3 Shocking Facts About Abundance and Wealth Revealed

3 Shocking Facts About Abundance and Wealth Revealed

3 Shocking Facts About Abundance and Wealth Revealed
Why aren’t you earning more by now? Why don’t you have the means to go on luxury cruises, live in a mansion and have two new cars sitting in your driveway?

Maybe you just haven’t gotten your lucky break yet or that your financial success is in someone else’s control. However, perhaps you focus your energy on how much you don’t have.

If you do any of these things, you’ll never have enough. You’ll always look for a better opportunity to make more money, you’ll always think from a place of “lack” and you’ll never feel prosperous - no matter how much good fortune you have in your life. 

Have you ever noticed that some of the poorest people in the world act the most grateful, and some of the richest millionaires in the world act the greediest? 

There are three important concepts to understand about wealth, being “rich” and living a prosperous life, and not one of them has to do with how much money you have in the bank. 

Learn how to live, act and feel rich 365 days a year, and when you incorporate these three powerful tips for a rich life, you may wonder what took you so long to get here. It will liberate you, free you of your fears from money and propel your financial success to amazing new levels that even the richest of the rich would be jealous about! 

Getting Rich Isn’t Supposed to Be a Struggle 

Just as winning in life isn’t about what you have but about the mindset you have (as I discussed in a recent newsletter), wealth isn’t about the money you have in your checking or savings account but is about how rich you feel. 

Everyone grows up with a certain attitude about money. Based on what you saw growing up, you may think that money may come after periods of earning it the hard way. 

Money only comes - and you only deserve that money that comes - after years, and perhaps decades of struggle. 

You can’t have that large house until you’re in your 40s. You don’t deserve the ability to travel around the world until you’re retired. 

Until then, does that mean you have to work like a dog (and then some)? Hold on a minute… 

Don’t you deserve to have everything you want and most of all, the money to pay for those things right now? Of course you do! It’s the mind that messes up what we receive. 

If you think that making more money is out of your grasp, rewire your thinking. Feel prosperous today, no matter how much or little you have, by feeling rich. 

Go through your home, and notice everything that is yours - a working stove, the couch you sit on every night while watching TV and your front door that shuts and locks. 

Now, envision a bigger front door, a bigger and better couch and a brand new, top-of-the-line stove. Focus on every detail of these items (and any others you’d like to have) and imagine touching and seeing them. 

Feeling rich yet? Use your imagination to attract what you want into your life, and it will come. It’s the law of the universe, and the universe always has your back. 

Think You’re Rich, and You’ll Attract It 

Having a rich, prosperous life always starts with how you feel. Feel rich and be rich. 

Many people feel that there is a limit to the money available to them, or they may think that if they hit it big with an inheritance or job offer, then that’s it. An increase in money may be available to them now, but it can’t last. 

However, if you can master a positive association with money and about money, you’ll notice new, never-before opportunities for wealth to come to you. Think that you have already achieved the financial status you want and need and feel it every day. 

Remind yourself how lucky and fortunate you are to go on holiday, live and breathe with more than enough money than you need. Let go of your attitudes about fearing money, such as thinking that you’ll never have enough, or if you have enough now, “the shoe will drop.” 

Nothing is dropping, and money won’t magically disappear from your life if you continue to think in terms of abundance, not lack. Money is like a magnet, and it will either attract itself or repel itself from your life. 

Respect the money in your life and the money you long to have. Do this by thinking of it with positive associations - opportunity, happiness, freedom, and the ability to give back as you receive. 

As you practise feelings of love for money and let go of feelings of fear, money will attract to you and will stick like glue. 

Give Thanks Every Day and Watch Your Bank Account Grow, Exponentially! 

Whether you realise it, your bank account acts as a mirror for your thoughts. Think yourself rich and watch your money grow. 

Give thanks every single day for all that you have and your bank account, savings, and even your pension funds will grow. On the other side of the spectrum, worry, anxiety and depressing thoughts about money will propel it to leave, causing your financial life to mimic your thoughts. 

Opportunity to make more money will leave. Future opportunistic actions will virtually go into hiding. 

Your ability to buy what you want, when you want it will shut down, as if you never bought those things at all. Thoughts are powerful. 

Money isn’t random. It’s the stage on which you play out all your successes and failures in life. 

Believe in yourself and that you control the money that flows into your life, and as a result, you always will.

I’ve secured you an exclusive free success eBook that will teach you the amazing secrets of manifesting wealth and abundance into your life. 


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