The 5 Benefits of Green Tea

The 5 Benefits of Green Tea

Hot or iced, green tea can restore your skin, improve your youthful glow, and even help your body fight off cancer. It can recharge your health, wellness and mind/body balance and help you fight obesity, diabetes and even heart disease. 

What can’t this super-beverage do? Very little in fact. 

The Japanese and Chinese have used green tea for centuries. It was a soothing ailment for chronic illness, as well as a cultural activity throughout their day. 

Everyone socialised, worked and played while enjoying this powerful, antioxidant-rich elixir. Think about how differently you would feel if every time you reached for a cup of coffee or sugary soda, you swapped it out for a cup of green tea instead? 

It may seem like a minor difference, but switching what you put in your mug can be life changing. Green tea can prevent disease, calm nervousness and even reverse obesity!

It may sound too easy a remedy for your biggest health problems or concerns, but the fact is, green tea is a super-beverage in the same way kale is a superfood. Drink up, and savour every ounce of the stuff, because a cup a day will keep your doctor away! 

Benefit #1 - It’s the Perfect Substitute for Soda 

When you drink soda, you risk consuming over three times your daily sugar allowance. And that’s just from one 20-ounce bottle! 

Forget crashing an hour later, or feeling so tired you could fall into a coma. Instead, skip the sugary soda or vanilla latte, and opt for a metabolism-boosting, antioxidant-fuelling drink you can become positively addicted to. 

Benefit #2 - It Can Prevent Diabetes 

Diabetes is an enormous problem, particularly for Americans. With over 24 million Americans affected, you deserve to have a solution at your disposal to fight the odds of becoming the next victim to this common disease. 

Drinking green tea can help your body lower blood sugar levels. A study on Japanese men and women showed the difference in health between those who drank the tea and those who did not. 

Participants who drank green tea lowered their risk for heart disease by over 30 percent! 

Benefit #3 - It Speeds Up Your Metabolism 

Drink two cups of green tea a day if you want to keep the allure of fad diet plans away. As you drink a cup of green tea, it gives a helping hand to your metabolism immediately. 

Green tea contains catechins, a group of antioxidants. The one called epigallocatechin gallate (EG for short) boosts fat burning over a 24-hour period. 

Benefit #4 - It Improves Your Good Cholesterol 

Your body maintains good cholesterol levels and bad ones. As you age, particularly when eating a diet high in saturated fat, your arteries can become clogged. 

This can lead to a stroke or heart attack. However, when you drink green tea, you can fight those effects. 

Green tea, particularly the catechins found in unfermented green tea leaves, can lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) that cause several serious health problems like heart disease and obesity. 

Drink a cup or two of green tea a day, and say hello to a bright and healthy future! 

Benefit #5 - It Can Reduce Cancer by 60 Percent 

Cancer doesn’t fit into your busy life, and you simply can’t allow it to target you as its next victim. By drinking green tea, you can reduce the likelihood of getting cancer by nearly 60 percent

Green tea not only tastes wonderful, but the antioxidant ECGC has an amazing bodyguard ability to fight off disease. It’s about 25 times more powerful than vitamin C! 

If you’re looking for ways to reverse the adverse effects of a poor diet, it could be prime time for you to try a detox diet. But even though they promise amazing results, many of them do more harm than good. 

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the benefits that detox diets can offer. 

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