How to Live in The Present

This is a brilliant little video focusing on how to live in the present. Something a lot of people find impossible to do with their minds constantly tuned into either the past or future.

Experiencing satisfaction and happiness has a lot to do with living in the here and now, something the human brain has trouble working out. The brain is a work of wonder, but it operates in the limitless zone; rarely tying itself to the here and now.

I suppose, in evolutionary terms, it was useful to be able to calculate probabilities and the unpredictable, as it enabled early humans to survive and manipulate their environment for sustenance and safety.

In modern times though, this ability can sometimes prove unhelpful and debilitating. With the fretting that can go on in our heads about deeds done in the past or futures unwritten.

It's a good watch, not too long and quite insightful. Enjoy!

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