Why Negativity Is Contagious

Why Negativity Is Contagious

Why Negativity Is Contagious
Stay away from negative people!
Have you ever wondered about how after spending time around an unmotivated, unhappy person, you can become unmotivated and unhappy yourself? 

If so, this short post should help you understand a little more about unhappy people’s nature and why it’s so important to stay away from people who are always seeing the worst in everything.

 The Power of Association 

Have you ever heard of the term “guilty by association”? If so, it might not have occurred to you that guilt isn’t the only thing that we acquire by association. 

Being around enthusiastic people causes you to become enthusiastic, being around ambitious people encourages you to become ambitious ... and being around miserable people causes you to become miserable yourself. 

This is because human beings are social creatures and we rely on the support of one another to survive. Think about how painful rejection is, and that ought to give you an idea of how connecting with others is hard-wired into us. 

It’s a part of our survival instinct, and so there’s nothing you can do to change that ... and most of the time that’s okay. But this survival instinct also causes us to blend in with the people around us so that we will have a sense of belonging. 

This, again, is normal—but it can also be a double-edged sword. Ask yourself this question: If you’re around people who are unhappy all the time, how are you going to develop a sense of belonging when you’re with them? 

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You’ll do it by identifying with the way that they think and “tuning in” to the same physical vibrations that you can “feel” coming off of them. This might sound a little new age, but the human body emits electrical signals and vibrations according to the condition of the nervous system ... which is an electrical system! 

When I say that you “tune in” to the vibration of the people around you, I mean that your body can pick up on these vibrations and cause you to think thoughts that will make you match them. 

This is also the same reason unhappy people attract one another, enthusiastic people attract one another, and so on.

What about Influencing Them Instead? 

Now, it might tempt you to think that you can be a positive person around the unhappy and cause them to take on YOUR vibration. This is true sometimes—but it’s also true that for most people, vice comes easier than virtue ... 

Mahatma Gandhi said that. He also said that it’s not possible for a reformer to be in a close relationship with someone whom he’s reforming. 

If you know someone who always thinks in negatives, it’s probably a good idea for you to create some distance and boundaries. Even if you love this person, their negativity isn’t as weak a state of mind as many of us think it is—for many, it’s a position of power.

It’s a position which allows people to gather sympathy from others and to suck away their emotional energy. The best way to help someone who has fallen into chronic negativity is to provide a positive example for them to see. 

It’s hard to do this when you’re allowing them to suck all of your energy away. You can set an example for them to follow and give them advice on how they can change—but if they don’t, don’t assume that they can’t. 

More likely, their unhappiness is a position of power that they’ve been using to get what they want for a very long time. Knowing this, and that unhappiness is contagious, it’s best that you focus on keeping your vibrations consistent with the people who will build you up and empower you to become a better person.

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