3 Ways to Develop Mind Consciousness

3 Ways to Develop Mind Consciousness

3 Ways to Develop Mind Consciousness
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Is there incessant chatter in your head? Do you feel like the mind will just not settle down, endlessly rolling from thought to thought, but none of the thinking is useful? 

Becoming conscious of your mind can help you access its power. Becoming conscious of the mind is one of the great abilities of the human brain.

Being aware of the thinking process, rather than reacting instinctively, is a remarkable skill. It has made our culture possible, but it also has its limits. The conscious mind is like a video camera that records everything.

Even things that you don’t really notice, your consciousness is taking it all in, every detail. It receives this information and determines whether it is useful for you. 

Things like finding food, protecting yourself from danger and seeking shelter are all things that the conscious mind helps you do.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Based on what is happening in the physical world, it only acts upon necessary information. There is a special storage system for all of this information; it’s called the subconscious mind. This infinite depository can hold all of your experiences - every sight, sound and emotion - and it can recall them in an instant.

The subconscious mind isn’t limited by time and space. Rather than being ruled by the laws of physical matter, it is not subject to the strict rules and objective reality of the conscious mind. Instead, it’s influenced by our beliefs. 

This is also where the stored information settles, mingles and bubbles up to the surface. Creativity and inspiration arise from this deep part of our psyche, and often the most ingenious ideas are born here.

However, if you are always in your conscious mind, the subconscious mind will be unavailable to you, as we cannot hear it above all of those noisy thoughts of reality. We must put the logical thoughts to rest before you can hear the subconscious.

When this creative information bubbles up to the surface, the conscious mind needs to manifest it in the physical world, but often our minds are way too busy to be effective. Harnessing the power of both the conscious and subconscious mind is possible, but it takes both patience and practice. The benefits of training your mind to be aware of itself can have a dramatic effect on your life.

With just a few techniques, you will soon realise how you only limit yourself by your beliefs. Believe that something is possible, and the subconscious mind will show you how to do it. Think you can’t, and you won’t. Simple.

3 Techniques to Develop Mind Consciousness

1. Settle Your Thoughts 

The first key to notice your mind’s state is to quiet all the logical and worrisome thoughts so that the brilliance of the subconscious can surface. Creative people usually say that inspiration comes when they are most relaxed. 

When you need some insight or an unusual solution to a problem, it can help to do a breathing exercise or go for a walk. Engaging in an activity that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, such as doing the dishes or lounging in a tub, often offers amazing insights.

It is important to take a break from your work from time to time to receive information from your subconscious. Mundane tasks allow for “aha” moments and allow you to have more balance in your day.

Try not to force your thoughts to receive inspiration. It often comes when you least expect it, so schedule some idle time into your workday to let the subconscious mind do its work.

2. Question Your Mind

One of the first steps in becoming conscious of your mind is asking yourself, “Who is thinking these thoughts?” Go beyond the everyday labels, such as lawyer, mother, artist, etc. and see if you can notice where these thoughts originate.

Take a few minutes to meditate on this concept. When thoughts arise, just label it as “thinking” and let the thought go.

Keep questioning every label that comes up about who you are. Go deeper and see what is there.

When you can notice your thinking, it no longer rules you, but you can use it to harness the power of the infinite subconscious. Allowing for the inner messages of your mind to speak to you loud and clear is the path to true consciousness.

Learning to use your consciousness to question your beliefs about the world will open up unlimited possibilities. You can change what isn’t working in your life and manifest your desires.

All you have to do is to be aware.

3. Feel Your Body 

Another great technique for increasing consciousness is to work with the physical body. It is our vehicle for presence and can be a useful tool for noticing our experience.

Tuning into your body will also put the conscious mind to rest. Look down at your hands.

Notice every line, the shape of your nails, the smoothness of the skin, and take in every detail. Feel the life that is pulsing inside your hands.

See if you can stay with this aliveness for several minutes These techniques help to quiet the conscious mind and let the subconscious mind speak to you. They are easy to do and don’t cost a dime.

You can do them anywhere and will see results immediately. Start harnessing the power of the mind and improve your life starting today.

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