14 Tips to Increase Your Positivity!

14 Tips to Increase Your Positivity!

14 Tips To Increase Your Positivity!
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Many of us struggle to navigate life’s challenges and can feel more depressed than hopeful. How can you see the glass half full when things aren’t going your way?

How can we engage in positive thinking if we feel negative? The key is to focus less on the obstacles and negative possibilities and more on your strengths.

Use these tips to build a better mindset and live a successful life.

1. Sing a Happy Song Every Time Something Gets You Down!

Music powerfully affects our mood, and happy songs can release endorphins that tell our brains we are in a good mood. If you find yourself down in the dumps, think of a song (or play it) that makes you happy or brings back good memories.

You can also start your morning with songs that make you smile and hum or sing them throughout the day to keep your spirits up. It’s a simple way to create positive thinking.

2. Remind Yourself What You’re Grateful For

Gratitude does wonders for our psychological well-being. By keeping track of things you are grateful for, it challenges your brain to think about positive events instead of negative ones, which changes how you feel about your current state.

Write a few things, about 3-5, after you wake up and before bed. No matter how big or small, it will become a delightful part of your day!

3. Walk Outdoors

Never underestimate the importance of fresh air and sunshine! Studies suggest that exercise, like a walk, a run or a simple game, boosts our mood and helps repel unwanted emotional slumps.

Block out a section of time each day to spend outdoors in a park, natural habitat or your neighbourhood and enjoy the scenery.

4. Breathe Deeply

We may not notice it because it’s second nature, but breathing helps relieve stress and helps our circulation and air function. When your body is working better, you feel better, too!

Close your eyes while inhaling for several counts, filling your belly and then slowly releasing the air. This is a wonderful technique for those stressful or anxious moments.

5. Smile

One of the easiest things to do is smile, and it has tremendous effects on our emotions. Not only does smiling use less muscle than frowning, it can perk you up and prompt those around you to smile back, spreading the cheerful mood.

6. Make Someone Laugh

Laughter increases our feelings of positivity and helps the world look brighter. Try sharing a joke with a friend or reading the comics during a break at work.

Laughter can cure many a problem and will instantly transform your mood. It will amaze you to find humour in simple things and at how your outlook changes.

7. Volunteer

Helping others is not only good for giving back but also improves our attitude to life and increases or sense of self-worth. Volunteering can be a great way to improve your perspective on life’s greatest challenges and tap into your reservoir or empathy and gratitude.

Helping the community brings out the best in us and takes our minds off our own problems. Offer to tutor or give time at a local organisation.

8. Give Up Your Spot On The Subway

Random acts of kindness are a great way to brighten someone’s day and your own! You can’t do kind acts without positive thinking. Share your seat on the bus, give someone flowers, or leave an encouraging note on your co-worker’s desk.

They will appreciate it and you’ll feel great inside knowing you made someone’s day.

9. Watch Children Play

Have you ever noticed that seeing kids play and enjoy themselves brings a smile to your face? There’s nothing more innocent and pure than the joy of children sharing each other’s company.

Take a moment to watch them partake in life’s pleasures and you’ll feel better in no time.

10. Remind Yourself That This Moment Is the Only One You Have

Worrying solved nothing - you cannot change the past, and the future has not arrived, nor is it guaranteed. The only time you have is right now.

Keeping your thoughts present are integral to success, happiness, and peace. Focus on what’s occurring in this time and you will feel less anxious.

11. Take Up a New Hobby (and Discover a New Passion You Never Knew You Had!)

Try something new and spread your wings of creativity. Take a class in drawing, cooking, writing, dance or help teach children a new sport.

Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere new? Put on your positive thinking cap and thrive on a new adventure and discovery!

12. Make Bagged Lunches and Hand Them Out to the Homeless

Take your random acts to a new level and pack healthy bagged lunches that you can hand out to the less fortunate. Drop them off at a homeless shelter or give to someone less fortunate, such as the homeless man or woman you pass on your morning commute.

They will appreciate the gesture and you will have a warm feeling from giving a helping hand.

13. Run Your Heart Out

Endorphins fly high when you’re exercising, and it’s healthy for you. Try to stay active at least three times a week, and running is a great place to start.

Set a course or time and start where you are comfortable. You will feel invincible after you finish and ready to take on the world!

14. Journal About Your Week

Sometimes all you need is some space to clear your mind and reflect on what’s bothering you. Keeping a journal can be a great release to share what’s on your mind or weighing you down and can help you think through your challenges and emotions in private.

Jot down your ideas in a book and watch clarity come to you as you reflect on what you wrote. Try out these tips and watch the world of possibilities land at your feet.

You will feel energetic, powerful, and POSITIVE!

What Is Stopping You From Using The Law Of Attraction Effectively?


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