Full Numerology Report

Full Numerology Report

How could numerology give you insight into your future and your destiny? But if you take a step back, and think of numbers in the same way you do your thoughts, you’ll realise that everything - your very breath, the trees that line your neighbourhood, and the birds that chirp in your backyard - have an energy and a vibration. 

The same rule applies to your unique number. For example, let’s say that you were born on July 10, 1970. 

Count every number in this sequence and add it up. So, July 10, 1970, you count like this: 7+10+1+9+7+0. 

This birthdate “number” would equal 34. Because your number is larger than the numbers valid in numerology (only 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 22 are applicable), you’ll treat the number “34” as 3+4 to make 7. 

Seven is then your number. If seven is your unique number, apply the number seven (or whatever your number may be) to your life. Get creative. 

Best Numerology Reading

best numerology reading

Try it out and see what unfolds. Be experimental and you just may find the secret to abundance, a loving relationship, improvement in communication and knowing when to act and when to hesitate when asking for a raise. 

For your life situation and whatever it presents, seven may be the ideal day to ask your girlfriend to marry you. It may be the best time to talk to your boss about a promotion. 

You may not know what to order on the menu, and then you see number seven. When you look at the description, you realise it’s exactly what you have been craving. 

Or, it may be a number to bet on when you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery and you don’t know which number to take a risk on...until now. Professional numerologists refer to numbers as holding as much vibration as anything else. 

When you refer to your number as a gateway of meaning to every area of your life, use it as a new tool for deciding, and as an energy that possesses insight and meaning into your life, you’ll see magic and prosperity unfold. 

Try numerology and you just may see great manifestation at work before your very eyes.

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